List of TOP 10 good Foreign movies 2018

This category includes a large number of films, intriguing viewers with bright special effects, unique stories, memorable scenes and an excellent performance of actors who have become the perfect actors for millions of fans.

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List of TOP 10 good Foreign movies 2018

  1. Le sens de la fête (France)

Max has its own company that organizes holidays, weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations. Recently, his business is little tough, but one very large order can fix everything. Max must organize a “turnkey” wedding, which will take place in a large and beautiful 17th century castle. He will get a big fee if everything goes well and the bride and groom will be satisfied with the event. The hero is very worried about the preparation and gives his staff detailed instruction, explaining in detail how everything should go. However, despite all the precautions taken, the events will take wrong direction.

  1. Selfie (Russia)

Bogdanov is a talented writer who is very popular and is able to earn a lot of money. He leads his own popular show on television, meets with the most beautiful girls, and often has fun. Many people wanted a life like he had, but the hero does not appreciate what he has. Recently, he not only stopped writing but also even failed the channel on which his translation is going. Bogdanov could not handle the burden of glory, he began to drink a lot, he almost does not see his daughter and is no longer respected by others. No one likes him. He does not even try to change his life, which greatly offends the people close to him.

  1. The Death of Stalin (Great Britain)

The life of people after the death of Stalin is in the TOP ten good Foreign movies 2018 in theaters.

Stalin was the Leader of the entire Soviet people for a long time. People feared and respected him, no one dared to contradict him. However, Stalin’s unexpected death left one of the most powerful countries in the world without a leader. At the same time, his place was free, a real war began between the most influential politicians and figures of that time for it. The harsh regime has ended, but instead of it, there has come chaos, because there is no obvious challenger for the post of the new Leader and everyone tries to prove himself.

  1. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (Great Britain)

Unknown kills Mildred’s daughter Angela, who lives in a small town. Now she only dreams of finding criminals and cruelly punish them. However, the police, it seems, is in no hurry to carry out their duties. It has been several months since the murder was committed and there are still no suspects. A desperate woman in response to the inaction of the sheriff and his assistants decides to take an unusual step – she rents three billboards located at the entrance to the city and expresses her outrage on them. By her actions, the woman wants to draw attention to the case and stir up local law enforcement agencies, in particular, the police chief, who is popular authority among the residents. However, instead of it, sheriff begins to hate this woman.

  1. Happy End (France)

There is a large and prosperous family. Isolated from the problems of “ordinary mortals,” these “Taoist Gods” are mired in their own insincerity and hypocrisy to each other. Only the old grandfather Georges and his 13-year-old granddaughter Eve can afford to show in this family the sparking feelings that have become “taboo” for others. Eve and George are not indifferent to the fate of others and the world crisis, but they cannot provide a happy end to each of them.

  1. Girl In The Fog (Italy)

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 good english Foreign movies 2018.

The events unfold in a small town in the Alps. Once there disappears a 16-year-old girl named Anna. To investigate this case, an experienced detective Vogel arrives in the city. The main suspect of Vogel is a teacher from the local school, Loris Martini. However, in reality, everything is much more confusing than it seems at first glance. Will he be able to solve this case?

  1. Euphoria (Germany)

From early childhood, two sisters could not reach mutual understanding, had no common interests. Ines was a very selfish, self-centered and hard-hearted child, causing many problems and troubles to close people, remorse without feeling conscience and guilt for acting rashly. Being a difficult teenager, she was only interested in personal experiences and needs, not being interested in the opinions of others. Growing up, she turned into a narcissistic, ambitious person who does not have feelings for family members. Emilie was the youngest daughter; she was the complete opposite to her sister. Now, they go on the big journey together. What will this journey bring to the main characters who have nothing in common?

  1. Incident in a Ghost Land (France)

Two sisters – One fear is in the TOP 10 really good Foreign movies.

Housewarming in a secluded rural house became a cruel test for the mother of two daughters, who was forced to protect them from raiders-killers. This terrible night determined the fate of both girls, one of whom became a successful author of horrors, and the second – plunged into paranoia. After 16 years, the sisters return to the old house, where their old fears come to life.

  1. Barrage (Luxemburg)

Ten years ago, Catherine left her young daughter Alba in the care of her authoritarian mother, Elizabeth, who is unable to give her a happy childhood. Upon returning home, Catherine is trying to establish a connection with the grown-up Alba.

  1. The Professor and the Madman (Ireland)

In the center of the plot of the film is Professor James Murray, who in the middle of the XIX century began to create the first Oxford dictionary. The patient of the clinic for the mentally ill Chester, who went to the clinic for killing a passer-by, will help Murray.

Sean Penn & Mel Gibson on cast for the Professor and the Madman

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