List of TOP 13 good Vampires films

According to mythology, vampires are walking dead who climb out of their graves at night and, turning into bats, suck the blood out of people. At the same time, historically, it was believed that after death people who only had a bad conscience or those who had been bitten by a similar creature could become a vampire.

Today we are going to present you TOP 13 best english Vampires movies 2019 to watch.

Here we go!

List of TOP 13 good Vampires films

  1. Painkillers

After a terrible car accident that took the life of his son, the talented surgeon John Clark begins to suffer from physical pain, the source of which no doctor can determine. Man, tormented by guilt and pain, faces difficulties at work and at home until he accidentally discovers that only the use of fresh human blood is able to numb the pain. Soon John meets a mysterious man who claims to help him get back to normal. The hero will need to make a difficult choice…

  1. Cold Skin

Gruner and terrible creatures are on the list of good english Vampires movies.

After spending more than two years trying to make Ireland independent, Gruner eventually became disappointed in the society around him. The man realized that his ideals are only tools for insidious politicians who pursue their own goals. Gruner agreed to an unexpected job offer. The fact is that the hero of the film will go to a desert island located in the western part of the Arctic Ocean. The hero must change another meteorologist, who, in turn, will replace him after twelve months. Gruner is ready to spend such a long time away from civilization, believing that this will help him get his head straight. As soon as he arrives there, strange things begin to occur. However, the man decided to stay. Everything goes well during the day, but at night, terrible creatures emerge from the ocean. The only way to survive is to hide in the building of the meteorological station.

  1. Vampz!

There is a dangerous confrontation between two terrifying clans, eager to seize power. For centuries, bloodthirsty vampires have been dreaming of destroying all werewolves. However, transforming into an animal, they manage to escape in order to continue their line and war. In modern society, two families of predators radically changed their style and manner of behavior. All representatives of the monsters want meat and blood but they do not forget about putting on make-up, wearing beautiful clothes, and living in luxury villas. Every day their life is filled with black jokes from their friends but this does not prevent them from hunting for prey.

  1. Byutipul baempaieo

The 500-year-old female vampire is on the list of best english Vampires movies to watch.

The main hero is a female vampire who is over five hundred years old. The vampire has long learned to cope with her thirst for blood, settled in a quiet area of the Korean capital, and started a nice beauty salon. She lives alone knowing that her vampire essence will scare anyone away.

Once, she lived with a man who accepted her as she is. However, that great passion has long since sunk into oblivion with a deceased lover. Now the 500-year-old woman devoted herself to the art of beauty.

However, a new man appears in her life and everything changes quickly…

a shot from Byutipul baempaieo

  1. A People’s History of the Vampire Uprising

An epic force confrontation between two races is on the list of best modern Vampires movies.

The film “The History of the Vampire People’s Uprising” is a free adaptation of Raymond A. Villarreal’s novel with the same name. The story in the literary source goes from several points of view. It tells the epic story of how the vampire race appeared on Earth. After its appearance, the vampires attempted to integrate into the social and law systems of human society, which led to an epic force confrontation between two races of sentient beings.

Against this background, the movie shows the fate of a separate family, whose members have to live and survive in this distraught world, where the government tries to present the existence of vampires as normal.

  1. Among the Shadows

Lindsay Lohan is on the list of best modern Vampires films.

Private detective Kristy Wolfe is a charming but at the same time strict woman. She wants to achieve balance in the world with the help of the profession. Kristy lives in a terrible time when werewolves and vampires got freedom. Official law enforcement agencies cannot cope with the war that began between bloodsuckers and werewolves. The reason is that these monsters are much stronger than the average person is. During her work, the hero of the film “Among the Shadows” managed to uncover a huge number of crimes that were committed by either vampires or werewolves. Once on the hero’s uncle is attacked. However, the uncle had time to tell Kristy about the criminal. The man has already encountered this killer, so private detective will find the attacker. She was incredibly angry that someone dared to attack her uncle. The hero begins an investigation to neutralize dangerous creatures.

  1. Empire V

Rama Shtorkin is the 19-year-old protagonist of the movie. He got a job as a mover. For a young guy, full of strength and energy, such work should bring a lot of pleasure. In any case, it is an opportunity to earn a living.

