List of TOP 10 good Comedy movies 2018

Comedy movie enchanted everyone. The Lumiere brothers shot the first comedy film and it was called “The Watered Waterer.” The curiosity caused a splash. The public, who has always wanted bread and circuses, ate up the “Waterer” without bread. Since then every new comedy movie certainly attracts crowds of fans.

Together with us, you will be able to watch TOP 10 good Comedy films 2018. If you ready, we begin.

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  1. Deadpool 2

Wade Wilson in the past was a professional soldier. Now the man is happy because he met his beloved woman, who is spiritually close to him. However, the beautiful life did not last long. Wade has cancer. He was shocked and discouraged. It seemed to him that this was the end and there was no more exit. The fate gives the hero a second chance. People, who have enormous power, suggested that the guy take part in a secret experiment. If he agrees to all of their conditions, he will live. Through time, an ordinary person became the owner of super-strength, reaction, and speed. However, there was a side effect. The Wade’s face was disfigured. As a result, the man turned into a killer.

  1. When We First Met

At a Halloween party, a simple guy named Noah meets a beauty, Avery. Young people spend the evening together, talk about different topics. It turns out that they have much in common. However, to Noah’s great disappointment, he becomes just a friend for the girl with whom she can share her feelings and ask him for some advice. From the moment of meeting passes three years, the hero is still in the friend zone. At the same time, Avery finds the perfect guy and is getting married.

  1. Game Night

Rachel McAdams is in the TOP ten good Comedy movies 2018 in theaters.

Max and Annie adore all sorts of puzzles and quests. Every week they gather in the company of like-minded people and arrange night games – they perform exciting tasks, which are provided by the organizer. One of the participants wants to play the scene with abduction, agents of special services, and bandits. As soon as the player announces his plans, unknown people kidnap him. Everyone is sure that this is an unusual and spectacular start to a new puzzle. However, suddenly, the game takes a completely different turn. The lifeless body is the proof of that.

  1. Life of the Party

Deanna is a housewife. A woman raising her only daughter. The child studies, she entered a local college. Family life is full of joy and happiness. The protagonist of the film is confident about her own happiness. Unexpected news becomes a shock to the poor woman. It turns out that the beloved spouse is cheating on her. She convinces herself that it is necessary to start everything from scratch. The decision to get an education seems like salvation.

  1. Zeroville

The childhood of Vikar passed in a difficult situation of domestic violence. Father was a religious fanatic and punished all household members for the slightest violation of the rules. The boy was withdrawn. The guy was considered an autistic and no one wanted to deal with him because they thought that such people are dangerous. When it came time to choose a profession, he chose architecture. This was not his best choice but gave an excellent excuse to leave his father’s house and start a normal life.

James Franco and Seth Rogen in Zeroville

  1. Gringo

It is the middle of the TOP 10 good english Comedy movies 2018.

A modest American employee Harold, who works in a pharmaceutical company, is at the center of a crazy mess in Mexico. Local drug lords, risky bosses, international killers, US special services – the most dangerous and unpredictable people start hunting for him.

  1. Peter Rabbit

Comedy movie introduces viewers to the main character – a small and friendly rabbit Peter. He lives with his mother, his brothers, and sisters in a cozy hole, and goes to his neighbor McGregor for food. McGregor grows wonderful crops of vegetables and is no in hurry to share with neighbors, rabbits, and other animals. Meanwhile, he likes rabbits, but not in his garden, but in pies … It is clear that there is no great sympathy between man and rabbits. Once, after learning that the owner is not at home, Peter decides to take a desperate step – he invites all friends to McGregor’s house for a fun party with a great food!

  1. Isle of Dogs

The story of a boy and dog is in the TOP 10 really good Comedy movies.

The movie centers on the most ordinary little boy who lives with his parents in a small settlement. His best friend was a dog, with whom the boy spent all his free time. Soon everything changed dramatically. The dog suddenly disappeared, thereby forcing the main character to leave his home and go to his search. However, a fate only brings a boy to Japan, full of dangers and amazing inhabitants. Soon he gets new acquaintances. With their help, he will try to do everything possible to find a friend. Will he manage to do this and return home safe and sound?

  1. I Feel Pretty

Her whole life consisted of constant attempts to go on a diet or do fitness to lose weight. Once she falls off the exercise bike. The girl hit her head and now sure that she is very beautiful. One problem is that she has not changed a bit in the eyes of other people.

  1. Return of the hero

In 1809, the handsome captain Neuville departs for the war with Austria with the army of Napoleon. He promises to write letters to his beloved Pauline but suddenly disappears. Seeing how her sister suffers, Elizabeth herself begins to write letters to Pauline on behalf of Neville. She composes incredible stories about great exploits and in the last letter buries the hero. However, time passes, and the real Neville returns…

Elizabeth tries to persuade him not to destroy the legend and just go away. However, Neville does not intend to go down, he wants to return to Pauline and tries to appear in front of her in the image of the hero whom Elizabeth described in the letters.

A list of TOP 10 good Comedy movies 2018 ends now.

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