List of TOP 13 good Gangster films 2019

Pictures about the gangster world are becoming more and more popular every year. After all, the modern viewer is simply tired of routine life stories. Now he is interested in watching the action of famous criminals and gangsters who create their own rules and refuse to obey the laws.

We are glad to present you TOP 13 best english Gangster movies 2019 to watch.

If you ready, let’s begin!

List of TOP 13 good Gangster films 2019

13. 21 Bridges

While working in the police department, Detective Hank managed to put behind bars many of the villains who broke the law. Having a great relationship with colleagues, the policeman could not even suspect that he would soon become the enemy of the state. By raising children with his beloved wife, the man tried not to endanger them, persuading the high command to classify his marriage. Working on the case of the murder of the heir of an influential family, the police officer, is involved in the game of high-ranking officials.

To hide the truth, the officials find a way to get rid of a cop. Hank becomes a hostage to situation. After all, former colleagues see him as a terrorist. Once on Manhattan Island, a detective tries to find information that could justify him in the eyes of the public. Following the conspirators, the investigator is forced to join the fight with former colleagues who want to stop him at any cost. Understanding that the future of his entire family depends on the actions he committed, the man is ready to take an unreasonable risk hoping to put an end to false accusations.

12. The Ruthless

Santo Russo’s crime path is on the list of good english Gangster movies.

Santo Russo grew up in the criminal district of Milan and from the early childhood knew the underworld. As a result, he became part of a mafia group called Ndrangheta, which in the eighties of the last century was the most powerful in all of Italy. So started his criminal path. Years later, Santo became the most brutal and dangerous criminal who had a great influence on the crime world. Almost everyone was afraid of him and he did not know such feelings as sorry, mercy, compassion. Santo always got what he wanted and nothing could stop him. How long will he follow the crime path and will he be able to change anything?

11. The Highwaymen

Bonnie and Clyde are on the list of best english Gang movies to watch.

The film takes place in 1934. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are a couple of dangerous criminals known to have committed many robberies and several murders. They received punishment for their deeds and went to places of detention. However, the criminals were not long behind bars because they managed to make a daring escape. In search of the fugitives, full forces were put. However, police officers did not manage to catch criminals. Then the governor decides to bring into play the best investigators. Frank Hamer and Manny Gault are Texas Rangers. They coped with the most difficult tasks and do not intend to lose this time too…

10. Above Suspicion

Emilia Clarke is on the list of best modern Gangster films.

The film tells the real story of a police agent who became a murder suspect. He just started his career and works at the FBI. The main character married a local beauty and everything goes smoothly. The young man has just received his first assignment. He needs to go on a business trip to the Appalachian Mountains to reveal a strange thing. He arrived in a small town and began his mission. Agent meets a young girl who helps him in his work. She understands that this is the only way to leave a strange and forgotten city. A woman becomes a new FBI agent. Now she needs to be a local informant. However, a strange affair between begins between the main characters. Their relationship leads to death.

9. Rattlesnake 2019

The movie brings us face-to-face with an attractive girl who lives with her young daughter in a village near the Mexican desert. The marginal land and lack of water turn the lives of people into a series of unbearable trials, where one has to make incredible efforts for survival. The younger generation strives to leave this place moving to the crowded metropolitan areas or getting across the border in order to find a good income on the American side.

On the edge of the village, there is a single woman who brings up a single teenage daughter. The head of the family went to look for a better life in a foreign land. Since then, the hero no longer knew about the location of her husband. The unfortunate woman has to work hard in order to pay off the ruthless criminals the debt. One day, a dangerous creature stung a little girl. The mother agrees to a deal with a mysterious woman who has promised to heal a baby. However, a strange woman soon asked the main hero to kill an unfamiliar man.

8. Joker

Joker’s story is on the list of TOP 13 best Gangster movies of 2019 to watch.

