List of TOP 17 good Romance films

Deep down in our hearts, each of us is a romantic because love is an integral part of our life.

We have prepared TOP 17 best english Romance movies 2019 to watch.

Let’s begin!

List of TOP 17 good Romance films

  1. Kumbalangi Nights

The plot of the movie brings the viewer to a remote fishing village. Residents of the settlement, modest inhabitants, having little interest in the outside world, are focused on the opportunity to earn some money. The younger generation plays games, hoping, having become adults, to move to a huge metropolis, having got a high-paying job. The older generation has its own desires – to grow children, which, in the future, will be able to provide for relatives.

Four carefree friends, constantly face the inevitable doubts, trying to find the true meaning of their existence, sharing their experiences, giving all possible support to each other.

  1. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga

Lesbian love is on the list of good english Romance movies.

In traditional Indian families, it is extremely difficult for girls to tell their ancestors about their interests. Parents are keen on conducting Sweety’s marriage but she alone is not in a hurry to leave home. An attractive writer has long dreamed of seeing the young woman as a bride-to-be, but she rejects the proposal because she has a secret passion. It is hard for her to admit to society that she fell in love with the girl.

  1. Surviving in L.A.

Kate was born and raised in Los Angeles. She studied well and always dreamed of becoming a famous actor. For this reason, she worked hard, graduated from acting classes after school, auditioned for small parts. Even with such a poor education, she managed to get the attention of viewers and directors. From the moment of popularity, she began to feel that the dream came true. Now she is a new rising star and everyone loves her. However, the glory blew Kate’s mind and she first tried drugs, drinks and much more. This slowly destroyed her, and when the money ran out, she realized that she had lost everything, including her fame. Now she is faced with this difficult journey of returning on top.

  1. The Aftermath

Keira Knightley is on the list of best english Romance movies to watch

The Second World War recently ended. In Germany, there is ruin and disorder. The hero of the movie is a soldier of the British Army Lewis Morgan, who was appointed by the authorities as mayor of Hamburg. Until they find the good mayor, he will have to perform the duties of the mayor. The city lies in ruins, it needs to be restored. The Englishman has to look for a house because he arrived here with his wife. The man is offered to settle in a luxurious mansion, which belongs to the German architect. The owner lives with his emotionally unstable daughter. The girl behaves bad but her father is trying to limit her communication with uninvited guests in order to avoid trouble. Yesterday’s enemies are well aware that under other conditions the situation could have ended in tears for one of the parties and are trying to adhere to sovereignty. Unfortunately, the circumstances do not allow to live peacefully, because one day the unpredictable thing happens and the heroes have to enter into open confrontation, which leads to unpredictable consequences.

  1. What About Love

Peter is an ambitious American senator. The job is everything for him. However, he seeks to conquer new political peaks. Linda is a beautiful woman who has long put her husband’s interests ahead of her own. She sacrificed much for her lover. Now, when the husband is in business, she feels lonely and abandoned.

The main characters of the movie are the elderly spouses Peter and Linda Tarlton. At one time, Peter walked through fire with Linda. Now, after a few decades after the wedding, they are not happy together.

Sharon Stone and Andy Garcia in What About Love

  1. Britt-Marie Was Here

Britt-Marie is on the list of best modern Romance films.

In the center of the plot is an old woman Britt-Marie, who, after having spent four decades in marriage, decides to break off relations with her spouse. She is full of determination and therefore soon realizes her plans. From now on, the main character of the Swedish drama film will have to learn to live in a new way and rethink everything.

Immediately after the breakdown of relations with her husband, the woman begins to give up her old habits and tries to build her life in accordance with the new needs. In addition, it helps her to move to a small provincial town. However, this city is on the verge of extinction because almost all residents are leaving after the city-forming enterprise is closed. However, Britt-Marie is going to make her dream come true in this town.

  1. Someone Great

The heartbroken girl, having gone through a painful breakup, arranges a fun and adventurous vacation in New York. Together with her two best friends, she is immersed in adventures before leaving to look for a dream job.

  1. Red Shoes & the 7 Dwarfs

A lovely cartoon is on the list of TOP 17 best Romance movies of 2019 to watch.

The characters of the cartoon involuntarily angered the witch, for which they were turned into ugly creatures – dwarfs. They can remove the spell by using a pair of red shoes but to get such a shoe is not an easy task. Dwarfs know who in the fairy kingdom wears similar shoes but the princess does not want to part with her shoes. Heroes are taking different ways to get the shoes. However, every time all their attempts fail. The owner of red shoes is confident in its miraculous power because she seems younger wearing them.

