List of TOP 10 good Black movies 2017

Movies about the life of blacks have a large group of fans. On our site, you will find a list of TOP 10 good Black movies 2017.

The best of these films show the viewer the diverse life of African Americans, which has both good and negative sides. It is known that this is an insufficiently provided part of the American population, that crime among them is high. Gangs of Black youth are a big problem for the authorities and the population. There are Black ghetto quarters, where the poorest part of African Americans lives. Yet the life of this unique and talented people is changing for the better. Discrimination is officially banned, the social security of African Americans is the subject of government care.


The world knows the magnificent achievements of blacks. And their natural grace – they almost all dance perfectly. The musical culture of these people is known for several centuries. L. Armstrong and M. Jackson are the best stars of world culture. The Black spiritual songs are so beautiful that they are reflected in the work of artists with world names.

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Black films 2017.

  1. The Birth of a Nation

The plot of the dramatic film is based on real events that occurred in 1831 in the United States. From an early age, a dark-skinned fellow, Nathaniel Turner, faces the brutal treatment of white people towards himself. Unfortunately, in his life, there is only one way – slavery and hard labor at a cotton plantation. He differs from many slaves with a sharp mind, the ability to read and write, and also the piety that led him to preach.

The constant fear, daily humiliation, and horrifying injustice lead Nat to reflect on his life and the lives of fellow people who deserve a better fate. When the brutality of the owners exceeded the bounds, Nat begins to act – to call the slaves of Virginia to revolt against the slaveholders. This uprising will bring many deaths, shed a lot of blood, but will go down in the history of the United States.

  1. Fences

Washington as a director is in our TOP 10 really good Black movies.

Dramatic film is a new work by Denzel Washington as a director and tells the story of the former black-skinned baseball player Troy. The film unfolds in the 1950s in the United States. Eighteen years ago, Troy was a promising baseball player, but now he has to work as a garbage collector to provide for his family. He works hard five days a week, and on Friday he allows himself to relax with a glass of whiskey with his friend.

Troy gives all the money he earns to his beloved wife, Rose, and in her free time builds fences in the backyard of the house. Adhering only to his own opinion on what is happening in the world and in life, Troy does not accept the other outlook that his sons have, which leads to great problems in the family.

  1. Get Out

Chris Washington is an ordinary guy who not so long ago began to build a relationship with a girl named Rose. She was so attractive, affable and sweet that Chris felt a special attraction. They began to spend more and more time together. The young man did not want to part with his beloved. He was very serious, and so he did not refuse to meet her parents. Of course, like any other person, it was extremely exciting for him, because he wanted to please his own girl, making an exceptionally good impression on them.

  1. 100 Streets

A dramatic film tells a few stories from the lives of ordinary Londoners, each of whom experiences certain difficulties. Rugby star Maximus Moore is going through difficult times due to a difficult relationship with his wife Emily. They no longer live together, but Max continues to control Emily and tries to get her back. In another part of the city, the taxi driver George is trying to solve another family problem related to the adoption of the child. In his spare time, he coaches young players in football.

  1. The United Kingdom

The action of the film begins in the late 40-ies of the twentieth century in England. The future king of the African state of Botswana, Prince Seretse Khama, is trained in one of the best colleges to become a worthy receiver of his father, who places great hopes on his son. In London, he meets a charming Englishwoman, Ruth Williams, with whom he intends to tie the knot.

  1. Burning Sands

It is the middle of the TOP 10 good english Black movies 2017.

The novice boy goes through the first week of tests in the student brotherhood. The hero is torn between the need to observe the code of silence and the desire to publicize the details of the facts of violence and hazing.

  1. Sleepless

Vincent is not a bad cop, he has principles, has a desire to do his job. But one cannot say a similar thing about his colleagues since almost all of them have their own price. Corruption among law enforcement in the city has reached a record.

  1. The Dark Tower

A picture is based on the cult work of Stephen King is in our TOP ten good Black movies 2017 in theaters.

The last of the representatives of the oldest family – famous for his skill shooter Roland, wanders through the expanses of the dying world in search of the Dark Tower, which, he hopes, can save his world from destruction.

  1. Moonlight

In the 80s, America was filled with drugs; even children were initiated into what is happening on the streets. The police tried to catch all the culprits, but it was difficult enough to accomplish. Here is an African American Chiron recruited life experience in an unfavorable situation Miami. History will show how the child turned into a teenager, and afterward into a formed person. Also, everyone can understand his aspirations, which he defended throughout his life.

He, like many, had stages of growing up, filled with resentment from the family and ridicule from classmates. Chiron had to understand that he has a sexual attraction to the male sex. He did not try to hide this fact, but rather sought mutual understanding. The man wanted to find his second half, the newfound man had to understand him like no other. His life’s search was very painful because only charity was observed around. Will he be able to find such mutual understanding necessary for him?

  1. Hidden Figures

American biography drama based on the book of the same name by Margot Lee Shetterly is on how three African American female mathematicians conducted calculations to launch a rocket on the first space flight into orbit.

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