List of TOP 10 good Suspense movies 2018

Suspense is an artistic effect, suggesting that the viewer has a prolonged anxiety state, a state of uncertainty or “suspense.” Suspense provides with a complex of dramatic, visual, and audible means. The phenomenon of suspense is closely related to the possibility of cinema to involve the viewer in a screen action – the effect arises if the viewer associates himself with the hero, experiences what is happening to him as with himself. As Alfred Hitchcock said: “Suspense without emotion is unthinkable.”

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List of TOP 10 good Suspense movies 2018

  1. Game Night

It all begins with a completely normal hobby. Friends just wanted to play the game, but they did not even know what danger awaits them. As usual, friends gathered at someone’s home and acted as detectives, who should investigate serious crimes invented by them themselves. However, one day they witness a crime committed by a mysterious person. Taking as a basis their knowledge, they lead on the murderer. However, as they approach him, they turn from investigators into victims. Not wishing to be known, the murderer opens a real hunt for the company.

  1. Insidious: The Last Key

Elise always knew that she was different from other people. Even in her teens, she began to feel unique abilities. Years passed, but it became stronger, after which it became clear that she was a medium. The heroine does not have another way out of the situation, but to take her gift. Elise decided that her gift would help her to help people who had encountered the unknown. However, the girl understands that there is one mystery – there is a supernatural power that controls all the evil on the planet.

  1. The Nun

The evil Nun is in the TOP ten good Suspense movies 2018 in theaters.

In a small Romanian monastery nuns live. A peaceful existence is disturbed by a terrible event – one of the novices committed suicide. Such an incident caused various emotions among the inhabitants of the monastery: from anger to panic fear. When the incident was learned in the Vatican, a priest was sent to Romania. He must investigate the circumstances of this suicide.

  1. Professor and the Madman

James Murray decided to take up the compilation of the dictionary, the most complete, with a list of all the English words that exist, a detailed interpretation. His work is now known as the Oxford Dictionary. These events took place at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. William Minor (lunatic), the person who understood the importance of the work, helped to cope with the task. Together, scientists need to figure out everything.

Sean Penn & Mel Gibson on cast for the Professor and the Madman

  1. The Commuter

The main hero is a person who works as an insurance agent. Every day he cares about the safety of someone’s lives and property, until one day when he has to think about his own one. He constantly has to get to work and go home by train. One day, “stranger on the train” involves him into the conspiracy.

  1. The Cloverfield Paradox

The middle of the TOP 10 good english Suspense movies 2018.

The film is an exciting fantasy story for space lovers. The plot of the film unfolds in the future, where humanity is on the verge of disaster because of the rapidly declining energy reserve, which is enough for just a few years. Realizing the imminent threat, scientists around the world are undertaking the development of a project to provide the inhabitants of the Earth with the necessary amount of energy. The idea is to improve the accelerator of charged particles. A spaceship called Cloverfield sent in a space station in order to make this happen. In addition, there are opponents of this experiment who believe that such a powerful energy release can open some portals between worlds, from which unexpected visitors may appear.

  1. Suspiria

Witches’ coven is in the TOP 10 really good Suspense movies.

Rethinking of the classical Italian horror of 1977. At the Berlin boarding school, where professional dancers are preparing, a new student arrives. After a series of sinister events, she finds out that this place was chosen for the witches’ coven.

Suspiria cast

  1. Holmes and Watson

A popular detective in the world will continue to masterfully reveal the most interesting crimes of the century. Sherlock Holmes will be able to take part in the most dangerous large-scale crimes in order to find the necessary evidence. Together with his irreplaceable faithful friend Dr. Watson, he continues to restore justice in the city and beyond. The incidents that investigate these two ingenious people are rather unusual and even mysterious. Only such individuals can eventually find a way out of the most difficult situation. The detectives will not make mistakes because they never do it.

  1. Annihilation

The X-Site is an extremely mysterious and terrible terrain, about which there are many frightening rumors. The government, interested in disrupting the covers, instructed the secret organization to find out what was happening. Several research expeditions were sent there, but almost none of the scientists returned. In addition, those who came home changed radically. The twelfth expedition could be a breakthrough. It is possible that the new attempt will bring dizzying success and reveal the secret. The cursed place hides its secrets, but four women are going to find the source of strange incidents. Each of them has a dark past behind and a difficult life, but it is necessary to renounce the past. The psychologist, anthropologist, biologist, and topographer will work together, becoming a single team, and meet with the unknown, try to understand it…

  1. The House with a Clock in its Walls

Gothic fairy tale will tell about the orphan boy Lewis who moves to the house of his uncle, where previously lived the wicked and powerful sorcerer Isaac. He invented and hid in the mansion the magic clock, counting the time until the end of the world. Young Lewis is to get to know the world of magic and save the world of people.

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