List of TOP 17 good Сartoon films

Now the charming world of cartoon movies is able to attract the attention of both the children and their parents.

We have prepared TOP 17 best english Сartoon movies 2019 to watch for you.

Let’s begin!

List of TOP 17 good Сartoon films


  1. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

The plot of the cartoon film by DreamWorks Animation is based on the same-name series of books by the famous British writer Cressida Cowell. The action takes place on the island, on which the Viking village is located. That’d be okay if the inhabitants of the island were not threatened by dragons who burn houses and steal livestock. The Vikings have a school in the village where young warriors can hone dragon-hunting skills. The main character of the cartoon Hiccup, the son of a local leader, has always dreamed of becoming the most famous dragon hunter but he is physically weak to become that one. However, one day he still manages to shoot down a dragon. Hiccup goes into the forest to find and finish the monster. However, having found it, the boy realizes that dragons are not as terrible as adults think about them. He begins to nurse the wounded creature back to health. In a short time, they become friends.

  1. Princess Emmy

Eight-year-old Emmy is a young girl with an unusual gift. She can talk to horses. She spends her days in the stable, talking to her horses, and it seems that reality is simply beautiful.

On the scheduled Day, the girl should become a full member of the Royal Society.

However, insidious cousin Gizana, the girl of the same age, appears in the castle and claims the same title. She tries to challenge her sister, threatening Emmy’s chances of becoming a princess and turns her existence in the palace into hell. There is a conflict between the sisters that led to danger – Gizana is in trouble.

  1. My Tirano

T-Rex is on the list of good english Сartoon movies.

The action takes place in an amazing world, where huge tyrannosaurs, flying dragons, and miniature golden butterflies, manage to get along with each other.

One day T-Rex met on his way a charming pink creature. Dragons quickly found a common language and began to conquer the world together. However, the carefree life of the creatures did not last long. They are faced with a red fire-breathing dragon, who is merciless toward all his relatives.

A little pink friend is not able to protect himself. After all, he faced an enemy of enormous size. However, the comrade will not abandon a pink dinosaur, even if he has to fight a monster. This is a story about strong friendship in a world where weak are forced to hide.

  1. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

In the magical LEGO world, the life of civilians has completely changed. The previously cheerful and friendly town turned into a ruined area. Inhabitants have become hateful and hostile to others, being in constant anticipation of the upcoming war against alien creatures, which making attacks. While warrior Lucy and her team are preparing for another battle against enemies from the other planet, Emmet Brickowki enjoys carelessness.

Unlike others, he is not discouraged and full of optimism. However, when the aliens again attack the Lego world, Emmet has to take control of the situation. His friends are captives of extraterrestrial beings. They kidnap a group of fighters and take them into outer space. Now he must go to the outer space in search of comrades. He must try to defeat dangerous opponents in order to free the prisoners and protect the home planet.

  1. Spycies

A first-class spy is on the list of best english Сartoon movies to watch.

A first-class but intractable cat-spy, Vladimir, is forced to team up with the useless newcomer Hector to investigate the theft of top-secret material. Trailing the robbers, the partners learn about the climate-related hazard, because of which all animals can disappear.

  1. The Lion King

Lion Mufasa is the king of the jungle and the father of Simba. This kind ruler is respected among animals. His brother Scar makes deceitful plans, which are linked to seizing power in the local Savannah. He wants to take the place of Mufasa to be the leader of the jungle. Animals do not agree with this. Despite their opposition, Scar still managed to take power in the savanna. Despite the fact that the lion cub did not want to leave, Scar chased Simba out of the pride.

  1. The Queen’s Corgi

Lost Corgi is on the list of best modern Сartoon films.

Royal Corgi is the favorite dog of a British family. During a walk, their pet Rex was lost on the streets of London. In addition, he got straight into a fighting club.

Rex unexpectedly finds himself in a place where the power rules and other dogs defend their right to life by any means other than civilized.

Moreover, the intelligent Rex is forced to play by the same rules and try to return home. In addition, on the way, he meets his true love.

  1. Spies in Disguise

Spy Lance has been working for the government for many years, watching for important people who may be involved in dirty work. The man himself is not so good because of what constantly gets into funny situations. Once he is assigned a new business. Lance will have to find materials that will help put a prosecutor behind bars who is running a braced game. To help Lance cope with the task, a young guy takes on the job, who is distinguished by an amazing intelligence and ingenuity.

  1. Call of the Wild

The life of Duck is on the list of TOP 17 best Сartoon movies of 2019 to watch.

