List of TOP 10 good Mystery movies 2017

In the 21st century, there are lots of things that cannot be explained by people and the scientists – we got used to calling these things a mystery having different reaction and opinion about weird stuff happening to us. Therefore, the people who are obsessed with watching latest franchises and different films don’t mind watching the mysterious and fantastic ones. Our today’s list is not an exception at all and we glad to share with readers our latest TOP 10 new good Mystery movies 2017 release.

In fact, most of these upcoming in 2017 projects include famous actors and actresses from the United Kingdom (such as Emilia Clarke) and the American ones (Scarlett Johansson, Johnny Depp etc.). All these movies describe not just mysterious events but also the whole lives of main characters and their position about the things happening around them.

It Comes At Night

Voice from the Stone

This movie was based on the novel that was written by Silvio Raffo. In fact, it unites famous actors from all over the world – among them are Emilia Clarke being born in London, Marton Csokas being born and raised in New Zealand but having Hungarian, Irish and English descent and holding dual citizenship of both New Zealand and Hungary, as well as Caterina Murino being an Italian actress. This movie tells the mysterious and supernatural story about a nurse coming to help a young boy who seems to have a big psychological trauma after his mother suddenly dies. According to the facts, the photography began only in November 2014 in different cities of Italy.

Murder on the Orient Express

If you have seen the 1974’s version of this movie you will probably want to watch this one. This second project on our TOP 10 good English Mystery movies 2017 was actually based on the novel by British writer Agatha Christie. Another picture adaptation of the book, according to its plot, follows the story of Hercule Poirot that returns to England on the Orient Express. Among them, there are twelve other passengers of different nationalities traveling choosing this express with the particular occasion. After the train leaves all the passengers got caught in heavy snows on their way through Yugoslavia in Vinkovci (today’s Croatia). As the night passes by, the main character is being constantly disturbed by other passenger and the next morning he finds out one of them is dead. Poirot and his Italian friend Bianchi make a decision to start their own investigation to identify the murderer. But what they find out shock them a lot. They start interviewing every single person on the Orient express, such as Hildegarde Schmidt looking after Natalia Dragomiroff, Countess Helena, Hector McQueen, Antonio Foscarelli and others.

The Dinner

This mysterious drama movie is based on Dutch novel of the same title and is a good example of parents going to the restaurant together to discuss some serious family issues. Their main topic is to make a decision what to do as they find out their children committed a crime. In fact, the act of violence has been recorded by the camera and later shown on the TVs but the police haven’t managed to identify them yet. The main task is to how to handle the whole situation.

Annabelle: Creation

According to the people’s feedbacks about previous franchises, this one seems to become number one to watch TOP good Mystery films 2017 when it comes to supernatural horror movies. It brings us back to the times when a dollmaker and his wife open their own home to the girl from orphanage. Their own daughter died many years ago so to be able to avoid loneliness and cure the pain the dollmaker reveals the new “creature” – the doll Annabelle who seems to turn the life of young Janice into her biggest nightmare.

Get Out

Have you already seen the trailer for this project? Well, you’ll have to if you’re about to meet with the parents of your girlfriend. This movie follows the story of an interracial couple and they are about to marry. But before doing that, the girl decides to introduce bridegroom to her parents but they seem to have their own skeletons.

Ghost in the Shell

Another film on our list of TOP 10 good Mystery movies 2017 tells the story about cyborg soldier that has a superpower and has the big desire to find out more about her past life. The events are set to be in the near future when human race accepts the robots so the difference between their lives blurs.

Before I fall

This teen film is also based on the recent novel following typical teenage problems and issues they have to face in their age. However, things appear to be more complicated as the main female character keeps waking up on the same day again after having a crash with friends the day before.

It Comes At Night

Our latest list of TOP 10 really good Mystery movies also includes a latest scary film about a man trying to do everything in order to protect his own family after the arrival of a young married couple looking for the refuge. Meanwhile, something mysterious and horrible is awakening inside him.

Insidious: Chapter four

This supernatural horror movie follows the story of three previous ones and is the fourth installment of the whole Insidious franchise. This time, it represents the new story with old and new characters solving the same problem with mysterious creatures. In fact, the principal photography started in the summer 2016 but the movie is scheduled to be released in January 2018.

Insidious: Chapter four

The Shack

And the last project on our TOP ten good Mystery movies 2017 in theaters represents the psychological story of a man suffering emotional problems and issues caused by different problems in his family which are a big tragedy. After some time of trying to pretend his life is normal, the main character gets the mysterious anonymous letter saying he has to go the abandoned shack in the wilderness of the Oregon. Despite the thoughts that come up in his head, he makes a decision to go there – what he finds out there transforms his understanding of the whole situation and the tragedy changing his life forever.

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