List of TOP 12 good Zombie films 2019

Fans of the zombie movies are looking forward to releasing new movies in 2019. Films about zombies gradually migrated from a common horror film theme to a separate independent genre, and today there are even comedy pictures on this movie genre. Most films about zombie post-apocalypse are shot in the USA. Hollywood became the progenitor of this genre – George Romero shot the first film back in 1968. However, some films are created in European studios.

We are here to present you TOP 12 best english Zombie movies 2019 to watch.

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List of TOP 12 good Zombie films 2019

12. Little Monsters

After breaking up with the bride, the unfortunate musician Dave moves in with his sister and her five-year-old daughter. Dave begins to win the heart of the beautiful teacher, Miss Caroline, but his romantic plans are hampered by the attack of a zombie. Now the young couple has another problem – to save the children and convince them that they are participating in the show, not in the middle of the apocalypse.

11. The Dead Don’t Die

The movie by J. Jarmusch is on the list of good english Zombie movies.

It is a comedy film by the master of the genre Jim Jarmusch, in which both critics and the audience have placed high expectations.

The shooting of the project has already begun and is taking place in New York. If everything goes according to plan, it will end only in fall 2019. The plot is kept under wraps. However, the fact that the big stars will participate in the movie makes it possible to hope that the story will be really exciting and funny.

The cast includes Tilda Swinton, Selena Gomez, Steve Buscemi, and Bill Murray. It became known that Bill Murray was the last of them who was offered the role of the main character, and there is information that he would not be a zombie that sounds good. Judging by the photos taken from the filming, he will play the role of a police officer.

10. Zombieland: Double Tap

Even after the apocalypse, when the virus is rapidly spreading across the United States of America that turns healthy people into stupid and voracious zombies, the relationship of both sexes and the desire for family comfort do not lose their relevance. The same heroes – a whiner and stupid boy Columbus, the professional fighter Tallahassee, and two charming girls Wichita and Little Rock – go around the towns in search of a safe shelter.

9. The Forest of Hands and Teeth Movie

The mad forest is on the list of best english Zombie movies to watch.

This story is about Mary. She lives in the near future in a world where most people are affected by the zombie virus. The girl leads a group of survivors and begins a search for a new place to live, a place where it will be safe and that will be a better place than she and her associates had to live in earlier.

They make their way through the Forest and learn its secrets, which the inhabitants of that village had been hiding for a long time. Will the heroes survive when they learn it?

The Forest of Hands and Teeth movie 2018

8. The Silence

Scientists are doing everything to science moved forward. They often find themselves in the most amazing places where an ordinary person would not even have thought to go. A group of cavers explored an ancient cave in Moldova and accidentally opened it, releasing some strange creatures. Most of all they resemble bats but their appearance is different from the animals living in the modern world. These creatures are also blind. They move quickly with the help of wings and breed rapidly. Literally, in a matter of days, they spread throughout the planet. However, the most important difference from bats is that these creatures are very bloodthirsty and attack people…

7. Blood Fest

Dax and his dream are on the list of best modern Zombie films.

The movie centers on a nice young guy. A terrible tragedy happened in his life, he loses the person closest to him. While still a young man, he saw with his own eyes how his mother was killed. The hero has always experienced attachment to horror films, so even such a tragedy could not scare him away.

One day he will learn about the “Blood Fest,” where you can see the most fascinating scenes from horror films. When Dax’s father learned about the place where his son is going to, he tried to keep him at home in every possible way. However, the main hero still finds a way to get there. Upon arrival at the destination, he experiences a sense of euphoria. However, this feeling did not last long because the main character and his friends learn that Blood Fest is a place, where all monster from popular movies come to life and start hunting participants.

6. Johnny Z

Zombie Hunter is on the list of TOP 12 best Zombie movies of 2019 to watch.

Action and horror movie directed by Jonathan Straiton tells about martial artist Johnny who fights against zombies. Zombie blood flows in his veins but he is a good character. With the help of his DNA, it is possible to destroy a terrible virus. Johnny was created in an experimental laboratory and now he wants to destroy its creators.

5. Pet Sematary 2019

An old Indian cemetery is on the list of really good Zombie films.

