List of TOP 10 good Historical movies 2018

The historical movie is a kind of modern chronicle of humankind. The secrets of the kings and the strategy of commanders, the uneasy decisions of the leaders of states and politicians, affecting the fate of whole countries, the people’s fearlessness and the horrifying chronicles of wars – the pictures of the long-gone epochs and recent days, which lift the veil away from the past.

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  1. Unsinkable

Titanic – a ship that defied higher forces. A miracle was the largest ship of its time. The builders and owners of this giant creation stated: “The Lord Himself cannot sink this ship.” Nevertheless, the ship launched into the water went on its first voyage and did not return. It was one of the biggest catastrophes, forever entered the history of navigation. The picture is terrible event that occured during the voyage.

  1. Direnis Karatay

The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Selman Kayabashi. The picture will show the event when army of mongolian people decided to go to west in order to conquer other lands.

  1. Horse Soldiers

Chris Hemsworth is in the TOP ten good Historical movies 2018 in theaters.

Everybody knows about the events of September 11, 2001. Members of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda committed a series of four suicides, taking with them 2,997 lives. This was the largest terrorist attack in terms of the number of casualties. The killed people were mourned throughout the world.

After these events, a team of the best CIA agents was assembled. The government could not allow a repeat of the events. The spies reported that the Taliban terrorist organization is preparing a new large-scale terrorist attack in Afghanistan. Thanks to the brilliant preparation of the CIA, countless terrorist attacks were stopped, but this grouping will not go away so easily. The war is just the beginning.

  1. Paul, Apostle of Christ

The person about whom Christians and Jews are arguing the most is Paul the Apostle. Could a man with all his weaknesses and shortcomings, but at the same time a great man, turn the religious doctrine of a narrow group of followers into the world religion – Christianity? Yes – because it was the apostle Paul. The movie will tell about all his actions in order to make it happen.

  1. Mary Queen of Scots

Every woman dreams of becoming a queen, but being a Queen is not so easy. Maria lost her father early and almost immediately became the main pretender to the throne. In addition, this means that since childhood, the girl has been involved in the cruel world of power. Intrigues, resentments, secret orders and the conspiracy of yesterday’s friends – this Mary always has in abundance. Lady of three states, the wife of three husbands, a woman who worshiped and hated hundreds of people. A woman born by the Queen – Mary Stuart.

  1. Taming the Beast

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 good english Historical movies 2018.

Terrible murders came into the city. The local policemen have not seen such terrible things.  At the scene of the crime, he put on a white mask on her, and then artfully deprives her of life. Maniac does not leave evidence or any traces that allow police to learn more about him and even more so to track him down. The best detective of the city begins to be engaged in searches. It remains the last chance to find the serial killer – on the live bait. A pretty employee will play the role of a potential victim while colleagues will be watching. Will the police be able to find the killer?

Taming the Beast

  1. Flags Over Berlin

The movie, based on real events, tells us about the last days of the Second World War. Scout from Britain Mark Spencer, by agreement with the Soviet commanders, entered the Soviet army. The narrative is conducted on his behalf. Through the eyes of a British officer, we see April 1945, the Soviet troops and its individual soldiers. They will soon be destined to become heroes whose names everyone in the world will know.

Flags Over Berlin Poster

  1. Hotel Mumbai

Terrible Mumbai events are in the TOP 10 really good Historical movies.

The movie is American drama, directed by Anthony Maras. The plot of the film tells the real story that occurred in Mumbai in 2008. The whole world remembers the attack on the hotel “Taj Mahal Palace.”

In the evening of November 2008, terrorists enter the building of the hotel and begin shooting. The guests are in a panic, trying to escape, hide. However, the building is under siege and all those who run out immediately perish.

For three days, the guests try to survive in a building that is engulfed in fire, fear, and horror. It is not known what could happen, if not the desperate act of brave men.

Dev Patel in Hotel Mumbai

  1. The Happy Prince

The picture is an English biographical drama about Oscar Wilde. A delightful story of the last days of Oscar Wilde’s life, a man who watches ironically for his failures and sees the difficulties of his life from the different angle.

  1. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

The film takes place in post-war London. The War is already over and the whole world is trying to recover from the shocks experienced. Young writer also wants to forget that entire terrible nightmare and finally start a new life. The girl is trying to find a story for a new book, but she did not want to write about the horrors of the war. Other topics also seem very boring and uninteresting.

An interesting case comes to the rescue. One farmer, who breeds pigs on Guernsey, likes to read. Once he gets Juliet’s book, which he really liked and he asks her in his letter to advise him a good bookshop. The Guernsey was under the occupation of the Germans and only now has gradually begun to revive.

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