List of TOP 15 good Space films

Since ancient times, humankind has attracted space. Is there life on other planets, stars, galaxies? Unfortunately, science cannot prove the existence or absence of other civilizations.

Today we have prepared TOP 15 best english Space movies 2019 to watch to you.

Here we go!

List of TOP 15 good Space films

  1. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

The colorful cartoon continues to talk about the adventures of an ordinary guy named Emmett and his loyal friends. More recently, he had the opportunity to fight against the insidious villain Lord Business, who wanted to destroy the whole world of LEGO. Now he has a new threat. The LEGO DUPLO invaders arrived from far space.

They destroy everything in their path with incredible speed and soon the LEGO universe can be destroyed. In order to prevent a catastrophe, Emmett enlists the support of faithful friends who are ready to help in the fight against aliens. However, some friends are captured and Emmett will have to do everything possible to save them.

  1. Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers is on the list of good english Space movies.

The fantastic blockbuster “Captain Marvel” based on the Marvel Comics is about Carol Danvers. It tells about the adventures of a brave superhero whose life began on the verge of death. US Air Force pilot Carol Danvers has always been serious about her assignments and served with honor.

After a collision with the militant alien race, Carol almost died and lost her memory, but thanks to the Kree alien race, she got a chance for a completely different life. Now she has a superpower that makes her invulnerable. However, such a gift brings with it great responsibility. When the Earth is on the brink of an intergalactic war, Carol will have to become a hero who will be forced to protect her planet.

  1. Avengers: Endgame

The movie based on the comic book series by Marvel Comics has collected an incredible amount of Hollywood stars. The plot of the film tells about the superheroes who are waiting for a new enemy and a new battle to save the Earth. The Avengers team fell apart but the superheroes continue to protect and defend the world from evil.

At this difficult time, a supervillain Thanos arrives on Earth collecting the Infinity Gems. With the help of six stones, he becomes omnipotent and is be able to change reality, as well as destroy worlds in the universe. The Avengers join forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy in order to fight the Thanos but it didn’t help.

The new and the last chapter will tell about the last battle of survived Avengers against Thanos.

  1. Ad Astra

Brad Pitt is on the list of best english Space movies to watch.

Army Corps Engineer embarks on his first galactic journey. He went through a lot to be on that spaceship. The thing is that despite the work, he has his own personal reasons for being in space. More than twenty years ago, his father, whom the engineer loved too much, just as our hero went in search of an extraterrestrial civilization. The mission ended in failure because after a while the ship with his father lost contact with the command. Until recently, the whole team was considered lost but new information appeared. Now his son wants to learn as much information as possible and, if possible, find a father.

Ad Astra

  1. Brightburn

Anti-Superman is on the list of best modern Space movies.

We all know Superman. He is a hero of not only one city but also the world. A superhero more than once saved the world from alien invaders, dangerous criminals, and enemies of the state who wanted to destroy his homeland and all inhabitants.

What if the boy from Krypton was different? What if he was a villain?

One night, the Breyer family heard a strange noise and decided to see what fell on their field Upon reaching the crash site, the couple found a capsule and a small child in it. Since they didn’t have their children, they decided to keep the boy and raise him like their own. A little later, they discovered that the boy had the superpower and decided to train him so that the child would use them for good deeds. However, the older the hero became, the more dangerous his power was. Some evil was awakening in the child and it cannot be stopped…

  1. Men in Black International

Chris Hemsworth is on the list of best modern Space films.

For many years, the secret organization “Men in Black” has been fighting against alien invaders who have decided to attack Earth. However, they have no chance because the best agents are monitoring the security of the planet. Moreover, the technology of the organization allows erasing the memory of those who are faced with a UFO. In addition, those newcomers who want to live peacefully with people put on the register and monitored.

Overall the decades of its existence, the agents have repeatedly faced danger and enemies but this situation is different from previous ones. The fact is that there is a spy in the ranks of agents and no one knows who he is. Therefore, it was decided to join forces and entrust the case to agents from the US and the UK. Together, they need to find a traitor and save the world.

