List of TOP 14 good Psychological Thriller films 2019

Psychological Thriller is a genre, where a special place is occupied by the unstable emotional state of characters.

We are going to show you the TOP 14 best english Psychological Thriller movies 2019 to watch.

If you ready, we begin!

List of TOP 14 good Psychological Thriller films 2019

14. American Hangman

A guy named Henry Cole kidnaps two people, one of whom is the distinguished judge Oliver Straight. The offender does not just commit abduction and brings his victims to an unknown place but also arranges a real show, which broadcasts on social networks. This live broadcast is gaining popularity quickly enough and law enforcement agencies learn about it. It turns out that Henry accuses the judge of having deliberately sentenced an innocent person to death. Now he must be duly punished.

Ordinary audiences play the role of a lawyer, prosecutor, and jury. Thanks to Henry’s voting, they can be directly involved in this improvised judicial process. As a result, the audience must make the final decision. While Henry is conducting his trial proceeding and thousands of people are watching the show, the police officers are trying to find a criminal and save the judge.

13. Velvet Buzzsaw

Jake Gyllenhaal is on the list of good english Psychological Thriller movies.

The owner of the art gallery, Morf Vandewalt, has been trying to find new interesting works for a long time. Modern paintings seem to him boring. However, once his assistant accidentally finds pictures of an unknown elderly artist who recently died. He was a great artist with his own vision of the world. He wrote many dark and sinister pictures that hypnotize everyone who looks at them. Morf is delighted with these works because he sees a hidden meaning in them and believes that they are a breath of air in modern art.

Morf exhibits pictures in galleries and they quickly become the subject of general discussion. Everyone sees in them something unique. Suddenly, all those who are next to the pictures begin to die. Morf understands that something strange is happening. Trying to figure everything out, he realizes that something mysterious and extremely malevolent is hidden within the pictures.

12. The Possession of Hannah Grace

The evil spirit is on the list of best modern Psychological Thriller movies.

Former police officer Megan Reed is being treated for drug addiction after she is fired. She decides to start a life from scratch. One day, the hero remains to work at night at the morgue of the hospital where she was treated. The girl is not afraid of corpses. However, the body of a young girl who died during the exorcism rite is brought to the morgue. However, unexpectedly, the hero begins to notice that after the arrival of the body, strange and inexplicable things began to happen. 

Megan thinks that she was overtaken by delusions. However, it soon becomes obvious that evil lives in the body of the corpse, which wants to kill the hero. Megan is locked in a dark and empty morgue, where there is an evil force that will not stop until it catches up with its victim. The hero has almost no chance for salvation, but she decides to give battle to the evil ghost.

11. Under the Silver Lake

A cruel conspiracy is on the list of best english Psychological Thriller movies to watch.

Sam is a 33-year-old loser from Los Angeles who is wasting his life. One day he meets an attractive and mysterious girl. Sarah is a very nice girl and they have a lot in common. They communicate on a variety of topics, have a great time, and agree to meet the next day. However, Sarah didn’t come the next day and Sam discovers her empty apartment.

Sam turns for help but no one believes him. People believe that the girl just moved out of the apartment. However, the hero is sure that something strange is happening, and a few things from her apartment can help him to find clues. Sam discovers a secret message. Gradually, the hero realizes that he is at the center of a conspiracy but no one believes him.

10. Replicas

The movie centers on a talented neuroscientist Will Foster. One day a terrible tragedy happens in his life – a car accident takes the lives of his family and Will cannot accept it. To “resurrect” his wife and children, he goes against the laws of society and nature. The hero clones his loved ones but now he has a new problem. A cruel corporation that wants to destroy them will know about the existence of clones…

9. The Vanishing

Gerard Butler is on the list of best modern Psychological Thriller films.

If fate presents you with a gift, do not forget to make sure that it does not have another owner. Under certain conditions, the vigilance can save lives. The main heroes of the movie are three lighthouse keepers. The work of James, Donald, and Thomas is not very difficult but at the same time incredibly responsible. The movie begins when the characters stumble upon a treasure hidden on the island. Friends decide to divide gold between themselves. Most likely, this action led to their disappearance…

The psychological thriller is based on a true story that happened in 1900 when three people disappeared from the island that was cut off from civilization.