Dog Buck lived happily enjoying everything. However, one day everything changed. After his master could not pay the debts, he gave Buck, which was of an amazing breed. Now Buck lives in Alaska. Here he has to work in the mine, helping people find gold. Although it is difficult to work in the mine, Buck does not intend to get upset. He will continue to strive for his dream, trying to cope with the difficulties that he had. Can he cope with them?

  1. City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes

The cartoon film tells us the story about the guy Ryo Saeba, who fights criminals every day and thus makes the world better. He is tired of the criminals in his town and is ready to clean it up. The guy is faced daily with scammers, robbers, drug dealers and brutal murderers who will not stop until they get their way. The town needs someone to stop them. Ryo Saeba decides to be an example to the younger generation and dreams that harmony reigns in his world.

  1. Troll Hunters

A long confrontation of forest creatures is on the list of really good Сartoon films.

A new world of adventures awaits us in the cartoon Troll Hunters 2. The second part of the cartoon tells about the conflict between gnomes and trolls. They will fight for the treasures hidden deep underground near the oak tree. Who will win this fight?

  1. Ali’s Dream Castle

This story is a full-length film adaptation of the first illustrated book about Ali fox. It is one of the most popular heroes of Chinese comics, which has a large number of fans among both children and adults. In childhood, Ali the little fox had a very hard time. He lost his parents early and lost all of the nine lives granted to him. However, dreams and belief lead him to the world of dreams, in which he finds a little girl. Together with Ali, she finds herself in a magical land and follows further her own fantasy. A good fairy tale with a successful conclusion will not leave anyone indifferent.

  1. Wonder Park

Little inventor June is on the list of best modern Сartoon movies.

Little inventor June discovers an amazing amusement park in the middle of the forest. She is fascinated by the miracle rides, talking animals… and the devastation reigning here. June finds out that the park is generated by her own fantasy, which means that she alone can put it in order.

  1. Banking on Mr. Toad

At an early age, Mr. Toad set the goal of gaining in life not only fame but also a huge financial condition. Of all Toad’s skills, his writing abilities were suitable for this purpose, but his talent in literature would not be enough to get the cherished wealth and fame. However, Mr. Toad never gave up, doing what he loved, both during his career and during his recession. Every year, Mr. Toad was getting closer to achieving his goal, and after a huge amount of time, the main character achieved what he was headed for all his life.

  1. The Angry Birds Movie 2

The third place of the TOP seventeen good Сartoon movies in theaters.

A bird named Red lives with his relatives on a sunny tropical island and is trying to improve his life. The hero could live a happy life but he has serious problems with his anger, which he often splashes out on those around him. Red annoys every little thing, he can be easily frustrated and angry, and often this all leads to unpredictable and rather amusing consequences. To cope with his problems, Red attends anger control courses.

The heroes had a relatively calm and normal life until strange green creatures called pigs landed on their island. From this point on, the life of the characters changed rapidly because they tried to find a common language with the guest, but they could not do it. Gradually, the relationship between birds that are not controlling their anger and pigs is getting worse, and this leads to a confrontation between the two parties.

  1. Manou the Swift

A small swift named Manou, who accidentally fell out of his nest, falls into a flock of snow-white noble seagulls, which took him and raised. From childhood, the young swift tried his best to be like his new family members. He learned to fish, swim, and fly like them. However, he does not know it yet, he belongs to another species. Swifts, as is known, do not catch prey in the water and cannot do what the seagulls do, because they dominate the sky, where they have no equal. In the flock of seagulls, the beginning of a grand bird competition is approaching, during which anyone can compete and show everything that he can.

Manou decides to participate in it and fails. He feels that his place is not here and it’s time to go looking for another one. Despite the fact that the hero did not grow up in his native flock, his adoptive parents taught him to be fearless and courageous as a real seagull. The hero leaves his home and goes to meet unforgettable adventures and even dangers.

  1. Scooby-Doo! and the Curse of the 13th Ghost

The leader of the TOP 17 best new Сartoon movies 2019.

Over the years, Scooby and his friends fought against ghosts, mummies, vampires, and other evil spirits. They have solved a huge number of riddles and it is already difficult to surprise them. It seemed that this team always bring the case to the end but they also have one incomplete investigation. Many years ago, they tried to catch the last of the thirteen ghosts, but they could not do it. It’s time to continue the hunt for a mysterious creature…

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We hope you liked it and thank you for watching TOP 17 good Сartoon films 2019!

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