List of TOP 13 good Conspiracy films 2019

While philosophers and scientists are struggling to understand the diversity and secrets of the universe, there are people who have a simplified picture of the world. They believe that the secret government hiding contacts with aliens, the planes spray poisons, physicians inject terrible vaccinations against non-existent HIV, and, of course, there are conspiracies all around.

We are here to present TOP 13 best english Conspiracy movies 2019 to watch for such people.

Here we go!

List of TOP 13 good Conspiracy films 2019

13. The Professor and the Madman

The true story events that are shown in the drama movie take place in the second half of the nineteenth century. For more than twenty years, British philologists have been fighting over the publication of the first English dictionary, but they cannot do it. A professor at Oxford University is involved in this job. He agrees but wants to collaborate with his colleague from Scotland.

However, this is completely impossible. The fact is that Dr. William Minor, in 1872, killed a man on a street in the capital, which tarnished his reputation. Currently, he is under strict supervision in a psychiatric hospital. However, James Murray insists that this brilliant madman be released and given the opportunity to take part in the creation of the greatest book of London. This is a big risk but a great goal is worth it…

12. Glass

A man with dissociative identity disorder is on the list of good english Conspiracy movies.

The American science fiction thriller “Glass” is the final part of the trilogy of psychological drama. The plot keeps in suspense until the very end of the film. Kevin Wendell Crumb is a strange patient, whose personality is subject to dissociative identity disorder, but at the same time, he is very dangerous, and his actions are unpredictable. He is hunting for the handicapped girl who once insulted him.

However, a middle-aged man stood ground to protect the unfortunate teenager, imagining himself a superhero. Kevin was defeated in a fight against David Dunn, but the desire to take revenge on the girl makes him turn to Elijah Price. This man has very fragile bones but owns unique secrets of martial arts. It’s hard to resist these two people alone. A psychoanalyst doctor monitors the unequal confrontation of unusual individuals.

11. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

Keanu Charles Reeves is on the list of really good Conspiracy films.

American action thriller “John Wick 3” continues the story of the hectic activities of a professional contract killer. He killed many people but the last mission failed. It so happened that a big player, the leader of an influential mafia clan, was killed in the luxurious apartments of the Continental Hotel. The killer knew the unwritten rule of the underworld about the strict ban on murder in the walls of this hotel but defiantly violated it.

Now Jonathan is waiting for a terrible punishment: he has to be killed. The killer has many enemies, but there are almost no friends left: no one wants to bring trouble on himself. What to do? Run, defend, shoot, and fight. Will the desperate brave man be saved from the angry pursuers?

10. Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Pikachu is on the list of best english Conspiracy movies to watch.

After the disappearance of brilliant detective Harry Goodman, his son Tim and his former companion, Pokemon the detective Pikachu, decided to find his father in a big city where people live side by side with magical creatures. However, their investigation led to the fact that they learned about a dark secret that threatens the whole Pokemon Universe. It is a film adaptation of super popular anime.

9. The Curse of La Llorona

The action of the American detective horror film “The Curse of La Llorona” takes place at the end of the last century in Los Angeles. Anna Garcia – a young widow with little kids. She does an excellent job with her children and still has time to help in the line of duty to the same lonely mothers. The woman is a social worker, often visits dysfunctional families, and has repeatedly witnessed cruel scenes.

Once the woman heard the ancient legend of the ghost of a mother who killed her own children, and then committed suicide. Since then, an evil ghost has been hunting for other children and sowing fears in single-parent families deprived of men. Of course, all these stories are hard to believe. However, Anna faced a number of unusual crimes and realized that someone was behind these cases. Who to ask for advice – the police or priests?

8. Happy Death Day 2U

Time Loop is on the list of best modern Conspiracy films.

The unusual horrible story of a student recurs a year later. The hero of the American horror film “Happy New Day of Death” has already found herself in the so-called time loop. She had to die every night in order to rise again the next morning.

This time the events become more unpredictable, and her killer is crueler. He hides behind the harmless mask of a smiling baby. Who is he? How to find out his true intent? Together with his friend, Tree ponders her every step trying to change her actions and even thoughts, but this does not work. If they find out who is hiding behind a mask, where does it end? However, the maniac consistently pursues not only the terrified poor girl but also her friends.

7. Escape Room

A deadly game is on the list of TOP 13 best Conspiracy movies of 2019 to watch.

