List of TOP 12 good Anime films 2019

Anime as an original form of animated art originated based on European animation technology and the Japanese spirit, which materialized in the works of manga and early novels in the 20th century. The genre does not stop in its development – its evolution is accompanied by the improvement of details while maintaining the relevance of the problems.

We are here to show you the TOP 12 best english Anime movies 2019 to watch.

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List of TOP 20 good Anime films 2019

12. Dragon Quest: Your Story

The plot of the fantasy anime film “Dragon Quest: Your Story” is based on the legendary game “Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.” The main character, a teenager boy Seiyuu, goes on an unforgettable journey, where amazing adventures and dizzying stories await him. There are also dangers and difficulties on such a long journey. His mission in this world is to defeat the most powerful demon king. With the help of friends and a faithful beast, the ambitious guy Seiyuu intends to defeat all the monsters and the main enemy. He has the incredible power of a legendary sword.

11. KonoSuba – God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! The Movie: Legend of Crimson

A monster king is on the list of good english Anime movies.

The main character Kazuma Sato is immersed in the virtual world of computer games. His boring life changes after one day he enters another world having experienced death. It happened suddenly when the guy rushed to save the girl from the car driving on her, and he was hit by a vehicle. In the other world, the guy meets an interesting person named Aqua. A new girlfriend tells a guy about a very scary legend. The story goes that there is a monster king on Earth. The stranger is preparing a hero to fight this dangerous monster.

10. DanMachi: The Movie

The life of Gods on Earth is on the list of best english Anime movies to watch.

The gods became bored, and they descended into the world, keeping for themselves the minimum of attributes of divinity — immortality, foresight, and a bit of strength to support their followers. The city of Orario, where stands a huge dungeon, is for adventurers of various races who gather in clans headed by numerous gods. A separate force in the city is the Guild – it is a bank, an exchange bureau, and a stock exchange. The gods also killed their boredom forever: after all, besides leading the clan, they can develop business, construct intrigues, and select other people’s human toys. In general, lead a life.

9. One Piece 14: Stampede

The plot of the long-awaited animated film tells about pirates that rob people and go unpunished for their evil deeds. The most cunning offender is Captain Monkey, who, along with a team of pirates for many years, is in search of the legendary treasures of the Gold Roger, whose location is not known to anyone. However, as the legend goes, they exist. All the pirates want to find wealth. In addition, the sirens at sea make it difficult to find it. However, the corsairs will stop at nothing and clearly follow the plan.

8. City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eye

City Hunter is on the list of best modern Anime films.

Young man Ryo Saeba gained unprecedented popularity among the people as a “City Hunter.” He is ready to come to the aid of ordinary residents who find themselves struck by the terrible misfortune. Ever since childhood, this young man made up his mind to clean up his hometown from “evil,” by which he meant criminals, including fraudsters who do not allow ordinary people to live peacefully. A top-heaviness of criminal persons in society does not allow it to maintain the habit of a peaceful lifestyle and at the same time a complex process that gives stability. The hero saw many unpleasant situations when the police officers were too humane towards criminals, freeing the murderers and rapists. Among the policemen, including the High Command, more and more often corrupt individuals appeared. These officers of the law requested and accepted money from mafia structures shutting their eyes to the flows of heroin, weapons, and other prohibited schemes that served the criminal world as a means of enormous profit.

A young boy from Tokyo, along with faithful companion Kaori, take up active cleansing of the city from the villains. Individuals, especially women, often turn to these heroes to resolve difficult situations. However, against the background of permanent employment by investigations, Saeba has time to relax. Once they received a very strange case. They have to start looking for the disappeared daughter of a wealthy industrialist.

7. Grisaia: Phantom Trigger

Mihama Academy is on the list of TOP 12 best Anime movies of 2019 to watch.

The movie focuses on the students of Mihama Academy, which was recently acquired by the authorities and converted into the Specialists Training Academy. Now future agents are trained in this academy. Haruto Aoi works here as an instructor. Although he is a child, he teaches other children special techniques and tactics of military operations. However, despite his young age, Haruto has a lot of experience working in such organizations. Among the successful students, Haruto chooses only the most talented ones: the top gun of the academy – Rena Fukami; an experienced demolition man and a computer specialist – Chris; Russian ninja – Murasaki Ikoma; and a gifted sniper – Touka Shishigaya. The guy promises to turn them into the best agents by the end of the training. However, this will not be so easy because all the chosen students are girls.

