List of TOP 17 good Mystery films

People are always fascinated and attracted by all the mysterious things. That’s why mystery movies are so popular.

We are going to show you the TOP 17 best english Mystery movies 2019 to watch.

Here we go!

List of TOP 17 good Mystery films

  1. Artemis Fowl

Before us is a perfect and ancient world inhabited by the most incredible and unusual creatures. Dwarfs, elves, leprechauns and other inhabitants live peacefully under the ground. Because people long ago betrayed and almost destroyed their world, these creatures are afraid of them. The underground inhabitants lived in harmony and prosperity but their calm life did not last long. Their existence is threatened.

Once a young boy named Artemis becomes the heir to the entire criminal world. Hundreds of thugs, murderers, and professional killers become his subordinates. Moreover, although he looks harmless and kind, he is a born con man and a greedy person. The hero learns that all kinds of animals and creatures live deep underground in some surprising way. After some time, he decides not only to tell the whole world about it but also, taking advantage of his position and power, to steal the most valuable artifacts from them. What will these creatures do now?

  1. Captive State

Alien civilizations are on the list of good english Mystery movies.

From the expanses of space, Earth looks defenseless. For this reason, numerous aliens were interested in it. Alien civilizations were not opposed to establish control over the Earth. As a result, this chaos began. If only recently there was peace on the planet, then from now on the situation has changed more than ever before. The aliens were aggressively affecting earthlings. As a result, humanity was faced with a true nightmare; it seemed that the Earth would always be under siege.

  1. Lucy in the Sky

Lucy all childhood dreamed of becoming an astronaut in order to go into space and do important research for her country. She decided and volunteered for it. For many years, the girl passed the necessary training. A few years later, she will have to stay on the satellite for quite a long time. The time comes and she goes on such a desirable journey. After the target date, Lucy returns to Earth. She is very happy to see her family. However, home life does not bring her pleasure anymore. Lucy is confronted with the cruelty of the real world.

  1. Gemini Man

The war of clones is on the list of best english Mystery movies to watch.

Plots of films containing details about reincarnations, lapses in time and other incomprehensible phenomena will never become trivialized. The main character, Henry Brogan, in the recent past, is an agent of national security. He is a professional mercenary who is trying to live a calm life. After some time, the hero discovers that he is kept under the surveillance of a killer. It suddenly becomes apparent that this young killer looks like Henry. The military man has to remember all his skills in order to be able to withstand the impending danger and try to find out the reasons for such a turn of events.

  1. The Wandering Earth

The action takes place in the near future. Humankind has learned the shocking news – the star called the Sun is gradually shutting down. When that happens, the end will come to the entire solar system. The death of all living things has ceased to be fiction or oppressive prediction. In an attempt to escape, the best minds of humanity have developed a grand project called “Wandering Earth.” The main goal of this project is to create special technologies, with the help of which we will be able somehow to move our planet from its place and go straight into the deep space to find a new place to live.

  1. Warriors of Future

Extraterrestrial forces are on the list of best modern Mystery films.

It is 2055. Blue planet is completely poisoned by garbage. There is also global warming. Some extraterrestrial forces decided to destroy all that remained on Earth, including people. Aliens are sending an asteroid to Earth, which bears the deadly spores known as “Pandora.” They will act as catalysts that will start the process of restoring our planet. Everywhere on earth, a vine begins to grow, which purifies the polluted atmosphere of the Earth, but at the same time kills all that remains of humanity.

  1. Vratar’ galaktiki

How will Moscow look like if it turns off the electricity, stops all production, and the whole world will only watch the alien game? Due to the galactic war that took place near the Earth, the Moon collapsed and the poles of the planet displaced. A huge alien ship towers over the city. It is the stadium where space-ball competitions take place. When the game is going on, the world stops and everyone watches the game. Players are called Athletes. For ordinary people, they are Gods, because the outcome of each game determines the fate of the planet…

  1. Brightburn

A guy with superpowers is on the list of TOP 17 best Mystery movies of 2019 to watch.

Once in the life of a young couple, a real miracle happens. A spaceship lands in their yard right from the sky. From it comes a wonderful child, whom the couple decides to keep. Parents raised the child as their own. When he grew up, the mother told her son that he is a special person. In addition, the guy understood that he is different from those around him. The older he grew, the stronger he became. Over time, the guy began to show superpowers. However, he used them not for good deeds, which later became the cause of a terrible disaster.

