List of TOP 16 good Children films

Сhildren’s films are popular today, so we have prepared TOP 16 best english Children movies 2019 to watch for you.

Let’s begin!

List of TOP 16 good Children films

  1. The Angry Birds Movie 2

The main characters of the animated film are the characters of the world famous game in which evil birds and green pigs compete with each other. The events take place on the island, which is inhabited by non-flying birds. The main character is Red who is an aggressive bird that constantly takes his anger out on the happy birds around him. Once he was kind but mockery changed him radically. Once Red becomes a witness of how green pigs have sailed to his island. The purpose of piglets – eggs of birds. Understanding the danger, Red enlisted the support of his friends Chuck and Bomb, went to the Mighty Eagle to learn how to solve the problem.

  1. Playmobil: The Movie

Playmobil heroes are on the list of good english Children movies.

The cartoon tells the story of the adventures of two teenagers – Marla and her brother Charlie. Marla is a smart, kind girl who is already accustomed to the fact that her younger brother is constantly passionate about playing his favorite toys – Playmobil heroes. He can talk all day long about their adventures. He loves these designers so much that he knows literally everything about them. Nothing foretold troubles, but suddenly the main hero lost her beloved brother. When she went in search of him, Marla stumbled upon a very interesting thing – a portal for traveling among the Universes. Taking advantage of this portal, Marla finds herself in a different world – the world of Playmobil designers. Surprisingly, it turns out that Charlie was right and all these heroes really exist, and their world looks exactly the way he described. It turns out that the evil villain of this world has captured the boy and now, in order to rescue him, his elder sister will have to use dexterity, knowledge, and courage.

  1. UglyDolls

The plot of the fascinating cartoon for the whole family introduces the viewer to the funny, charismatic characters from the original series of popular plush toys from the company “Uglydoll.” Cartoon characters live in a small town with excellent infrastructure and other benefits of civilization. However, all monsters, one way or another, dream of becoming beautiful, attractive-looking, trying their favorite methods and ways to improve their own appearance.

In the center of the plot turns out to be a small green doll named Moxy. Together with her many fellow monsters, the main character of the cartoon is ready to explore the world in which she lives.

  1. Banking on Mr. Toad

English writer Graham Kenneth is on the list of best english Сhild movies to watch.

This animated film will be interesting more likely for adults because it tells us a cautionary tale about a certain Mr. Toad. This man had a huge goal in his complicated life. He really wanted to achieve fame and become rich, which he succeeded. Although it took too long, this did not break him or stop him from achieving his goal. Toad was a talented writer but talent alone is not always enough for wealth. Therefore, the main character had to go a long way, full of victories and disappointments. He achieved fame and fortune as a mature man, proving to everyone that perseverance works wonders. The prototype of the protagonist, Mr. Toad, was a very real person – the famous English writer Graham Kenneth. He wandered around the world in search of the path to his own well-being and reached it. There were many failures on the way, which could easily take away his faith, but he did not stop.

  1. The Big Trip

Once, the Stork from the children’s delivery center confused the addresses and instead of the Pandas Family brought the Little Panda Bear to the bear. The bear decides to deliver the Baby Panda to his parents in South China. On a journey with him, the unlucky neighbor Oscar – the rabbit goes. On the way, they meet the boastful Pelican Duke, the cowardly Wolf Janus, and the romantic Tiger Amur.

The Big Trip animals

  1. Wonder Park

June’s Amusement Park is on the list of best modern Children films.

A little girl named June in one of the most ordinary days discovers an amazing country for children, or rather an entire Amusement Park, filled with magic and unusual inhabitants. Here is everything that a child at her age can desire. The hero found this magical park when she walked from school and chased after a piece of paper that led her to this delightful place. June carefully examined everything around and sat on an old attraction. This attraction brought her to the fairy-tale world, where every ride comes alive and talking animals appear. However, soon the girl learns that her favorite park is in danger. Now, in the company of new friends, she will have to save it…

  1. Smash and Grab

The fascinating movie brings the viewer to the post-apocalyptic future of our world, which has survived many epochal events that led to a global catastrophe. A man who was fascinated by the mad destruction of the surrounding nature too late noticed the problems threatening him, turning the blooming land into a lifeless land. Everywhere stood the ugly towers of empty metropolitan areas, surrounded by lifeless deserts. Between the cities, mechanical monsters, resembling old steam locomotives, were used. Instead of people, outdated robots managed crumbling mechanical monsters.

Two robots that survived many adventures in an old mechanism decide to leave the lifeless unit. After removing the necessary parts, they set off on an endless journey full of dangers to the nearest repair shop, hoping to find help from their fellows.

