List of TOP 15 good Futuristic films

Have you ever wondered what awaits our planet and us in the near future? Will scientists reach new heights or a new type of artificial intelligence will be invented? Why assume when you can watch films from TOP 15 best english Futuristic movies 2019 to watch, where the best actors and directors will offer you their theories about the development of civilization and you can choose which movie is closer to you.

Let’s begin!

List of TOP 15 good Futuristic films

  1. Godzilla: King of the Monsters

The modern world is threatened by dangers: terrorism, nuclear war or natural disasters. They can take the lives of millions of people in just a few minutes. However, the problem of the threat from huge animals that can destroy everything in their path is also big. For this reason, the strongest countries joined forces and created a special secret agency called “Monarch,” which is trying to prevent the destructive actions of these creatures. This particularly applies to Godzilla. He is still incredibly strong and dangerous for people. However, people remember that this creature saved San Francisco.

  1. IO

Sam and her mission to save the Earth is on the list of good english Futuristic movies.

The fascinating drama begins with the fact that the Earth is in complete chaos. The planet is in terrible condition. However, soon there is a unique opportunity to start a new life on Jupiter. However, some people are ready to stay on Earth. Sam, a brave girl, is ready to do anything to save her own planet. In addition to the fact that the girl tries to survive, remaining on Earth, she is in search of salvation of the planet. Soon the hero meets Micah, who is also in no hurry to fly away from Earth. Perhaps together the heroes will be able to find a way to return humanity to their home planet.

  1. The Three-Body Problem: I

Scientists have been conducting research for several years and hiding the existence of alien beings. During the Cultural Revolution in China that occurred in the 20th century, an astrophysicist woman sent a message to outer space for aliens.

Having received a rejection to come to Earth from extraterrestrial beings, the astrophysicist hid this information. Too much time has passed since that moment. Aliens have decided to attack and seize the Earth because their planet was almost destroyed.

According to their plan, the Earth is a suitable haven for their civilization. Humanity is preparing for a war against aliens. In the event of the death of the planet, humanity will not be able to find another haven in space.

a shot from The Three-Body Problem: I

  1. Iron Sky The Coming Race

The battle between Hitler and Obi is on the list of best english Futuristic movies to watch.

20 years have passed since the Nazis tried to take over the whole world. Few survivors settled on the former Nazi station, on the moon, which is gradually being destroyed. Earth was destroyed by a nuclear war but people have learned that in the bowels of the planet there is some hidden power that can help restore the former greatness of humankind or destroy it forever. The daughter of one of the heroes of the last part called Obi decides to assemble a team and go to Earth in order to find people in a settlement located underground.

The truth about the birth of humanity will be revealed when the old enemy will lead our heroes into the mysterious world inhabited by dinosaurs. In order to save all human lives, they must stop the Vril, the ancient reptilian race. Dangerous enemies with their army of dinosaurs will fight against Obi and her friends.

  1. The Ark – An Iron Sky Story

The lunar surface harbors many entertaining secrets that excite scholars. Contrary to the existence of the map of the dark side of the Moon, they dream of seeing small seas, hills, and lowland territories of the Moon with their own eyes. The assertive scholars can even fly to the Moon. The theory about the existence of life on the Moon has long been rejected but suddenly weak but distinguishable signals come from space. A couple of ex-students, expelled from Chinese universities, are taken to decipher outlandish messages. They are convinced that inhabitants of the Moon are looking for a way to get in touch with people.

  1. I Am Mother

A mother robot is on the list of best modern Futuristic films.

The film tells the story of a teenage girl who became the first of a new generation of people brought up by the kind robot called Mother that was created to populate the Earth after the disappearance of humanity. The unique connection between a couple of a robot and a girl is threatened when an unknown woman comes to visit them.

  1. Alita: Battle Angel

In the 26th century after the global war, the world was divided into two parts. Those who are called the chosen ones live in the Zalem, and the rest live in the settlement around a huge dump called Iron City. Dr. Ido often visits this dump because he engaged in free repair of cyber machines. Once he finds the details of a strange mechanism that resembles a robot girl.

He decides to restore it and soon receives a unique combination of a mechanical body with a human brain under the name of Alita. The beautiful cyborg is a great martial artist but she doesn’t remember anything about her past. Alita decides to find out the secrets of his origin and destiny, which can be crucial for all of humanity.

  1. Captive State

The fight for the Earth is on the list of TOP 15 best Futuristic movies of 2019 to watch.

The action takes place in the Chicago area, where the ships of an extraterrestrial civilization landed a decade ago and captured its territory. People could not resist their strength and are forced to coexist together. Some of the local residents began to cooperate with aliens, while others retain the hope of independence from invaders, starting the battle for Earth.