  1. Iron Sky The Coming Race

20 years have passed since the events of the previous part. The remnants of humanity have to settle on the base, which was founded in the distant 45th year by the escaped Nazis. People are no longer able to live on Earth. A destructive nuclear war destroyed everything. However, in the middle of the desert, there is one place, which keeps the secrets of the origin of humanity. This information can revive the human race or forever bury it and all hopes of returning home. A detachment of professional mercenaries headed by the brave Obi is sent to Earth to solve the mystery.

  1. The Ark – An Iron Sky Story

Humankind has always dreamed of meeting aliens. After all, the idea that we are alone in the universe upset many people. Nevertheless, scientists proved the opposite. Although we still have not found any evidence of the existence of aliens, the universe should just be crawling with them. However, the first on the list for a possible contact turned out to be Moon. Scientists have finally heard some strange weak signals from space. In addition, this event has interested many people who immediately began to look for reasons for these signals. Two friends, who have just been expelled from the university, take over the signal decoding.

  1. The Three-Body Problem: I

The alien attack is on the list of really good Mystery films.

Taking a great interest in science from her youth, the main character of the film devoted her life to studying astrophysics. Sending a message into space during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, she suddenly received an answer. Having contacted the woman, the aliens told her that she should not again seek contact with them.

However, she did not listen to them, sending an invitation to visit the Earth. Years passed, but the aliens did not speak back. Until one day, the death threat looms over the inhabitants of the distant planet Trisolaris. Now, they want to capture the Earth, creating a new house there.

a shot from The Three-Body Problem: I

  1. IO

After a global catastrophe on Earth, most of the people died. The rest who were lucky to survive moved to the distant planet Jupiter, where people build up the human colony called “IO.”

Only a young girl named Sam did not leave her home planet. She was left alone in the post-apocalyptic world to conduct research and try to find a way to revive the once blooming planet. She has to risk her life every day to collect important data from the most contaminated areas. After the tragedy, the megalopolises turned into ghost towns and the fertile lands into a scorched desert. The hero of the film was confident that there were no more people on Earth but she was mistaken. Once, she met a man who would change her fate…

  1. Dark Phoenix

Jean Grey is on the list of best modern Mystery movies.

Jean Grey gains incredible superpowers that change her and turn into a Dark Phoenix. Now the X-Men will have to decide what is more important for them – the life of a team member or all people living in the world.

  1. The New Mutants

Five unfamiliar teenagers disappear. After a while, they come to life in some strange and incomprehensible place. A cursory study shows that this is a hospital with wards and doctors. However, after some time, young people realize that they have been caught up in some dangerous story. People in white coats ask strange questions several times a day and in every possible way try to penetrate the minds of teenagers. A few days later, one of the doctors reveals the shocking truth to the heroes. It turns out that they are very dangerous creatures, inheriting unusual abilities from their ancestors. Each of the five has a special gift, powerful capabilities, and incredible abilities. They will have to join forces and create a team, and then learn how to use their strength, because only they can defeat the threat approaching the human race.

  1. The Last Boy

The third place of the TOP seventeen good Mystery movies in theaters.

The planet came close to the real threat of the Apocalypse. The young hero of the film hast the personal end of the world. His mother was on the verge of death. The woman said that there is a place on Earth where any wish is fulfilled and asked her son to find it. She died. There wasn’t anything for the boy in his native places and he left it. On the way to the place that the mother spoke about, many situations await him.

  1. Boss Level

Former special forces soldier Roy Pulver is forced to relive his death again and again. To break out of an ominous time loop, he needs to unravel the plan of the secret organization that invented this program.

  1. Glass

The first place of the TOP 17 best new Mystery movies 2019.

The main hero is Kevin, a young man who suffers from multiple personality disorders. Doctors consider him the most dangerous of all people having trouble due to this disease. The fact is that Kevin has more than two dozen personalities, which manifest themselves depending on the situation. For this reason, doctors carefully monitor him, trying to figure out whether the number of personalities can increase.

When doctors reach up to 23 possible people living in Kevin’s mind, they conclude that this is his maximum number. However, after a while, a new personality, better known as the “Beast,” is breaking free.

By the way, TOP 17 new good Mystery movies 2019 release dates are available on the Web.

Thank you for watching TOP 17 good Mystery films 2019!

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