  1. Serial (Bad) Weddings 2

The older a person becomes, the greater his chances of being in a crisis. Although the main characters of the French movie are prone to crises, they try to live happily, because they have a big and kind family ready to help in a difficult moment.

The action begins at a time when Claude and Marie are faced with the next problems in their difficult lives. However, it does not matter at all, because their relatives are ready to help. But this assistance again leads to strange consequences. The problem is that all relatives are determined to leave France with their women and children. Claude and Marie are not ready for such a movement. They are not going to leave France and want their relatives to stay in the country. However, how to do that?

  1. Swoon

The warring clans are on the list of really good Romance films.

Two amusement parks vie for the attention of visitors. They use tricks, magic, as well as theft, espionage, and betrayal. They are ready to surprise viewers at any cost. The young man and the girl from the warring clans, contrary to the prohibition, fell in love with each other… Does this story have a chance for a happy ending?

  1. Berlin, I Love You

The authors of the German film offer their viewers to see a series of various short films united by a common scene and message.

We will see street artists who are trying not only to prove themselves on the streets of the German capital but also to find their love. We will see a story about a man who wants to learn again how to enjoy life and to meet a person with whom he will be happy trying to survive a painful parting. We will see a story about a woman who finds herself in Germany and gets lost but not only finds a way out of a difficult situation but also something valuable. In addition, we will be acquainted with the hero, who, trying to help everyone around, constantly finds herself in difficult situations. This is only part of the stories prepared by the writers.

  1. What Men Want

The main hero of the movie is a sports agent who constantly works in the men’s team. Being in bad mood, she goes to the witch. Whether because of the actions of fortune-tellers or because of a hit in the head, she hears everything men think. She begins to use new abilities and seeks to sign a contract with a talented modern baseball player.

  1. Five Feet Apart

A serious illness is on the list of best modern Romance movies.

The plot of the film tells a story about a seventeen-year-old girl named Stella Grant. The thing is that while her peers go to school and have fun, most of her life, Stella is forced to be in the hospital as a patient with a serious illness that prevents her from living a full life.

The life of the main hero is actually full of routine and self-control. She already got used to it all. However, her life is subjected to the test after she meets a charming patient named Will Newman. He and she fall in love with each other. However, the problem is that they have to maintain a safe distance between each other because of the illness. Will they be able to go through this test?

  1. All the Bright Places

Violet Markey is a popular high school student who feels guilt for the death of her older sister who died in a car accident. Theodore Finch is outcast obsessed with the idea of ​​suicide. They accidentally meet on the bell tower, where each of them wanted to commit suicide. In order to save the girl, Finch persuades Violet to take part in his project relating to the research of his home state.

They travel across Indiana, and, eventually, Finch helps Violet deal with her grief after losing her sister. However, the guy is getting worse: the young man is expelled from school and then he disappears.

  1. Life in a Year

The third place of the TOP seventeen good Romance movies in theaters.

Every day, several million cancer cells form in each person’s body. This is a continuous process. However, not everyone is diagnosed with cancer. The fact is that there are mechanisms for biochemical control and in most cases, the cell understands that something is wrong in it and it dies. Unfortunately, these mechanisms can break. Then the immune system is connected. Immunity kills tens of millions of cancer cells daily. If the immune system does not cope with its task – there is a disease.

What should a 17-year-old boy do when his girlfriend is diagnosed with cancer? Daryn gives Isabelle a full life in which all her dreams will come true, even if only in one remaining year.

  1. Murder Mystery

A police officer from New York with his wife goes on a long-awaited trip to Europe. Thanks to a casual acquaintance, they are invited to a private party to billionaire Malcolm Quince, which is taking place on a luxury yacht. When Queens dies at the hands of a mysterious killer, New York guests are suspected.

  1. After

The leader of the TOP 17 best new Romance movies 2019.

When Tessa begins her education in a new institution, she immediately immerses in the educational process. With ambitious efforts and plans for the future, she is confident that nothing will shatter her ultimate goals. However, her safe world collapses after she meets a mysterious guy named Hardin Scott. A chance meeting turns her world upside down. Being an attractive boy from a wealthy family, he awakens new feelings in Tessa. She understands that life will never be the same again. She has to deal with her desires.

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Thank you for watching TOP 17 good Romance films 2019!

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