List of TOP 10 good Historical movies 2017

Modern historical cinema is a genre of cinema where films usually depict specific historical events, epochs and historical personalities of the past.

We are glad to present you TOP ten good Historical movies 2017 in theaters.

Two of the most important areas of the genre:

  • Historical and biographical tapes (based on real historical events, illustrate the life path of real people);
  • Historical and adventure pictures (talk about fictional characters, usually have a thoroughly twisted intrigue to give the film entertainment). Often such historical films are put on historical novels and stories.

Viceroy`s House

A separate group of films on historical themes is the adaptations of famous, including classic, novels. These include the novels of Jane Austen (mostly their actions occur during the Napoleonic Wars) or, for example, Charles Dickens (most of the events of his novels occur in London from the time of the Victorian era). Very often, historical adventure films have large budgets, are notable for their scale, the presence of many costumes, beautiful scenery and so on. Needless to say that watching historical films is often interesting.

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Historical films 2017.

  1. Untitled Detroit Project

It is the story of the most massive riots in the history of the United States. Detroit residents on interracial soil raise a riot, committing violence and raiding. Tens of thousands of townspeople get out of control of the authorities.

  1. Felt

The film tells the story, which has remained forever in the memory of American citizens. There was a major scandal of the twentieth century, which historians still cannot investigate, as many of its facts are kept secret. As a result of some events, the head of state, Richard Nixon, resigned.


  1. Woman Walks Ahead

Events of historical drama occur in the 19th century. The heroine of the film named Carol has an active civil position and does not tolerate any infringement of human rights. Therefore, she travels with her son from civilized Brooklyn to a remote reservation in South Dakota. She intends to help the local Indians, namely the leader of the tribe, who was nicknamed Sitting Bull, to defend their right to own land. The woman begins to write letters on behalf of the leader to the federal authorities. She tries to prove reasonably that the territory of Indian ancestors should be left to the indigenous people.

Woman Walks Ahead

  1. Dunkirk

The Operation Dynamo is in TOP 10 really good Historical movies.

The events of the military drama will tell the audience about some important corners that occurred during the bloodiest war of the last century. The main storyline concerns the history of Operation Dynamo, which was organized for the urgent evacuation of Allied troops. The film will show the events of those days on the example of the British military, caught in an unpleasant situation: the enemy troops pushed them to the sea, where there are no ways to retreat until the arrival of assistance. To survive, the heroes have to hold out, which will not be easy.

  1. Viceroy`s House

The Viceroy’s house in Delhi has long been the seat of British rulers in India. One evening, the political elite gathered at the estate to decide the future of independent India, but soon a conflict erupted in the palace, which spread far beyond the walls.

  1. Darkest Hour

Churchill is in our TOP 10 good english Historical movies 2017.

The historical military drama is a film about the first days of Winston Churchill’s tenure as prime minister of Great Britain. 1940 is coming. Fascist Germany slowly but surely conquers power in Europe and the world during a bloody battle. The head of the government of the United Kingdom faces a choice: to secure peace for his country by concluding a peace treaty with Hitler (at that time it seemed the simplest and safest option) or to prevent the country from becoming a puppet of Nazi Germany. Churchill, as we know from history, decides to defend his ideals and the sovereignty of his state, speaking in the Second World War against accomplices of fascism.

Darkest Hour

  1. The Zookeeper`s Wife

The plot of the dramatic film is based on real events that occurred in 1939 in Poland. There is the Second World War. Poland is occupied by German troops. In Warsaw, serious persecution of Jews began. To avoid falling into the Jewish ghetto, people make desperate attempts. To other people’s suffering, the zoologist and director of the Warsaw Zoo, Jan, and his wife, Antonina, do not remain indifferent. A married couple decides to help poor Jews by providing them with a secret refuge within the walls of the zoo.

  1. The Lost City Of Z

The expedition of Fawcett is on our list of TOP 10 good Historical movies 2017.

Eldorado, the mysterious capital of the Incas, the mysterious City of Z … Is Fiction or reality? In 1925 the expedition of Colonel Fawcett, a member of the Royal Geographical Society, disappeared without a trace in the tropical thickets of the Amazon in search of the City of Z.

  1. Hidden Figures

The drama, based on unforgettable events from the real history of space exploration, about the employees of NASA, whose names, for a long time remained unknown. The main characters, the trio of brilliant women of African-American descent Catherine, Mary, and Dorothy, are mathematicians.

  1. The Current War

The film narrates about the long, stubborn, “cold” war between two unknown scientists, but their names after that will be famous around the world. Thomas Edison, as well as his opponent, George Westinghouse, were sufficiently talented masters of their craft. They constantly defended their new discoveries and achievements, which they got in a very difficult way, and after they tried to bring it all to their people.

It was electricity that separated these two scientists, namely two kinds of existing current (direct, alternating). These gentlemen could not come to a common opinion, and therefore they constantly competed, and all their disputes generated even more different problems and misunderstandings. It should be noted that every scientist had his own followers and supporters among the residents, which divided them into two camps. But there was no single opinion, unfortunately among the residents in the country.

This war began in the 19th century, but only in 2007, when the large metropolis of New York became an active user of alternating current, the war ceased. And the superiority of this type of electric current became obvious.

The Current War

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