List of TOP 10 good Western movies 2017

Western movies are about more than just a couple of bearded and grimy gentlemen roaming into the sunset and shooting each other with pride and prejudice. They are about the amazing atmosphere of the American wild lands, the prairies, the customs and the traditions. The following TOP 10 new good Western movies 2017 release list comes with all the relevant films in the genre this year. Pick a title you like and let’s roll!

The Duel

  1. Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story

Mr. Reed, the owner of a modest ranch, is living a quiet life with his spouse, Laura. She’s always been loyal to him, and now he’s finally ready to leave the chaotic life of an outlaw behind and focus on what’s really important. Yet, it’s not really that easy to escape from a turbulent life, and he soon learns that a gentleman he maimed a while ago during a stagecoach robbery is now a powerful man: he’s a Marshal with the US, and he’s coming after Reed’s life. So now he has to get back to his old ways and find a way to defeat one of his fiercest enemies. It’s not going to be easy to face him, but Reed has no other choice.

  1. The Sisters Brothers

Hermann Warm, a genius gold prospector and a man of great talents, is being hunted by two cutthroats – the Sisters brothers – and there’s no way he can escape his fate. It’s 1850, and the fellas are chasing after the vagabond across 1K miles from the harsh and hot Oregon desert to the very heart of San Francisco. Eli, one of the brothers, is pretty much fed up with his job as an assassin and is starting do doubt whether he’s on the right pass or not. Will Warm convince him to spare his life and join his cause? Of the TOP 10 good English Western movies 2017, this is probably the funniest and the most adventurous one.

The Sisters Brothers

  1. The Beguiled

A cunning Union soldier is being held captive in a boarding school for girls (on Confederate soil). He uses his exceptional conning skills to make his way into their hearts and minds. Soon, he becomes the king of the school and has the young women fighting each other for his approval. Still, even a trickster like this vagabond can’t keep it up forever, and after a while, the girls turn against him. So, what will he do now that they’re full of anger, wrath and hate? The Beguiled is not your classic western story with sunset riders and all that romantic stuff, but it certainly does deserve a place on our list.

  1. Hostiles

Are you a big fan of Christian Bale and wanna watch TOP 10 good Western films 2017? Well, if you are, then make sure to check Hostiles out. This is the story of a near-legendary captain who’s about to hit retirement but is ordered by his commander to do one last “mission” for him. The goal is to escort a Native-American chief (Cheyenne, to be exact) and his big family through a highly dangerous and lethal territory. The captain doesn’t really like the natives, but he puts his duty first and does everything in his power to protect the Indian chief and his relatives on their way to the reservation.

  1. Dead 7

A messed up and disorganized team of gunslingers is trying too hard to survive in a brutal apocalyptic world. Now, if it was all about guns and cowboys, these fellas would’ve flourished. However, this brand-new world is dominated by zombies that love the smell and taste of fresh meat. They are stranded in a strange town with no help and/or plan. And, they’ve got a tough choice to make: either save their own souls and forget about the innocent citizens, or put everything on the line, including their lives, and make an effort to protect the inhabitants of this God-forsaken townlet. There’s no telling who will survive and who won’t.

  1. Outlaws and Angels

When a group of outlaws running from the sheriff enters a lovely house that belongs to an innocent, humble and kind family on the frontier to get some sleep and rest a bit, they get themselves into quite a disturbing and lethal game. They could never expect a family like that to be so sinister and cunning. Seduction, intimidation, extortion and role reversal follow, making the bandits regret they ever stepped foot into that house. Put Outlaws and Angels on the list of TOP 10 good Western movies 2017 if you love thrillers slash dramas set in the Wild West.

  1. Forsaken

John used to be one of the greatest cowboys in the Wild West and a quick-draw killer, but he left it all and moved away from his hometown. Now he’s back, and the only thing that he wants is to try and fix his relationship with his old man. They haven’t seen each other in ages, and it’s gonna take a miracle for the man’s father to welcome him with open arms. If you’re thinking to yourself “Just another western, nothing special”, keep in mind that both Kiefer and Donald Sutherland are starring in this movie, which makes it that much more special for the fans of the star family.

  1. Jane Got a Gun

One fine day, Jane’s troubled hubby, an outlaw, gets back home with eight bullets in his body and a single breath in his lungs. Jane doesn’t know the first thing about taking care of a wounded man and/or fighting thugs out in the open; therefore, she reaches out to her former lover, a man that she hasn’t seen or spoken to in more than a decade. The woman has no one else to turn to, and this gentleman is her only hope of defending her property and dealing with the gang that’s coming after her husband to put him down for good. The critics from all over the world are calling Jane Got a Gun one of the TOP 10 really good Western movies.

  1. Lawless Range

Tommy and his brother are two fine members of the Texas community. Tom has always been the troubled one, and Sean – the other brother – is the one and only person in the world who truly cares about his sorry ass. However, when Tommy tells him that he owes 6K to some dangerous folks, Sean doesn’t really know what to do. They don’t have that kind of money lying around – not even close. Furthermore, the moron-of-a-brother keeps making it all worse. So now Sean has a choice to make: either stand side by side with his sibling and face the music, or leave him all alone against the criminals and be on his merry way.

  1. The Duel

Welcome to Helena, a mysterious and treacherous town where nothing is as it seems. The Preacher, a powerful and influential man, has successfully convinced the citizens of the town that he has otherworldly powers. At the same time, there’s a ranger from Texas who’s coming to Helena to put the man down. Apart from his assignment, he’s got his own agenda: back in the day, The Preacher was partially responsible for his dad’s death, and now the ranger is here to return the favor. Everything’s on the line in this deadly game, and both lads are ready to risk it all for what they believe in. Alright, that was our list of TOP ten good Western movies 2017 in theaters!

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