  1. Wish Dragon

The life of pink dragon is on the list of TOP 16 best Children movies of 2019 to watch.

The charming movie tells an incredible epic story, where residents of a small settlement adored all sorts of entertainment, arranging shows and carnivals on the streets. The townspeople liked to watch the figure of a huge fairy-tale dragon, which was carried by a dozen guys, making a great performance. Behind the action, a little boy watched from the sidewalk, dreaming of becoming an adult, to be sure to join the show, playing the role of the head of a good-natured monster. Only a teenager did not realize that there was a real dragon of pink color, which is invisible to the surrounding people. A fantastic animal adores reading books. Once, the boy and dragon met each other. From this point on, the action begins!

Boy and Dragon

  1. Call of the Wild

The film is a fascinating screen version of the adventure novel by American writer Jack London telling about a dog named Buck. By the turn of events, the dog along with the owners moved from sunny California to cold and snowy Alaska. From now on, the dog will have to live in this inhospitable land. However, our hero will do everything to survive in this place.

  1. Toy Story 4

Buzz and his friends are on the list of really good Сhild films.

A cheerful and bold astronaut Buzz together with a faithful companion, Woody, again expects a series of incredible, mind-blowing adventures, where friends will be confronted by cunning, sophisticated enemies, such artificial creations, people who absolutely do not understand them. Although past events were filled with many unforgettable stories where the main character had to fight against monstrous mutants, to save his girlfriend, to resist the attempts of the little owner to separate friendly companions. These were fun times. New adventures will be more interesting and fascinating!

  1. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

The animated adventure cartoon is the last part of the incredible adventures, where a teenager from the Viking tribe, a guy named Hiccup, manages to get to know and make friends with a real and merciless dragon. The tribe in which our little hero lived had to fight for their lands against not only ruthless neighbors but also scary and merciless wild dragons. These bloodthirsty creatures tried to avoid direct collision with people, and more hunted people’s pets, causing irreparable damage to the settlement. This confrontation lasted for a long time …

This story could last forever, but once Hiccup, who didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of his adult tribesmen, met a wounded and exhausted dragon who couldn’t fly on his own. From this point on, they had to go through many adventures, but they never wanted to part with each other.

  1. Spies in Disguise

A professional spy is on the list of best modern Children movies.

The cartoon takes us to the fascinating world of spies and secret agents. They guard the peace of ordinary citizens and every day they catch especially dangerous villains, eager to arrange total chaos on the planet. The main hero of the animation movie is Lance, a professional spy. A charming appearance and eloquence have always helped him find a common language with all sorts of personalities, including con men and lure their secrets. Lance is able to penetrate into any place, even the most secret place, in order to get valuable information.

  1. The Queen’s Corgi

As soon as Rex appeared in Buckingham Palace, all its inhabitants lost their peace. From the first seconds of meeting with his mistress, Queen Elizabeth II, this small and very cute dog deserved her sympathy and love. However, other palace residents – members of the royal family and servants- do not like the dog: it always managed to turn everything upside down, while always remaining unpunished. However, once the protagonist of the animated film, by the will of fate, is far from his home and his owner.

  1. The Lion King

The 3rd place of the TOP sixteen good Сhild movies in theaters.

All the inhabitants of the African savannah are awaiting the celebration of a great event: their wise ruler, Mufasa and his graceful wife Sarabi are finally have a baby. Happy parents name baby Simba. He is destined to become the next ruler of all animals. However, not everyone is going to like the news of the birth of the baby… The envious younger brother of Mufasa, the mean Scar, hoping to take the throne, was very unhappy with the appearance of his nephew.

  1. Spycies

Vladimir and Hector are two secret police special agents. They received a new task: the case of stealing a secret mineral. Unknown attackers stole the material and partners must find it at all costs. The problem is that each of them is accustomed to working alone. The partners are trying in every way to resist each other.

  1. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

The first place of the TOP 16 best new Children movies 2019.

More than five years have passed since our heroes, led by a simple builder, defeated their enemies and evil villain. All this time, the main characters lived calmly, enjoying life. Now on the horizon, there is another threat in the face of foreign aggressors Lego Duplo. Arriving from space, they destroy everything that they see and sow chaos. In an attempt to restore the balance of power, our heroes Lucy, Emmet and the Dark Knight, as well as their brave comrades, intend to go to the depths of the universe, to the unexplored galaxies and worlds. By the way, TOP 16 new good Сhild movies 2019 release dates are available on the Web.

Thank you for watching TOP 16 good Сhild films 2019!

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