The couple moved to the province. The inhabitants of a small town lead a strange existence, obeying the ancient tradition of burying the bodies of the dead in a local cemetery intended for pets. Initially, the heroes fail to give sufficient weight to this tradition. After having a job as a doctor, Louis witnesses the death of a student in a car accident on a high-speed road located in urban areas. The doctor does not manage to save the victim but the ghost of the unfortunate guy warns the main hero about the harmful effect of crossing the forbidden zone of burial. The hero, who ignored the ominous warning, buries the cat that was hit by a car near an old Indian cemetery. At this point, a man who is not used to relying on superstition does not assume that he triggered a terrible curse. The resurrected pet returns to its owners bringing with it a series of horrible incidents that haunt the family. The curse, in turn, takes the lives of members of a doomed family that has violated the mystical tradition.

4. I Am Legend 2

Will Smith is in the TOP twelve good Zombie movies in theaters.

Fans of the first part, which was released back in 2007, eagerly await the film. The plot of the first film takes place in New York after a biological catastrophe because of which people became monsters obsessed with hunger and the desire to kill all living things. The main character – Dr. Robert Neville, who was played by Will Smith, immediately became popular with the public. However, most likely, he will not withdraw from the sequel. Smith stated this in an interview. There is a version that it will be a prequel about the events of the catastrophe itself, which turned people into terrible monsters, and about the history of Dr. Neville’s family.

3. World War Z 2

The third place of the list of best modern Zombie movies.

Gerry Lane is an exemplary family man, a good father, and a beloved husband. After serving for many years at the UN, he left the service and devoted his free time to his family. During the service, he many times faced with dangerous situations that have spread all across the world. He acquired many skills and knowledge. Therefore, he would be an invaluable employee in apocalyptic problems. Suddenly, a terrible virus struck Philadelphia, the city in which Lane lived. The virus penetrates people’s brains and turns them into zombie killers. They are eager to kill and infect.

Gerry’s family is in danger and he decides to evacuate them from the city. Having made his way through the infected city, he realizes that the virus has already penetrated different parts of the world. No one knows the reason for the virus. Lane managed to hide his family in a safe place but he cannot stay with them. It is almost impossible to kill these creatures because they are already dead. However, they have a huge advantage: if they bite a person, he can turn into one of them in a short time and join the ranks of their huge army.

Zombies have no boundaries. Now people are obliged to bring order to this chaos, otherwise, they will simply cease to exist on Earth. All possible plans are being developed to eliminate the disaster.

World War Z 2 movie

2. Night Of The Living Dead II

There are already many films about zombies and usually, the plot of these horror movies is similar to each other. The original idea of ​​cinematographers is connected with the research of scientists who invented a certain vaccine, which instead of a curative effect had a zombie effect on people.

Therefore, this time the hordes of bloodthirsty flesh-eaters were reborn into something more terrible and hungry. They want to eat, and that is their only goal. Since they all died long ago and rose from the graves, they don’t know the feelings of the living. The herd instinct moves them. Moreover, the victim also becomes a zombie if a zombie bit it. This seriously complicates the task to survive.

1. Army of the Dead

The first place of the TOP 12 best new Zombie movies 2019.

The film takes place in Las Vegas, where there was an invasion of the living dead. There are almost no survivors in the city, which pushes the main character to the idea of ​​pulling off a large-scale robbery there. He gathers a team of mercenaries and goes to one of the most dangerous places on Earth hoping to hit the jackpot.

“Army of the Dead” has been in development since 2007. Warner studio began work on the film, and originally the picture was supposed to be directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., with Snyder as a producer. For a long time, the project could not move the process of shooting forward. As a result, Netflix acquired the right to the filming, which is going to invest about $90 million in production. The movie is directed by Zack Snyder.

TOP ends now!

An interesting fact is that the image of a zombie is in many cultures. The legends of different nations keep a belief about living corpses. Initially, the zombie was represented as a dead man, raised from the grave by the evil will of the necro-sorcerer. Gradually, the image of a zombie migrated to art and underwent evolution: it is not just the living dead but living people infected with the virus and becoming monsters. After becoming a zombie, people receive power, speed, and hunger, forcing them to destroy everyone on their way. Sometimes the image of a zombie is treated as an image of a person who has lost control of himself and controlled by someone else’s will.

By the way, TOP 12 new good Zombiemovies 2019 release dates are available on the Web.

Thank you for being with us and watching TOP 12 good Zombie films 2019!

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