The heroes of the action movie are a group of young people. Once each of them receives a strange package in the mail with an offer to take part in a certain mysterious game. Six guys and girls are intrigued by an unusual invitation and treat it differently: as a joke, a challenge, or just fun entertainment. In addition, a prize of 1 million dollars attracts them.

However, none of the team wonders why the choice fell on him. All the guys gather in a certain room – the starting point of the mysterious quest. Then the action begins! Viewers of the film will not be disappointed in the lack of special effects and an abundance of horror scenes on the verge of mortal danger. Who will come to the finish line first? The main task is to stay alive, and for this, main heroes need to see in each other not an opponent, but a friend…

6. Serenity

The captain of the fishing boat “Serenity” Baker Dill leads a quiet life, doing charter tours in the waters of Plymouth Island. When among wealthy tourists there are no people willing to go fishing, the hero of the film chases after his dream: for many years, he wants to catch Big Fish. No one disturbed his existence on the island where the sun is constantly shining and only occasionally, there is a storm. However, a woman named Karen appeared here. She is the Dill’s ex-wife who left him for a millionaire a few years ago.

The new husband, Frank, turned out to be a terrible person. He is cruel to both a woman and her teenage son. Patrick is Dill’s son. The young man is extremely gifted – he is good with computers. The young man almost never leaves his room. Frank hates Patrick. Karen feels that a man is capable of harming a guy. Then she asks Baker to take Frank as far as possible to the ocean and drown him… The hero is ready to pay ten million dollars for her freedom. Since from this moment, the reality around him began to change. Will Dill accept the offer?

5. The Highwaymen

Frank Hamer and Maney Gault are on the list of best modern Conspiracy movies.

The action of the American action-thriller takes place during the Great Depression when thousands of armed criminals walked across the country. They mercilessly killed civilians and robbed banks and shops. The police simply did not have enough staff and skill to neutralize the numerous groups of gangsters. In Texas, violent criminals are completely brazen, so it was scary to go outside.

The state governor tasked law enforcement agencies to eliminate the gang. Even former rangers, Frank Hamer and Maney Gault, were attracted to this hunt. Well, the partners are ready to take the case. Will a desperate couple be able to resist a whole pack of thugs?

4. Midsommar

An orphaned girl with her boyfriend comes to a secluded Swedish village, where they honor ancient traditions. Locals are preparing for the summer solstice. Grieving over the loss of her parents, the young hero faces the horrors of a pagan cult.

3. The Rhythm Section

It is the third place of the TOP thirteen good Conspiracy movies in theaters.

The movie tells about Stephanie Patrick who is trying to uncover the truth about the crash in which her family died.

Her family dreamed about this journey long ago, they planned it and anticipating joy. On the eve of the departure, the woman found out at the very last moment that she needed to stay. When parting with her family, she felt sadness, anxiety, and dissatisfaction with herself.

In the morning, she learned that the plane with her family crashed. There are no survivors. This terrible news stunned the poor girl.

2. The Aftermath

The action of the historical drama film takes place in the difficult post-war period. Fallen Germany is in ruins, its western part is controlled by American and British troops. They are trying to restore order in the country. Colonel Lewis is appointed as the temporary governor of Hamburg. A young and attractive wife comes with him.

The family is settled in a luxurious old mansion belonging to the local architect. The man lives with his little sick daughter. The families of once enemies will have to live under the same roof. However, the owner of the mansion Stephen Lubert behaves very quietly and politely. Soon the relationship of a beautiful woman and the owner of the estate will acquire a completely different character…

1. The Ruthless

It is the first place of the TOP 13 best new Conspiracy movies 2019.

Santo Russo grew up in the provincial outback, which is inhabited by ordinary citizens. These people do not have a cultural behavior. The constant lack of money made people experience the burden of their existence in the most difficult conditions of general poverty. Since childhood, the boy in the movie The “Ruthless” was how his family and friends fought for survival every day. It was not possible to get a decent job, so they earned money in any way they could.

At one point, Santo decided to escape from his home. After having reached a certain age, a young guy joins a large criminal group that hustles in the streets of Milan. Now he had money. He could buy expensive devices and ride cool cars. The former street kid paid a price for his wealth but he never regretted his choice. Risking his own life, Russo carried out the orders of the leader, but once he made a serious mistake.

The TOP ends now.

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Thank you for watching TOP 13 good Conspiracy films 2019

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