  1. Star Wars: Episode IX

In front of us is the last battle between good and evil. Luke Skywalker believed that the dark lords would go dark after the last defeat but soon the New Empire began to prepare for a new battle. This time they intend to win the battle and win the war in order to become the full owners of the galaxy. Luke began to gather a team of followers in order to enter the final battle against the forces of evil, realizing that they have very little chance to survive. However, suddenly he learns about some kind of weapon that can destroy the forces of darkness. This weapon is called the Death Star. The problem is that the blueprints of weapons are scattered around the galaxy. Luke must first find all the blueprints and create a weapon before the warriors of darkness take control of the galaxy.

Star Wars 9 poster

  1. Captive State

Alien invaders are on the list of TOP 15 best Space movies of 2019 to watch.

Ten years ago, the world to which we are accustomed changed forever. Alien invaders flew to Earth and captured the planet. Everything changed after the alien invasion but not everyone agrees with the status. However, part of the population thank the aliens because under their leadership, the unemployment rate fell to nearly zero and there was no crime. The rebels are fighting against the invaders, but so far, they cannot win. Nevertheless, they do not give up and believe that eventually, they will free the Earth.

During the World Gratitude Day, the rebels decide to rise in order to defeat the invaders and now the police have only 24 hours to stop the resistance group.

  1. Warriors of Future

War had been and would be at all times. In our time, it is more information war. The action of the film takes place in the future when people are using the most powerful weapons to fight for power and freedom. There are no winners and losers, only a huge number of victims.

  1. The Ark – An Iron Sky Story

Two Chinese students are expelled from the university. The guys have already decided that a door to the world of big science will forever be closed for them. However, in this difficult period, they were lucky to stumble upon a very unusual signal coming from space. Its source is the mysterious “dark” half of the moon. In addition, the discovery of this signal is already a sensation. After all, it was assumed that life on the Moon is impossible. Nevertheless, in this mystical signal, something intelligent is encrypted. Friends do not leave attempts to decipher it completely. However, the long-awaited solution to this phenomenon does not please them at all. Indeed, the heroes are involved in the evil plans of Illuminati.

  1. Iron Sky: The Coming Race

The signal from Moon is on the list of really good Space films.

Twenty years after the events of the first film, the remnants of humanity are forced to move to the very base founded in 1945 by the escaped Nazis on the dark side of the moon. The life on Earth died after a destructive nuclear war. However, in the desert, there is a secret concerning the appearance of the human race. This secret can revive the former greatness of people or forever bury their hopes of returning home. A detachment of people led by the brave Obi will go to Earth to challenge the army of reptiles Vril – the ancient space race, which captured half of the galaxy and the Earth as well.

  1. The Wandering Earth

The events of the sci-fi picture take viewers to the near future. Humanity is in danger of total annihilation. Scientists and astronomers agreed that the days of our Sun are numbered. The sun is about to die out, after which the solar system will change once and for all. Most likely, none of the planets will retain the usual appearance. For humanity, this means only one thing – the inevitable death. There is not much time left before the catastrophe, so researchers around the world are trying to solve the problem that has arisen. Fortunately, there is a chance to escape. In the shortest possible time, the world’s best minds create complex technical devices that should change the trajectory of the planet. The project “Wandering Earth” becomes the last hope for people. Scientists assume that the Earth will be able to be led away from its orbit. Will there be a new place for the planet?

  1. Lucy in the Sky

The third place of the TOP fifteen good Space movies in theaters.

This is the story of a female astronaut who after a difficult but successful mission returns to Earth. During her absence, much has remained the same, but something changed. However, is it important? The main thing is everything seems perfect at home. However, it always feels this way to those who returned home after a long journey, but soon she begins to notice that not everything is so good. Now she has to reconsider her perception of the world.

  1. Aniara

Aniara is one of many spacecraft that transport humans to Mars after a global catastrophe made the Earth uninhabitable. During the flight, Aniara collides with an asteroid and gets off course. Passengers understand that they are doomed to fly forever through endless space. The fantasy drama is based on the eponymous novel by Harry Martinson.

  1. Don’t Come Back from the Moon

The first place of the TOP 15 best new Space movies 2019.

The action takes place in the California town, where tourists had always been coming but then everything changed, and the local residents had only dust storms and memories of the past well-being of these places. People realized that there was no longer any reason to live here and began to leave the city. Some men left for work but never returned. In order to explain to the children where did their fathers go, the women began to tell them that their fathers went to the moon…

The compilation is coming to an end now.

By the way, TOP 15 new good Space movies 2019 release dates are available on the Web.

Thank you for watching TOP 15 good Space films 2019!

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