List of TOP 10 good Musical movies 2017

If you think that you do not like musicals – you are mistaken. They can be completely different: sentimental and funny, parody and heroic, for children and adults. In our special TOP ten good Musical movies 2017 in theaters, you can find musical movies for every taste and finally appreciate this unique genre.

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Musical films 2017

  1. Song to Song

The film will tell you about two intersecting love triangles. This is a story about sexual obsession and betrayal.

  1. Rock n Roll

The film will tell about a young musician playing rock and roll. He throws the girl because he does not enjoy great success, and after that, he decides to become a real musical superstar.

  1. Wild for the Night

Wyatt and his sister Sherilyn lost their parents early and were forced to fight for existence in the slums of Los Angeles. Although Wyatt and his sister were selling drugs, like all their acquaintances, they did not spend money on entertainment but put it off to get out of the slums. Once, due to an absurd chance, Wyatt lost all his money. All the savings they stored in the car, and Wyatt was in a car accident in a drunken state. In addition to losing money, the guy went also to jail, where he had to spend 5 years. Earlier, the brother always could protect his sister, but after the incident, the girl was left alone in this cruel world, and figured out how to get out of her hopeless situation.

At first, the girl often talked to her brother on the phone, but recently she did not call him. One day she contacted Wyatt and said that she wanted her ashes to be immersed in the ocean if something unforeseen happened. The conversation with the sister ended with a shot, and Wyatt was sure that sister was dead. After going free, Wyatt first began to search for the killer sister. The guy did not yet understand that he wants to avenge the murder, which in fact was not, and at the end of his search an unexpected surprise awaits him…

  1. How to Talk to Girls at Parties

The aliens in our TOP 10 good english Musical movies 2017.

The film will tell you about an alien, who, traveling around the galaxy, lost and as a result met two young people living in the most dangerous place in the universe – in the southern region of London, in Croydon.

  1. David Brent: Life on the Road

The story of the main character named David Brent, who has long been living his dream, wanting to become a rock star. A man decides to leave his job as a salesman for a cleaning company and plans a trip to the cities of the UK. In his improvised tour, David is filming, trying to capture the important points of his journey.

David Brent: Life on the Road

  1. Beauty and the Beast

It is the middle of the TOP 10 really good Musical movies.

It is a new film in the genre of fantasy which is done in the format of a musical. The main character of the picture – Prince Adam, he was very daring, spiteful, did not know pity and did not love anyone except himself. Once he was rude to one sorceress, which made her very angry. She decided to teach the young and daring prince a lesson and turn him into a terrible monster. The curse affected not only Adam but also all the inhabitants of his castle and the castle itself as well. And if the prince wishes to return everything to former circles, he must learn to be good and merciful, he must learn to love.

  1. Moana

A thousand years ago, the demigod Maui stole from the goddess’s heart the a magic pearl that gives strength to create life. This led to very negative consequences for both the goddess and the demigod Maui, who lost their power. But the daughter of the leader of the tribe who lives on a small island in the Pacific Ocean, the ocean gives strength so that the brave girl Moana could remove the ancient curse of the goddess, and the tribe’s people could fish and travel without fear of the huge waves of the ocean.

  1. La La Land

The movie is about love of young girl who dreams of becoming popular and jazz musician.

  1. Ballerina

Events take place in France in the 19th century. At that time Paris already was the soul of Europe. In the city lived a large number of art lovers. The ballet won its place in the hearts of people. A large scene for the heroine is well known. She had the opportunity to speak repeatedly, to please fans with her skill. The girl was well aware that there is no limit to perfection, therefore she constantly trained. Every day she danced to get better. The study of new movements took a long time, but the ballerina with pleasure gave herself to her favorite occupation.

With her special style of dance, she could not reach the hearts of a large audience. The attitude of the choreographers to the learned elements was rather negative. They did not perceive the style of the ballerina, therefore, she was not offered anything else but the secondary roles. All diligence was nullified. Everything changed at one point, after a strange purchase. The next purchased pointe shoes were magical.

  1. The Greatest Showman

It is the leader of the list of TOP 10 good Musical movies 2017.

Biographical film tells about the life of the main figure of show business of the 19th century – Phineas Taylor Barnum. In the center of the story is the story of an American entrepreneur (manager, entrepreneur, and businessman), a lover of hoaxes and adventures, who founded the famous wandering circus. The posters promised the audience “The greatest show on Earth”, and one can confidently say: Barnum revolutionized the world of entertainment!

The plot was based on Barnum’s autobiography. The whole life of Phineas Taylor was a complete adventure. In his youth, he wanted to become a shopkeeper, but the business did not work out. Then Barnum opened a print edition, but was accused of slander and caught in jail. Such vital upheavals did not break his spirit, and the hero was always set for success.

The Greatest Showman

TOP 10 new good Musical movies 2017 release dates are specified in here. You can see them on the Internet.

Thank you for watching!

List of TOP 10 good Music movies 2017
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