List of TOP 13 good Disney films

The brothers Walter and Roy Disney founded The Walt Disney Company in 1923. At first, it was just a small studio, which eventually grew into a huge animation empire, including 11 theme parks, 2 water parks, television and radio broadcasting networks, and Pixar Animation Studios.

Today we are going to show you the TOP 13 best english Disney movies 2019 to watch.

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List of TOP 13 good Disney films

  1. Toy Story 4

Few people know that each toy has its own history, which begins immediately after production at the factory and is called toy life. A cowboy named Woody is a very lucky toy. He was the main favorite of the boy named Andy Davis for many years. Since there is an incredible number of toys in the boy’s room, someone needs to restore order among them. The hero of the cartoon performs the sheriff’s duties and makes sure that the inhabitants of the fairy-tale world live in peace. Previously, the boy always played with the toy. However, when a new toy appeared in the room, Woody was thrown in a box. The brave astronaut, whose name is Buzz, replaced him. First, Woody decided to take revenge on a new toy. After some time passed, he realized his mistake, so he decided to make peace with the former enemy and become his best friend.

  1. Aladdin

Agrabah City and its secrets are on the list of good english Disney movies.

Aladdin is a very poor but at the same time very kind and helpful person. Probably he was rewarded with a meeting with charming Jasmine for a good personality. The young man was very surprised when it turned out that the girl was a princess. They cannot be together because Jasmin’s father, the ruler of Agrabah, will not agree to marry his beloved daughter off to a beggar. Meanwhile, the treacherous Vizier is developing a plan to overthrow the Sultan. However, to get the job done, the Vizier needs a lamp with a genie inside. This lamp is located in a cave. Only a man with a pure soul can enter it. Learning about the plans of the Vizier, Aladdin decides to take a proactive role. The hero will be able to undermine the villain’s plan only if he gets to the lamp first.

  1. The Lion King

Simba’s duty is on the list of really good Disney films.

Here is a charming story about the heir to the king of animals. The movie brings us face-to-face with the charming lion cub Simba. He is the son of the king and over time, he will have to take the place of his father. The baby needs to learn a lot to be a worthy successor to a wise ruler. However, no one thought that the time would come so soon. The ruler Mufasa who was betrayed by his own brother fell off a cliff and died. Simba was afraid of taking responsibility. He fled into the jungle. There he became acquainted with Pumbaa and Timon. He traveled across the vast expanses of the jungle, forgetting about his true purpose. However, fate has brought the lion back to its native lands. After returning home, Simba wants to avenge his father, revealing the truth about the self-proclaimed king. However, Scar is not in a hurry to give up so easily.

  1. Dumbo

A beautiful elephant is on the list of best english Disney movies to watch.

In the past, Holt Farrier did his shows in one of the circuses of Kentucky, after which he went to war, where he lost his hand. Despite this, he managed to raise two charming children – Joe and Milly. When Max Medici, who owns his own small circus, offers Holt a job, he immediately agrees. After moving with the children to the new place, the man becomes the guardian of an unusual elephant named Dumbo. The kid was recently born, so he needs special care, which Holt must provide. Milly and Joe make friends with a baby elephant. They were the first to know about the amazing ability of Dumbo. He can fly. Initially, children want to hide this fact from adults. However, Max Medici learns the truth and immediately comes up with a way to get rich. As a result, he makes a deal with businessman V. A. Vandevere, who is going to open a huge amusement park and is eager to buy something unusual to surprise visitors. And what could be more amazing than a flying elephant?

  1. Frozen II

The cartoon story tells about the lives of two sisters who are representatives of the royal family. Recently, the girls were finally able to live peacefully, as the curse put on their family was lifted. Now, the younger Anna does not need to worry day after day for her older sister who has an amazing gift. Elsa returned to the kingdom. After some time, the girls will learn strange information that encourages them to understand the causes of the death of their parents. Will the sisters be able to cope with the difficulties that will arise on their way?

  1. Artemis Fowl

A child prodigy is on the list of best modern Disney films.

A terrible threat hung over the wizarding world and its name is human greed. Having escaped from the human world, magical creatures disappeared under the ground. The movie centers on the 12-year-old boy named Artemis Fowl. Having learned the sad news about the disappearance of his father, the child prodigy inherited his multi-million dollar business. However, like other geniuses, the boy has a special ability. Artemis believed in magical creatures. Moreover, he seriously thought about the involvement of elves in the disappearance of his father. For this reason, the teenager decided to investigate the case and set off in search of a mysterious dungeon. Reaching Ho Chi Minh City, Artemis and a butler came across a pixie who revealed enemy plans. After the kidnapping of the fairy, the hero entered into negotiations on a ransom, threatening to show it to people. Now it was the only way to get to the truth.