8. Everybody Knows

Spanish woman Laura who lives in Buenos Aires returns with her children and her Argentine husband to her hometown located near Madrid. She comes there to attend her sister’s wedding. However, their journey is overshadowed by unexpected events, because of which the secret reveals about her husband’s past.

7. Darkness Visible

The mysteries of the past is on the list of TOP 14 best Psychological Thriller movies of 2019 to watch.

Ronnie is a young man who lived in London for many years and managed to achieve success. He has many friends and a girlfriend who is a member of a popular rock band. Ronnie is immersed in his creativity and is creating an entourage for the next musical show. He often comes out of the roof of a skyscraper and draws on its walls. In his drawings, there is a pain, darkness, and realism. Preparing to celebrate his next birthday, he comes to his mother but does not find her at home. This is very strange because they had previously agreed to have dinner together. That night, he receives a call and a man informs him that the woman is in a hospital in a very serious condition. She was hit by a car but the strangest thing is that it happened in Calcutta. He goes there without even knowing what mysteries of the past will be revealed to him…

6. Extracurricular Activities

Reagan Collins is a model high school student and killer. The protagonist has an amazing talent to kill people and make things the way they’re supposed to be. His clients are students whose parents have become too powerful, obsessed, or simply uncomfortable. Reagan skillfully kills them for a fee…

One day, an experienced detective named Cliff Dawkins began to work on the crimes. Moreover, from that moment, the confrontation of the main characters began. Reagan will have to reconsider his “bloody business,” because each new victim leads Cliff to solve the crime.

5. Mr. Jones

Gareth Jones is on the list of really good Psychological Thriller films.

The plot of the movie will tell viewers about a great purpose that actually turned out to be a nightmare for people. The events described in the picture occur in early 1933 when the Soviet Union is confidently moving towards the victory of communism trying to unite the proletarians of all states.

Joseph Stalin is doing everything possible to build a country where people will have equal rights and a bright future. More recently, the civil war was over. Despite this, the authorities still had to stay vigilant, as the number of criminals had been rising on a daily basis.

At this difficult time, a famous journalist named Gareth arrived in Moscow. The young man wanted to create a report and in search of the necessary information, he met Ada. She had been living in the Soviet Union for several years. The girl told him the truth about the terrible life of people in the state. Soon he managed to write a unique article that told the whole truth about the Soviet Union.

4. Animal Among Us

This creepy forest did not just look frightening but concealed a terrifying amount of evil forces in its depths. In addition, wild animals lived there. Previously, people have not had to deal with such creatures until one day… There was a bloody tragedy. In happened in camp side called Merrymaker Campgrounds. 15 years ago, the horrible double murder occurred here. Police officers found the torn bodies of two young female students.

This camp was located in that terrible forest where the monster lived. The investigation showed that the girls were victims of a huge beast, so the case was closed. However, 15 years later, evil has awakened again and started hunting. The monster continued to hide in the depths of the forest and wait for new victims.

3. The Professor and the Madman

The third place of the TOP fourteen good Psychological Thriller movies in theaters.

Professor James Murray spent a long time studying linguistics – he devoted all his free time to learn the meanings of English words. In 1857, by deciding to create a dictionary in which all existing English-language words would be described, he began to work on it. Since there was a lot of work, the linguist decides to put an ad in the paper for recruiting assistants. The former military doctor William Chester Minor was one of the first to respond. For many years, he sent Murray about 10,000 records. However, the most surprising was the fact that the doctor, working completely selflessly, was in a psychiatric hospital.

2. Never Grow Old

A gang of murderers and thieves arrive in a small pious town and begin to sow death and chaos. Only a local mortician lives a calm life burying the victims. However, in the end, he must decide what is more important for him – the safety of his family or money.

1. The Hole in the Ground

The leader of the TOP 14 best new Psychological Thriller movies 2019.

The Irish horror film plunges the audience into a mystical and frightening world. A young woman alone brings up her son. Faced with a variety of difficulties and failures in a big city, she decided to find a more peaceful and inexpensive place for further living.

The mother and little son move to a small town located on the edge of the forest. She hopes that she will find here kind people and make friends with them. While walking around the neighborhood, a son ran away from his mother and almost fell into a huge hole in the ground. Sarah caught the child and returned him to the house. However, suddenly, she discovers that something inexplicable has happened to the boy. From now on, the action begins…

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