List of TOP 10 good Political movies 2017

We often hear that politics is a dirty business. So it is so, but still, we would like details. Sometimes it’s so exciting to play in the dirt. This human feature is often used by filmmakers around the world. There are hundreds of films that are taken to reveal the veil of secrecy over not always a noble but very interesting occupation. Here we have selected for you TOP ten good Political movies 2017 in theaters.

Intrigues, scandals, decisions affecting the fate of millions, and the private life of the powerful persons are in the harsh, though sometimes humorous, movies about politics.

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Political films 2017.

Kongens nei

  1. The Birth of a Nation

Nat Turner was not the first black slave who hated his white masters. And far from being among the first, he decided to raise an uprising against people who according to some strange and incomprehensible law, considered themselves the owners of black. But only Nat’s rebellion became one of the bloodiest confrontations before the Civil War. And although about 160 people were killed in the struggle for freedom, and the surviving black slaves were eventually stitched and returned to shackles, after a disastrous riot it became clear – a real war is inevitable. After all, the system of pacifying slaves could no longer hold thousands of people in subjection to hundreds of despotic owners. And Nat became one of the first leaders of numerous upcoming uprisings.

  1. Battle of the Sexes

The film is based on a real story, which occurred in 1973. Two famous athletes Billy King, the first racket of the world, decides to challenge Riggs, also a champion, but already a former. Each of them pursues its goals in this duel. Riggs tries not only to win money but also to get a chance to return to the big sport. King wants to prove that a woman can compete on an equal footing with a man and even win a fight.

  1. Patriots Day

Ed Davis always wanted to help people. That’s why he went to work for the police. Career developed rapidly. The man took on any tasks, just not to take up paperwork. Colleagues respected and appreciated him. But everything was not perfect … The last few weeks have become unbearable for the hero of the movie.

At this time in Boston, preparations for the international holiday were actively conducted. According to the established tradition, a marathon should be held on this day. The organizers tried their best: for additional security, police patrolled the streets. However, this did not save them from the impending disaster. At the height of the holiday, two explosions thundered, as a result of which about a dozen people were killed and hundreds were injured. Officer Davis will have to lead a mission to capture terrorists.

  1. Kongens nei

The King’s Choice is on our list of TOP 10 good Political movies 2017.

The film will appeal to connoisseurs of Norwegian history and will definitely be of interest to spectators not indifferent to one of the bloodiest wars of the last century. Events of the film take place in Norway in the spring of 1940. In a matter of days, the country is occupied by the troops of fascist Germany. In order not to arrange a senseless confrontation, the aggressors propose to the government a “bloodless method” – immediate surrender, the signing of all necessary acts and the transfer of power to the nationalist Quisling.

Unable to come to a consensus, officials are resigning, which shifts their responsibility to the shoulders of the formal head of state – King Hakon VII. Realizing that now the future of the whole country and millions of its inhabitants depends on him, the protagonist does not hurry with the announcement of his decision. At the risk of his life, he denies the fascists, intending to resist to the last. To suppress the Norwegians’ desire to get involved in the war, German troops are hastily sent to Oslo to destroy the king. Will the King and his family be saved?

  1. HHhH

The film will tell about the rapid ascent of Reinhard Heydrich – a statesman and political figure of Nazi Germany.

  1. The Most Hated Woman in America

It is a golden mean of the TOP 10 good english Political movies 2017.

The movie will tell us about a woman who founded the movement “Atheists of America”.

  1. The United Kingdom

Is a loving person capable of sacrifice? A biographical film based on real events, confirms that this is not only possible but also right! In the center of the plot of the film are a black Prince from Botswana and an ordinary white girl from London. Fate brings them to the London jazz club, where Prince immediately notices the beauty, which is well versed in music.

Their story begins with one dance, after which they will never let each other out. Learning that her new boyfriend is black, Ruth’s parents do everything to destroy this union, including even politicians. Despite the obstacles, the girl agrees to the offer to marry Prince. Then they travel together to Botswana, realizing that they have already closed the way back to London. Hoping that she will have a happy life in her homeland, Ruth cannot imagine the number of tests that they have to go through. In Botswana, everything will be against them. Father will start to force his son to abandon the throne, the people will arrange riots because of the color of the wife of the future king’s wife.

  1. Jackie

It is the American dramatic biopic. The role of the main character was played by Natalie Portman, who appeared in the image of the former first lady of America.

  1. Darkest Hour

Churchill against Hitler is in TOP 10 really good Political movies.

Winston Churchill heads the British defense against Hitler’s troops in the early days of World War II.

Darkest Hour

  1. Hidden Figures

In the center of the plot of the feature film is the story of three African-American women who achieved their goals despite all obstacles. The film takes place in the early 1960s of the 20th century in the United States. Prejudice, racial discrimination on the basis of gender still prevails in the country. The main positions are occupied by white men, and women, despite their mental abilities, get a simpler job or the fate of a housewife.

TOP 10 new good Political movies 2017 release dates, you can see on the Internet.

Our TOP ends now.

Thank you for watching!

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