List of TOP 10 good Film-noir movies 2017

Films belonging to the genre Noir, which in French means black, were a separate direction in the American cinema of 1940 – 1950.

By its name, this genre is due not to the black and white image of the picture, but to the atmosphere of frustration, cynicism, and pessimism that permeates the films of this style.

The main color of such pictures is gloomy black, emphasizing the fatalism of what is happening on the screen.

We are glad to show you TOP ten good Film-noir movies 2017 in theaters.

The main components that characterize the style of noir:

  1. Prevalence of night scenes.
  2. Daytime episodes – unusually high contrast.
  3. Blurring the boundaries between heroes and anti-heroes.
  4. The absence of the so-called happy end, inherent in most films of this direction.
  5. The abundance of water glistening in the darkness – eternal rain, a deserted jetty and so on.
  6. Detective or criminal plot with a complex chronology of action.
  7. The actor, most often placed in the shade, to dissolve him in a generally dark atmosphere.
  8. Usually the place of action – bars, motels, underground casinos and other similar establishments located on the criminal side of the huge city-labyrinth.
  9. Suspense, that is, the escalating cycle from dialogue to dialogue.


These and some other elements form the basis of film-noir. True, over time, the genre has changed somewhat, gradually losing its criminal focus and smoothly entering such areas as drama and psychological thriller.

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Film-noir films 2017.

  1. Bloodrunners

The events of the horror film of the novelty take place in times of the dry law. Jack Malone is an experienced policeman who tries to keep strict order in the city. He punishes absolutely everyone – from robbers to sellers of illegal booze.

However, soon a criminal group appears in the city, which it is almost impossible to resist. Chesterfield is an ancient vampire who, along with his supporters, wants to seize power. When people begin to die, Jack begins to understand how vampires are dangerous and how important it is to win in this brutal confrontation.

  1. We Still Steal the Old Way

Ritchie Archer’s gang is back in business and arranges a daring raid on the bank in London. It is all for to get to prison and help escape to one of his old friends.

  1. Arsenal

It is the story of two brothers in the list of TOP 10 good Film-noir movies 2017.

The Lindel brothers soon lost their parents, they grew up in a dysfunctional area, virtually without adult supervision. For JR, his older brother Mike since childhood was an example in everything, he cared about him, never let him offend. After 23 years, Jake managed to break out into people, became the embodiment of the American dream: he is a co-owner of a small construction company, he has a house, a beloved wife, a child.

Mike’s life does not turn out so well, he served as a Marine, and when he was commissioned, he failed to find a decent salary and began to sell weapons and drugs.

  1. Good Time

Young bank robber Connie tries to hide from the police raid, but his attempts look hopeless, and the threat of go to jail is more inevitable.

  1. Contratiempo

Adrian Dorian is not only an attractive man but also a successful businessman. He managed to build his own business, receiving from this a considerable income. Despite the fact that he had a beautiful wife and a little daughter, he decided on treason. The mistress made him feel completely different, but when he started an affair, Adrian did not understand what his rash act would lead to. The night spent with his mistress in the hotel was, as always, full of passion and extravaganza of feelings, which in the morning turned into a real test. When Dorian opened his eyes, he saw a dead body and a locked door.

  1. Live by Night

It is the Golden Mean of the TOP 10 good english Film-noir movies 2017.

Young Joe Coughlin has seen enough of how his family is trying to make ends meet. He was well aware that he was born in a respected Boston family, where its head serves the benefit of the law. However, his own convictions proved to be higher than any morals. Joe secretly from his relatives began to trade with alcoholic beverages.

Coughlin became more and more connected with the criminal world. He got deeper into the relationship with the bandits, and therefore he was perfectly aware that there would be no more way for him to return. Is such a risk justified?

  1. Baby Driver

Trying to get rich, Baby spent a lot of time wasted. Despite his excellent driving skills, the poor man cannot find a job. Completely desperate, the guy was capable of the most reckless acts, so the offer to earn a little from a strangely dressed man did look suspicious. The essence of the work lies in the transportation of all sorts of trivialities, as well as the performance of various assignments.

The driver began to suspect the employer of something illegal. Unfortunately, he was right. As it turned out, the chief – criminal authority, which organizes bank robberies. The hero of the movie understands this when he is connected to the case as a driver, who is facing the task of taking bandits from the crime scene. The guy agrees, wanting to get extra income. Having met a charming girl and falling in love with her, the Baby decides to end the crime, not realizing that it’s impossible to just walk away from the boss.

  1. Free Fire

Skirmish is in TOP 10 really good Film-noir movies.

The film unfolds in Boston in 1978. The meeting of two criminal groups in an abandoned warehouse turns into a survival game.

  1. Mute

Berlin the second half of the twenty-first century is a huge human beehive – bubbling, making noise, working, resting. The protagonist, Leo, works as a bartender. Because of an accident that happened in his childhood, Leo is not able to talk. He is mute. He has a girlfriend. Beauty – the meaning of life Leo and, when one rainy day she completely disappears without warning, without leaving a note and even a hint of a similar maneuver, the hero is simply going crazy with grief and longing. His physical disability does not allow him to effectively conduct searches, so Mute goes down to the world of underground Berlin and finds himself assistants – two very extravagant American surgeons.

  1. The Life and Death of John Gotti

In the center of the plot of the film is the story of a complicated relationship between father and son. Everything is complicated by the fact that they are one of the most famous and influential Mafiosi, having Italian roots.

The Life and Death of John Gotti

TOP 10 new good Film-noir movies 2017 release dates, you can see on the Internet.

So TOP ends now.

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