List of TOP 15 good Kids films 2019

Childhood memories are kind of sketchy and fuzzy, like dreams. However, the character is set at an early age. Those kids’ movies that we watched when we were children had a great influence on us. Choosing which films to show to your child should be approached very seriously, and our TOP 15 best english Kids movies 2019 to watch will help you with this.

If you ready, we begin.

List of TOP 15 good Kids films 2019

15. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Hiccup is a boy born in the era of the Vikings and dragons who had to survive many dangerous adventures. He managed not only to restore the island destroyed in the previous part but also to change the history of his people forever. Now dragons and Vikings live in harmony and share joys and sorrows. The young man made friends with a good dragon named Toothless.

Soon the life of the inhabitants of a magical country is changing – Hiccup meets Light Fury, which shows him the secret world of dragons. They will face a ruthless and cruel hunter who wants to destroy dragons. Now they have to confront the villain, otherwise, everyone is in grave danger.

14. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Emmet Brickowski is on the list of good english Kids movies.

The events of the cartoon take place 5 years later after the victory of Emmet and his friends over Lord Business. Now a LEGO world faces a new threat – the uninvited guests from the planet DUPLO are destroying Bricksburg faster than it can be restored. They want to turn the world into a lifeless desert. Heroes led by Emmett Brickowski get together to confront the invaders.

Aliens are strong and kidnap Emmet’s best friends – Lucy and Batman. To save them, he will have to go far beyond his home and overcome many obstacles.

13. Wonder Park

Brave dreamer June discovers lost amusement park. Here are fun animals. June understands their language and can talk to them. Having explored the amusement park, the girl realizes that it was created by her imagination and in her power to develop it and give it a new life. Therefore, soon the attractions will work and the fabulous place will be filled with real visitors.

12. The Queen’s Corgi

Lost Royal Corgi is on the list of best english Kids movies to watch.

The favorite breed of dogs for very rich and powerful people is Corgi. Small dogs are fully immersed in the lives of their big owners. Running from political intrigue, the dog of the Queen of the United Kingdom forced to leave Buckingham Palace. Now he has not only to survive on the streets of London but also to prove that he is a real Royal Corgi.

11. Lion King

Lion Mufasa is the king of his tribe and father of the little son named Simba, who became the sole heir to the throne. His uncle Scar does not like this and plans to become king. He is trying in every way to get rid of little Simba, and once he succeeds. However, after Simba was expelled from his tribe, he managed to find good friends who helped the little lion cub to cope with many difficulties on his way and even to find love. Having matured, he became wiser, stronger, and purposeful. Once, he decided to regain the throne that belonged to him…

10. Frozen II

Elsa and Anna are on the list of best modern Kids films.

The action of the full-length cartoon takes place in a beautiful kingdom called Arendelle. It is a very beautiful and big kingdom. Therefore, many locals will never bargain their native kingdom for something else. However, sometimes there are such situations when it is simply necessary to go beyond familiar places, otherwise, it can lead to something bad.

Elsa and Anna have to re-join their forces in order to cope with a new threat. They have to leave the kingdom in order to go further to the north. They are waiting for an amazing and dangerous journey. If all goes well, they will learn about the true sources of ancient legends, which can reveal many secrets related to the past of their kingdom.

9. The Secret Life of Pets 2

Max and Duke are on the list of TOP 15 best Kids movies of 2019 to watch.

The movie centers on a small and charming terrier named Max. He lived with his owner. Max thought that his dog life is the best in the world but soon another dog appeared in the house – a mongrel, which the owner found on the street and gave him the nickname Duke. From now on, Max has to share the attention of his master with another dog. He does not want Duke to stay in their house and for this purpose, he makes everything possible to throw him out of the house.

Accidentally, Max was told that a harmless rabbit, Snowball, thrown out by the owners on a cold street, wants to take revenge on all owners who do not love their pets and treat them carelessly.

8. Missing Link

Lionel Frost, who devoted his life to exploring a variety of creatures, become a fearless traveler. He is often called the “researcher of myths and monsters,” because the main character of the full-length animated film is trying to discover new creatures. However, colleagues from high society do not take it seriously. Some of them laugh at him, considering all his searches to be a waste of time. However, Lionel is going to prove to them that they are mistaken.

The main character goes in search of the legendary creature – Mr. Link. When he finds him, Mr. Link asks Lionel Frost to help him find his long-lost relatives. Together they have a map that should lead them to the cherished goal.

7. Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs

A new interpretation of the famous fairy tale is on the list of really good Kids films.

The authors of the full-length cartoon offer their viewers a new interpretation of one of the most famous fairy tales in the world, telling about a beautiful girl who fell into a deep sleep but was saved by her faithful friends, as well as the love of a beautiful prince.

We are given the chance to meet the beautiful princes who live their lives. But once evil witch put the spells on them. And immediately after this, the princes turn into dwarfs. From this point on, their lives change completely. Heroes have to learn things that they didn’t need before.

After a while, the dwarfs become acquainted with a beautiful girl. But a series of unfortunate events leads to the fact that they have to go in search of red shoes. After all, it is the only way to break a spell. Many adventures and dangers await them.

6. Manou the Swift

The German comedy-adventure cartoon brings us face-face with the swift named Manou. He differs from his relatives because he grows up and is brought up in a family of seagulls. For this reason, the hero tries to learn to swim and even to fish. Manou watches his family and repeats the movements of the seagulls, hoping that he will also be able to become seagull.

When the traditional summer competition begins, the hero realizes that he cannot become a seagull. At this moment, his world is collapsing. It seems that Manou simply loses the meaning of life. Therefore, he flies out of the house, hoping to find his own way.

Soon after, Manou meets new friends among swifts. At this moment, the hero learns that big threat hangs over his former family. Manou has to protect them from it.

5. Princess Emmy

Emmy and her secret gift are on the list of best modern Kids movies.

Emmy is an ordinary little girl who, like all children, loves animals. As it turned out, she had a secret gift – the ability to talk with horses. The hero of the cartoon spent all her free time with her horses in the stable. It would seem that life is beautiful but suddenly her cousin Gizana appears in the kingdom.

They were rivals, as both claimed to become princesses. By any means, her sister tried to turn Emmy’s life into a real hell. The characters of the cartoon were quite similar but the cousin Gizana was unique. To stop the conflict, the intended Inauguration Day is canceled.

Soon Gizana falls into danger. However, little Emmy tries her best to save her cousin. The little princess still has to pass the test to keep her unique gift.

4. Arctic Justice

The movie centers on a polar fox named Swifty. In the search of the meaning of life, he gets a job in the parcel delivery service, where he gets it. By becoming a courier, Swifty has a specific goal – to become the “Top Dog.” Dreaming of becoming a renowned Arctic courier, the hero gets cunning. He secretly steals a sleigh with a dangerous parcel and wants to deliver it to its destination, thereby proving its exceptional professionalism. As a result, he finds himself in the secret fortress of the treacherous Otto von Walrus, a walrus who commands a whole army of mechanized soldiers. The protagonist accidentally learns that the owner of the fortress wants to melt the ice in order to flood the whole world and become its sole master. A courier will have to enlist the support of his friends — a polar bear, albatross, and other animals.

3. Terra Willy: Planète inconnue

The third place of the TOP fifteen good Kids movies in theaters.

The plot of the cartoon tells the story of 10-year-old Willy, whose parents are engaged in the study of the planets. One day, during another space trip, Willy’s spaceship falls into a meteor shower and the boy with a robot named Buck catapults on an unknown planet. A robot helps him survive until his parents arrive.

Together with his robot assistant, Willy explores a new planet until Buck’s battery runs down. He remains completely alone on the new planet…

2. Spies in Disguise

Lance Sterling is part of a secret community whose duties include the surveillance of high-ranking people – prosecutors, judges, officials, and so on. Their main task is to expose those who are engaged in fraud or waste of the national budget. Now the main character of the cartoon is trying to reveal the truth about the female prosecutor. The situation is complicated due to the fact that Sterling fails in most of his missions. Now Lance is lucky: he meets a friendly philanthropist Walter who is happy to help everyone who needs it. Walter will become a colleague of Lance in his difficult investigation. Will the partners succeed in achieving the goal and exposing the influential woman?

1. Ali’s Dream Castle

The leader of the TOP 15 best new Kids movies 2019.

A little fox named Ali lost his parents. He had a difficult childhood; he had already spent nine lives. The fox is constantly living in a dream world. However, one day something very strange happened to him. He fell into a girl’s dream, and from there, he began to travel through the waves of children’s fantasy. Many exciting and interesting adventures await fox.

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