The film takes place in the early eighties in Gotham. Arthur Fleck is a comedian living with a seriously ill mother. The woman always taught him to live happily without paying attention to others. For this reason, he chose such a profession, thinking that he would give this world smiles and fun. Arthur has always tried to bring good things to the world and give joy to the people around him. However, he faced only human cruelty and indifference. That is what makes him reconsider his views on the world around him. From now on, he decided to give this cruel world not a good smile but a smug smirk of the villain whom everyone would know like the Joker…

7. Domino

The plot of the film tells about the Copenhagen police officer Christian who is looking for the killer of his partner – a man known as Imran. The police officer teams up with his colleague and Domino’s lover Domino to track down Imran. Together, they gradually realize that they are pawns in a double CIA agent game. The investigation leads them from Scandinavia to Spain.

The director of the project after seven years of nothing will be Brian De Palma (“Scarface,” “Carlito’s Way”). Previously, Hans Petter Moland was going to shoot the picture. De Palma’s latest film, the thriller Passion, was released in 2012, receiving mixed reviews from critics and failing at the box office.

6. Ppaengban in 2019

A broken law enforcement officer is on the list of really good Gang films.

The main hero of the movies is a law enforcement officer who failed an investigation related to a very important case involving a large company. As punishment, she was demoted and transferred to a road patrol service. The girl fears that she will lose her fighting edge. She finds herself in a very close basement room, where she is introduced to her new boss, who is heavily pregnant. She will work with an experienced employee. Together they go to the accident scene. Upon arrival at their destination, they find several wrecked cars, one of which is so crashed that it was unlikely that anyone could survive. The main hero immediately shows her professionalism and offers to view the video from surveillance cameras. However, the new partner has his own methods of work…

5. The Corrupted

Criminal syndicate is on the list of best modern Gangster movies.

Former prisoner Liam was at the center of a conspiracy involving the land grabbing on the eve of the 2012 London Olympics. The head of the criminal syndicate Clifford Cullen, who has connections in the police, is the reason for this. After the release from prison, Liam is trying to break out of the Cullen’s influence and regain the confidence of his family.

4. The Woman in the Window

Agoraphobia is a terrible disorder. A person is afraid to visit crowded places and is forced to stay home. The young lady has a highly paid distant work, due to which she can afford to live in a luxurious mansion in a prestigious urban area.

The hero does not become close to her neighbors, and they don’t rush to understand her. Once a couple is settled in the next house. They were recently married. For unknown reasons, the girl begins to watch the couple.

“The Woman in the Window” is a story about how a disease can make a person as vulnerable as possible. At one moment, the girl realizes that she sees not just love but an act of violence. A man mocks his wife and she is trying to fight back. When the police arrived, the husband denies everything because family happiness is more precious than safety.

The husband seems to have time to notice that there was a neighbor in the window of the house. Her life is in danger but no one is around to protect her.

3. Lying and Stealing

The third place of the TOP thirteen good Gang movies in theaters.

Charming and clever thief Ivan specializing in the artworks wants to quit the “profession.” He meets a young actor Elyse with a dubious past and a burden of debt. Joining with her, Ivan turns his last and most daring robbery, risking freedom, life, and love.

2. Stray

Nori is a teenager girl who became orphaned after the death of her mother. Law enforcement authorities believe that the woman was killed, so the investigation of this complicated case begins. The woman-detective investigates the case. The police officer is imbued with the grief of a little girl and tries to do everything possible to solve the case and find the criminal. It soon turns out that Nori has unique abilities but he does not yet know how to control them and what to do with them. Later it turns out that thanks to them she can save the entire city from an impending catastrophe…

1. The Irishman

The first place of the TOP 13 best new Gangster movies 2019.

At first glance, Frank Sheeran, nicknamed the Irishman, was the usual American man. An exemplary family man with his wife and four children, a former war veteran, and lover of alcohol drinks. However, under the outer mask was a man born in Ireland in a family with a stern father obsessed with boxing. The man who spent at war so many days cannot sleep well and live an ordinary life. His craving for alcohol was a direct consequence of post-traumatic stress disorder.

It is this person in his old age will make a confession that he has killed over 30 important representatives of the mafia.

In 2008, it was announced that the movie will be shot and in 2009, the development of the project began. However, due to the lack of funding, the shooting “delayed” until 2018. 

The film’s budget amounted to 125 million dollars. Of these, a significant part is spent on fees for star actors performing the main roles.

By the way, TOP 13 new good Gang movies 2019 release dates available on the Web.

Thank you for watching TOP 13 good Gang films 2019!

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