Then the incredible thing happened: the main character suddenly becomes a vampire and gets the title of Rama II. Nowadays people have mixed feeling about vampires. In the past, people were superstitious, so they thought that most of the followers of dark power are terrible people and monsters. Now it is harder to understand as what is good and what is evil or bad either, so the main character is in a difficult situation.

He tries to get used to his new identity. Besides, he does not know how to tell others about it.

  1. Joseon myeongtamjeong: Heuphyeolgwimaeui bimil

The detective from Joseon is on the list of TOP 13 best Vampires movies of 2019 to watch

A girl who is the daughter of the hotel owner comes to the detective from Joseon. She said that there was a tragedy. During the renovation of the building, several people died. They were going to bury them but two bodies were found in the excavated hole. One of them belonged to a man who was badly burned and the second was simply impossible to identify. The girl decided to report about corpses to the authorities but when she returned to the scene, one of the corpses disappeared. After some time, a man burned alive in the public eye. There are rumors that the tragic incident that happened many years ago has a connection to all this. The girl asks the detective to investigate the case and understand what is happening…

  1. Pharisee

The mysterious Zoe is on the list of really good Vampires films.

The picture will tell the viewer a story about the life of the main character who really wanted to find a real family. In the past, Pharisee had many relatives and close people who made his life incredibly happy and funny. Thanks to their support, the hero was able to do many things. However, due to tragic circumstances, he was left completely alone in this ruthless world. However, when he met the beautiful Zoe, the Pharisee’s life changed rapidly. On her advice, he began to rebuild his family. However, people began to disappear in the city. And what shall be the end?

  1. The Beaumonts

Comedy horror film “The Beaumonts” will tell the viewer about the unusual life of a small family of vampires. The main characters for many years tried to do everything possible to protect themselves from the harmful influence of people, and not to die. When they moved to a small town, the couple hoped that here they should have no significant problems. The vampires strictly forbade children to hunt ordinary people. However, curious kids crossed the line. Local residents decided to collect all the men and arrange a hunt for vampires. What will happen now?

  1. Living Among Us

The third place of the TOP thirteen good Vampires movies in theaters.

The vampires, who had been hiding in the shadow for many years, decided to assert themselves, showing the whole world that they actually live in a civilized society and do not pose a danger. For this reason, a small group of reporters had the opportunity to live among the bloodsuckers for some time in order to see how they live and coexist with the people around them with their own eyes. However, some time after the film crew was in a house belonging to a friendly family of vampires, people begin to suspect that nothing is as good as it seemed.

  1. Corbin Nash

The movie centers on a New York detective who went to Los Angeles to investigate the death of parents. The man left New York because of the release of the serial rapist, whom he put behind bars a few months ago. Corbin Nash, disappointed by the justice, decides to concentrate on the secrets of his family, hoping to find out the truth about who killed his father and mother. A search for truth confronts Corbin with two ancient vampires – the Queeny and Vince. Inexplicably, the villains turn hero’s life into a nightmare, casting him into the underworld of horrors.

On his quest to figure out what is happening, Nash learns that his family is an ancient evil hunter. Now he is the only surviving member of the family who does not possess the skills to deal with supernatural forces. The man has no chance to resist vampires. As a result, the hero has to accept the rules of their game. Corbin enters the arena where he has to fight against various monsters in order to get out of this cursed place.

  1. Crucible of the Vampire

The first place of the TOP 13 best new Vampires movies 2019.

“Crucible of the Vampire” is the movie where present is so intertwined with the past that most people do not even realize the extent of this completely natural phenomenon. However, the main character of the fascinating English thriller Isabel as a connoisseur of antiquities is fully aware of the essence of the abovementioned phenomenon. Somehow, she discovers a very old artifact in one mansion located in a rather gloomy and secluded area. The girl goes there, unaware that this puts her life on the line. What dark forces live there and keep the secrets of the past?

It should be noted that TOP 13 new good Vampires movies 2019 release dates are available on the Web.

We hope you enjoyed watching TOP 13 good Vampires films 2019!

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