  1. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Angelina Jolie in a fairy tale film from Walt Disney Studios.

The continuation of the story about the dark powerful fairy Maleficent. At one time, Maleficent was offended by her lover who cut off her wings for the sake of becoming a king. Then Maleficent not only defeated the whole people’s kingdom but also made them no longer approach the magical bog in which she was queen. In the new story, Maleficent will again have to face betrayal, as well as the new enemy.

  1. Star Wars. Episode IX

Rey and her mission are on the list of TOP 13 best Disney movies of 2019 to watch.

The heroes of the fantastic action movie complete the epic story that introduced the audience to a special world. The action will take place one year after the events of the eighth part. Rey did not finish her training, as Luke Skywalker was unable to prepare her. The girl needs time to gather strength and thoughts. There are practically no followers of the Resistance, it is necessary to assemble a new team and begin its training. Luke became a ghost but before that, he managed to take on Kylo Ren. Spectators are waiting for incredible adventures and great special effects.

Star Wars 9 poster

  1. Dark Phoenix

Jean Grey’s transformation is on the list of best modern Disney movies.

The peaceful life of the ordinary and beautiful girl, Jean Grey, seems to have come to an end. More and more often, she begins to notice the rush of growing power and other strange changes. In order to find answers to her questions and achieve the truth, the girl hurried to turn to Professor Xavier. The professor gives answers and tells the whole truth about supernatural abilities. This information shocked the girl. From now on, she joins the X-Men team. Now Jean is a fighter for justice.

However, the main hero loses control and can no longer control her own strength and energy, which leads to unpredictable consequences. She turns into a villain. Now she is “Dark Phoenix” and X-Men are her enemies. She can control the planet with the help of thoughts. However, her old friends are trying to cope with evil in order to prevent its insidious plans. Will the fighters be able to defeat the main character?

  1. Captain Marvel

Carol is a member of the warriors who represent the strong and powerful Kree race. She looks like a woman but very different from earthlings. Inhuman strength allows her to fight against the most insane intergalactic villains. Frankly, all this time, she was worried only about an unexplained moment: who was she before entering the planet Hala?

Local genetics cured her and combined her DNA with theirs, making the woman almost invincible. Since then, she has fought the Skrulls and other enemies of the new homeland to protect her saviors. She does not understand what happens next but she continues protecting new home until one day when she has to return to her homeland.

  1. Avengers: Endgame

The third place of the TOP thirteen good Disney movies in theaters.

A deadly threat is approaching that brings total destruction. Thanos finally managed to get as close as possible to the cherished goal. For this, he spent quite a bit of effort and resources. He managed to get a powerful artifact, which has incredible power. For a long time, the Avengers pursued the tyrant, trying to prevent him from the possession of an ancient object. However, the action of the Avengers did not bring a positive result. Titan turned out to be the very strong enemy. Now the villain can easily overcome any obstacle. The Avengers team is required to carefully consider effective tactics and enter the next battle against the sworn enemy. They are not going to surrender and will do everything possible to save the universe.

  1. Spider-Man: Far From Home

The protagonist of the American sci-fi action movie has long been loved by viewers for courage and dexterity, as well as for his superpowers. No one from his closest friends would have guessed that an ordinary boy could do such things. However, someone decided that Peter Parker is destined to protect the world from the villains.

This time the guy has a more difficult task. It became known that invasion of the Earth is preparing. The hostile forces intend to turn natural phenomena against humanity. If only earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and volcanic eruptions are activated simultaneously, then a global catastrophe will occur. Will the brave superhero cope with extraterrestrial monsters and prevent the apocalypse?

  1. The New Mutants

The leader of the TOP 13 best new Disney movies 2019.

“The new mutants” is this is a film telling about the students of a special school of Professor Xavier. The movie centers on a group of teenagers, consisting of five people. They look like the most ordinary young people but they are mutants with unusual abilities. They live in a laboratory. This is a secret place where they are closed from the outside world and other people. In such conditions, they can better understand their abilities and realize their destructive power. When someone has such opportunities, they must be used to protect the world. However, young heroes will also have to save themselves.

By the way, TOP 13 new good Disney movies 2019 release dates are already available on the Web.

Thank you for watching TOP 13 good Disney films 2019!

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