The life on opposite sides is now different from the previous existence. On the one hand, traitors who have gone over to the enemies and does everything that the new master wants. Now they belong to the enemies of humanity. They convey all the necessary information about the partisans, the earth’s resources, and the secret documents necessary to aliens to maintain their power.

Those who did not give up, continuing the secret or open struggle, became hermits.

  1. Artemis Fowl

The young 12-year-old genius and born thief who was born and grew up in a family of famous Irish criminals, Artemis Fowl, accidentally finds a magical world hidden under the surface of the earth. Fabulous creatures inhabit this world: gnomes, elves, leprechauns, and others. The creatures left the surface of the Earth because of the greed of humans. Artemis is convinced that it was these creatures who were implicated in the disappearance of his father. He also intends to rob its inhabitants. For this reason, he kidnapped the fairy and asked for a ransom. However, the war against magical creatures is a dangerous business…

  1. Captain Marvel

A crucial battle for the galaxy is on the list of really good Futuristic films.

The action of the film based on the comics of the famous company – Marvel – takes place in 1995. A young pretty girl named Carol Danvers always dreamed of becoming a pilot, and soon she managed to enter the Air Force Academy. The hero quickly achieved success and rose to the rank of major. She began working in a secret organization under the command of the legendary Nick Fury.

Once, something incredible happened to her – she faced an alien race and got supernatural abilities. After that, the hero’s life completely changed – she gave her name as Captain Marvel and began to fight the villains who want to destroy our galaxy.

  1. Avengers: Endgame

The events of one of the most anticipated films of this spring will unfold immediately after the end of the last part. We discover that the Universe is on the verge of destruction. The actions of the insidious Thanos, who nearly destroyed all the Avengers, led to such a difficult and dangerous situation. The villain was able to collect all the Infinity Gems. Moreover, because of the tyrant’s action, half of the world’s population has disappeared. Thanos safely left the planet and went to a certain place from where he plans further steps to enslave the Universe. A group of surviving superheroes will have to gather like-minded people in order to fight back Thanos. Iron Man is somewhere in the remote part of the unknown planetary system. However, some superheroes are ready to prove themselves. Suddenly, Ant-Man will join the surviving Avengers, who will provide them with invaluable assistance.

  1. Star Wars: Episode IX

Jedi warriors are on the list of best modern Futuristic movies.

The picture is the third and final part of the trilogy telling about the incredible and exciting adventures of Jedi warriors.

A brave girl named Rey sets off on a long journey through the galaxy with her selfless and courageous friends. Rey knows what terrible dangers, blizzard traps, and traps lurk on her way, but she does not want to stop. The enemy, who was allegedly defeated, is reborn with a new force. Becoming more ruthless and cruel, the enemy returns to get rid of the warriors. The Jedi come together to take the final fight back to the wakeful evil. The decisive battle will take place very soon, and there will be only one winner in it. The Jedi are aware that the well-being of the entire Galaxy depends on them.

Star Wars 9 poster

  1. Spider-Man: Far From Home

The third place of the TOP fifteen good Futuristic movies in theaters.

Peter Parker received amazing superpower and became a real hero who protects not only his city but also the whole world. However, he does not cease to be an ordinary teenager who has enough problems. The main thing is that he cannot tell his girlfriend how he feels about her. This time he has a great opportunity to be with her, as their class goes to summer holidays to Europe. He is really waiting for incredible adventures. However, the world is threatened by a new danger and Nick Fury asks spider-man for help…

  1. The Wandering Earth

In this Sci-Fi movie, the end of the world has come close to humanity. After conducting the necessary radiological studies, a group of astronomers concludes that the Sun will soon die out. It sounds harmless, but it means the beginning of cosmic scale chaos. Not only the Earth but also all the other planets will be destroyed. The only way to survive is to change the orbit of the planet. However, how to do that? Is it possible if we are talking about an entire planet with a multi-billion population? Fortunately, there is a way out. The most powerful countries together try to solve the problem and create a project called “The Wandering Earth.” Its main idea is to create powerful devices that can change the orbit of the planet. If everything works out, the Earth will leave the solar system.

  1. Terminator: Dark Fate

The first place of the TOP 15 best new Futuristic movies 2019.

The action takes place in the near future. Due to the time rift, a series of spatial dimensions are intertwined in one world. The events preceding the existing state of affairs were aimed at the struggle of humankind against intelligent machines. However, the artificial intelligence Skynet, who runs computerized devices, is not so easy to win. Sarah Connor, already a middle-aged woman, is actively involved in reducing the influence of robots in people’s lives.

The years of war against robots have taught the woman to be strong throughout it. Her participation in the Resistance can be a decisive factor in the battle between people and machines, so the robots attempted to eliminate the main character. Sarah finds understanding and support among young supporters of the transformation of reality. Sarah decides to attack the base with a central processor.

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Thank you for watching TOP 15 good Futuristic films 2019!

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