List of TOP 10 english Dance movies 2017

We all love to dance – it’s in the human DNA, if you will. Kids dance at their birthday parties, teenagers groove to the trendy hip-hop hits, and the grown-ups love those classy tango moves. Age, nationality, race and religion have nothing to do with our desire to move, dance, and be happy. Our mighty TOP 10 best English Dance movies 2017 to watch list includes the best films that are hitting the theaters this year. Scroll through the worthy contestants and pick your favorite!

  1. Kiss and Cry

What is an 18-year-old beauty slash gifted figure skater supposed to do when they tell her she’s got a terminal form of cancer eating her out from the inside? Break down and cry, leave everything she’s been working for behind and focus on the terrifying truth? Carley, the main character of this lovely movie, has always been a strong-willed and dedicated girl, and she’s determined to fight this disease the same way she’s handling any other situation in her life. Thankfully, she’s got a supportive and all-around awesome boyfriend by her side, and together they beat cancer and Carley gets back to skating. An amazing story for the fans of heart-warming and heart-breaking dance films!

  1. 48 Hours to Live

You might call this movie more of a criminal thriller than a dance number, but don’t you worry – there’s still a lot of breath-taking dancing in 48 Hours to Live. Wyatt, a talented dancer with his own style and moves, had the “privilege” of growing up in a bad neighborhood. The cops have been on his tail for a while now, and the DEA is pushing him to go undercover and “sniff out” what’s going on in a notorious nightclub famous for its fascinating dancers. Everything goes according to the man’s plan until he meets and falls for the owner’s one and only daughter. Is there a way for him to mix work with pleasure? Of the TOP 10 new English Dance movies 2017, this is the most dramatic and thrilling one.

  1. Honey 3: Dare To Dance

Melea starts to go to college in Cape Town and can’t help but notice that the strict and kinda ridiculous rules there are limiting her open-minded, engaging personality and decides to forget about them and do whatever she pleases. The girl comes up with a brilliant idea: to use her exceptional dancing skills and inspire folks around her to be better, stronger and confident enough to speak up and stand their ground. Melea goes ahead and rents a shabby theater and works 24/7 to put a classy Romeo & Juliet performance with a nice Hip-Hop twist. Yes, it’s not going to be easy to pull this one off, but the girl is all about big challenges…

  1. Go For It!

This is the touching and moving story of a teenage girl who dreams of becoming a famous dancer and has to deal with her mom’s and pop’s disapproval. They have entirely different expectations of her, but this is what she wants to do with her life, and nothing’s gonna stop the lassie from following her heart. It’s both hard and scary to defy your own parents and go after what you love and live for, and it’s strong, resilient, hard-working female characters like this one that inspire countless young ladies around the world to believe in themselves and in their dreams. Put Go For It! on the list of TOP 10 English Dance movies 2017 if you love uplifting stories!

  1. High Strung

As far as the greatest dance/music movies of the 21st century go, High Stung is most definitely one of the stand-out cuts. Ruby, the main character of this gripping story, is a ballet dancer who’s trying to make it in the prestigious Manhattan Conservatory of the Arts. At the same time, a struggling violinist from the United Kingdom is putting out shows in the subway hoping to earn some money to move to the big-bad city. When the two meet, they instantly fall for each other and decide to make history by mixing modern-day dancing, classic ballet moves, and epic orchestral music. Will they succeed with this grandiose plan?

High Strung

  1. La La Land

This is one of the most talked-about films of our time, and it certainly does deserve all the praise it’s getting. Mia and Seb are sick and tired of their constant failures and are growing more and more impatient with their careers: she’s a waitress, he’s a piano player, and they’re both hoping for a big break that’s not coming. One fine day, they meet and fall in love, and the passion gives them the necessary nudge to go faster and jump higher, so to speak. However, the newly-found success interferes with their love, forcing them to pick between the heart and the mind. If you’ve got a plan to watch TOP 10 English Dance films 2017, start with this masterpiece.

  1. Dance Academy: The Movie

The original characters from the hit TV show are back on the big screen, and the comeback is shaping up to be nothing short of majestic. It’s coming out this year, and if you loved that show, you simply have to give the film a chance. If not, well, we don’t get decent dance movies that often, so, you’ll still have to check it out. It’s been a while, but all the boys and girls are still crazy about dancing and proving they’re the best at it. They’ve got new demons to fight, but that only makes them stronger. Tara is a splendid dancer with a back injury that is holding her back. Can she overcome all the obstacles and beat the odds?

  1. Leap!

How about a kind, heart-warming and educational animated movie that will be equally appreciated by the kids and the adults? Leap! is a funny, engaging, dramatic and heroic new blockbuster about a young girl, an orphan who goes after her dream of being a famous dancer despite all the harshness of the world she lives in. One day, all of her hard work pays off when they give her an opportunity to show what she’s capable of in Paris. She’s not a pro dancer and doesn’t know all the right moves, but exhausting training and a loving heart make it all possible. Leap! is the only animated movie on the TOP 10 latest English Dance movies 2017 release list, but it’s well worth your while.

  1. Dancer

Polunin, an extravagant and fascinating dancer, born in Ukraine, certainly does deserve a documentary film. He embarked on his dancing journey back when he was just a 4-year-old child. Then, he moved to Kiev – the capital – and continued his education. After graduation, he took it to the next level and arrived in the United Kingdom to compete with the best of the best. Hard work, dedication, amazing moves, and charisma turned Sergei into a rock-star of dancing. If you love great documentaries about exceptional folks, give Dancer a chance.

  1. Center Stage: On Point

This movie includes short-yet-meaningful stories of twelve young and striving dancers working day and night to prove themselves to the American Ballet Academy. Their love, passion, and dedication go hand in hand and give them the necessary strength to dream bigger and become pro dancers that the whole world will be amazed by.

Ok, that’s it for our TOP 10 popular English Dance movies in 2017, list!

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