List of TOP 10 recently released Music movies of 2017

Music movies are always interesting and funny to watch – people enjoy spending time seeing these franchises and being inspired by the rhythm of the music. On the other hand, these sometimes can be really difficult to create as it requires making a lucky combination of both styles of the music, as well as a scenario, plot and professional cast. We have managed to create TOP 10 Music latest movies 2017 according to the feedbacks of viewers as it also contains the films that were created a few years ago but are still the first ones when it comes to the franchises of such style.

Unexpectedly, our list can show off some Hollywood actors and actresses who have never taken the participation in such movie projects. This time, you will be able to hear the beautiful voice of Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp and so on. So our list of TOP 10 Music movies recent contains next world-famous franchises.

Sing Street

La La Land

Surprisingly, this project received a bunch of positive feedbacks and comments from the critics. The plot follows Mia Dolan being an ambitious actress who seems to have unpleasant road rage with the jazz pianist Sebastian whilst being stuck in traffic. Afterward, she goes to have auditions but it doesn’t bring any good results and expectations for her. Suddenly she meets Sebastian and the two share their not very lucky experience. Moreover, they find out that they can create something very unusual uniting Mia’s talent and Sebastian’s music.

Beauty and the Beast

This brand new franchise, when it comes to new Music movies released in 2017, was based on the old animated film created by Disney. This is not just a story about music being a part of our lives but also how can one thing change the life of the one who used to be mean to other people. According to the storyline, the Prince being the Beast because of the spell of Enchantress has to learn how to love and earn that love back. One day, he meets Belle which makes him break the spell after a long time being a terrifying monster according to the legends of locals.

Sing Street

This 2016 film follows the story of a teenager living in Dublin in the middle 1980s. According to the plot, this is the classic story about a young boy having a crush a beautiful girl. To be able to impress her he makes a decision to start his own band in Ireland. He is also having some serious family problems as his father tries to solve the issues with his architecture practice.

Into the Woods

This American film was released in 2014 and united lots of popular American, as well as British actors and actresses – among them,  are Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt and others. The story begins with a Baker and his beloved wife willing to have a child but have no opportunity to do that due to the father of Baker – many years ago he was caught whilst robbing the garden of a Witch which made her angry so that she put a spell on his family and descendants. As a part of our list of TOP 10 recently released Music movies 2017, there are also a couple of interesting facts – Disney made it a movie even more family-friendly. There was less violent content and the deaths of some characters weren’t explicitly shown.

The Greatest Showman

This time Hugh Jackman is taking the participation in music project whilst representing the story that was based on true events and biography of well-known American showman Barnum. In fact, he shows the life of the founder of Circus who made a huge success due to his traveling circus that is also known as The Greatest Show on Earth. The film is planned to be released at the end of December 2017 – seven years after the production had successfully started.

The Greatest Showman

Pitch Perfect 3

Upcoming comedy movie with music elements. This project being on the list of latest Music movies in English 2017 is actually a sequel to the one that was released in 2015. When it comes to theater premiere, it is scheduled for December 2017. Even if we are still not aware of the plot, we can surely say the production started right after the second film had been successfully released – as a result, we caught some announcements about Rebel Wilson being back in the franchise.


The 3D animated film represents the breath-taking adventures of Miguel having a big desire to become a musician just like his favorite idol is. Everything changes when he makes a decision to prove that he has a talent and destroy the ban his family got on music. He goes to the Land of the Dead, makes friends and together they are heading to the unusual story to build their new future.

One Chance

Even if this film was created in 2013, James Corden has managed to represent the beautiful story of the winner of popular show Britain’s Got Talent – Paul Potts. In fact, this biographical film about the life, success, and experience of an opera singer was presented at the International Film Festival in Toronto. Afterward, it was released in the theaters. Even if this is not being a part of newly released Music movies 2017 this project still gets positive reviews.


This project is the remake of the one that was released in 1976 with the same title. The story follows the times when Motown gained huge popularity in the USA and also concentrates on the lives and accomplishments of three sisters who decided to form their own band in the late 1960s. All of them were born in Harlem but made their successful career in Michigan. The movie was scheduled to be released in August 2012.


As a part of our TOP 10 modern Music movies of 2017, we managed to find one of the best films that was successfully released in 2009. The whole romantic story follows Will and Charlotte being two big fans of modern music. They decide to set up the rock group and take the participation in the competition with other bands – the winner of it will get the chance to have a recording contract. This is also the story about some talent teenagers being bullied at school so that they have to change schools but meet new people who will hopefully understand and also support them.

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