6. The Relative Worlds 2019

Parallel world is on the list of best modern Anime movies.

An exciting anime brings us face-to-face with a third-grade student in one of the schools in Japan. In early childhood, the main character Shite experienced a terrible tragedy – the death of his mother. Since then, the guy shut himself down and almost does not communicate with people. He attends school because it is necessary. His only girlfriend is Kotori. They study in the same class. Kotori is trying to dispel the sadness of her best friend. She tries to spend more time with him and distract from sad thoughts. However, all the efforts of the girl are ineffectual – Shite avoids a society of people. Kotori used to take care of her friend. He is like her brother, and she will never leave him in a difficult moment.

One day, the guys were walking through the city when they suddenly saw something incredible. They saw themselves in a parallel world. It turns out that somewhere in another dimension their doppelgangers live. However, why did they appear in the lives of the main characters right now?

5. Children of the Sea

Cyber-cat is on the list of really good Anime films.

High school student Azumi Ruka from the handball section is already in trouble at the beginning of the summer holidays, having lost the opportunity to visit the club because of her rude behavior. Having run away from home, she goes to Tokyo where she meets a strange boy on the coast who loves the sea very much. His name is Umi. The next day, when Ruka comes to work to her father Masaaki at the Aquarium, she again sees Umi swimming in a large aquarium with the fish and learns that he and his brother grew up in the sea among a pack of dugongs. Later, looking for missing Umi, Ruka meets his elder twin brother Sora. At the same time, a meteorite falls into the sea, and mysterious phenomena occur all over the world: fish disappear from aquariums, and sea creatures appear in an atypical for their habitat locations. Ruka links these events with the brothers and decides to investigate this case.

4. Weathering With You

Morishima Hodaka escapes from his home on an isolated island to continue to live in Tokyo. However, life in a big city turns into real survival: the guy is having difficulty finding a job and making money. For a while, Hodaka lives alone until he finds a reporter’s job in an occult journal, and outside the window, it rains all day long. In one of the back streets of the noisy and crowded city, Hodaka meets Amano Hina, who lives with her younger brother because of the family circumstances. Hina has an unusual power: she can stop the rain and clear the sky from the clouds by praying.

3. Doraemon Movie 39: Nobita no Getsumen Tansaki

The third place of the TOP twelve good Anime movies in theaters.

A colorful anime is about a teenage boy who is faced with difficulties every day and is being followed by all sorts of failures. The situation in school is also bad because the student gets bruises and abrasions from school hooligans, which like to offend younger ones. However, his life changes after meeting a cyber-cat who came from a distant future. The meeting with the cat changed his life for the better because he became for him the best friend who could help him out in any difficult moment.

2. Kimetsu no Yaiba

Legends of the Taisho period always frightened civilians, and they all were afraid of various ghosts and demons. One of the legends says that in the local forest there are mystical creatures who possess incredible strength and thirst for blood. Demons are attacking people who wandered into a dense forest and they never returned from creepy places. In recent years, the disappearance of people has ceased, and residents of the villages have begun to forget about the danger of local forests. Parents told the children stories about demons to scare them but the time has come – the creatures again began to hunt people. Local residents have dropped their guard, and their homes have become a slice of cherry pie for mystical creatures…

The family of Tanjirou suffers grief because the boy’s father was missing. The guy had to not only take care of his family but also replace the missing father in a coal mine. Now the young man from time to time goes to a nearby city to trade in coal and earn money. The next trade ended successfully, and Tanjirou went home to please his relatives. However, a terrible situation awaited him at home. The whole family was killed. The boy almost lost consciousness but he heard the groans of his younger sister, Nezuko. Mystical creatures destroyed all family members and the little sister was turned into a demon.

1. Tagatame no Alchemist

The first place of the TOP 12 best new Anime movies 2019.

The game takes place on the Babylonian continent, where the Tower of Babel rises above seven nations. After the invention of alchemy, people began to use it as a weapon of war; these actions almost led humanity to extinction. Seven countries have concluded a peace treaty and banned the use of alchemy. However, hundreds of years after that, one of the countries gathered an army and was going to conquer the continent with the help of alchemy. Six other nations united and defeated the enemy throwing alchemy into oblivion. However, after 20 years, alchemy again begins to cause chaos on earth.

TOP ends now.

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