List of TOP 16 good Foreign films

This genre includes a large number of films, intriguing viewers with vivid visual effects, unique plots, and memorable scenes.

We have prepared TOP 16 best english Foreign movies 2019 to watch for you.

Here we go!

List of TOP 16 good Foreign films

  1. 0.0MHz

The main heroes of the horror film work in a research and development center that studies paranormal phenomena. The guys are constantly looking for evidence that the world of ghosts exists. The main characters of this movie know firsthand that ghosts exist and they can even be very dangerous. The team of researchers has a special device that rather accurately indicates that there are ghosts in the room. The researchers make a conclusion and conduct scientific experiments with the help of this device. Recently, they became aware of the information that a ghost appeared in one of the residential buildings. It behaves quite aggressively and clearly wants to say something to the world around him. A group of researchers is sent to a mysterious house, where they will have to spend more than one day to identify paranormal activity. However, if they only knew what they would face there, they would never step into this house.

  1. 47 Meters Down: Uncaged

Sharks are on the list of good english Foreign movies.

Diving is a very exciting sport, although it is associated with considerable risk. Why? Well, plunging into the beautiful and rather dangerous underwater world, the diver has a limited supply of oxygen. In addition, diving depth plays an important role. Diving deeply enough a person gives a powerful load on the cardiovascular system.

Finally, the underwater inhabitants, some of them poisonous, others are just able to eat a diver.

Actually, the last one is the main problem for the heroes of our picture. There are five of them, and they are desperate divers. The main heroes want to dive in a rather deaf spot to explore the once sunken city.

At first, everything is going well, young people are happy to dive, and begin to explore the amazingly beautiful ruins. However, suddenly the sharks appeared. Hungry predators decide to eat divers.

  1. White As Snow

After the death of her father, the young and beautiful orphan Claire stayed to work at the hotel under the leadership of authoritarian stepmother Maud. When Maud’s young lover looks at Claire, the jealous widow decides to get rid of her. The poor girl runs to a remote farm where she meets seven men.

  1. 7 Reasons to Run Away (from Society)

The reasons to start life anew are on the list of best english Foreign movies to watch.

It is a funny and amazing movie that tells an unforgettable story, where numerous characters are destined to survive many incredible adventures for the sake of the only hope to move on from the hard past, trying to start life anew. Although the main characters do not consider the number of mistakes they will be forced to go through for the sake of happiness to change their own destiny.

  1. The Angry Birds Movie 2

The plot of the movie unfolds around the famous red bird, Red, who lives on one of the tropical islands, along with his friends and relatives. Red is sometimes a hot-tempered and overly emotional bird. Quite often, the hero has bursts of anger. However, these accidents have serious consequences and even create life problems. Therefore, the hero has to attend specialized courses to control his feelings and exercise restraint.

On a course, Red is introduced to birds like him, and they have similar problems.

Everything changes when green pigs settle on the island. Initially, nothing foretold troubles. However, sometime later, the birds knew the real reason why pigs came on their island. Here confrontation begins!

  1. Yesterday

The life without the Beatles is on the list of best modern Foreign films.

The plot is dedicated to the history of the loser musician Jack Malik, who lives in the English province. Despite the support of his best friend Ellie, the guy decides to stop dreaming of fame and abandon his favorite activity. However, the next morning, Jack discovers that the whole world forgot about the existence of the band The Beatles because of inexplicable events. And only he remembers their songs. Soon Malik begins to perform the compositions of the Liverpool Four, branding them as his own, and becomes a world-class star. Moreover, although his popularity is growing rapidly, Jack is now at risk of losing Ellie, the only person who always believed in him.

  1. God Exists, Her Name Is Petrunija

A 32-year-old unemployed Petrunija, on the way from a failed interview, suddenly decides to take part in the men’s ice-diving competition for the cross. The hero unexpectedly wins causing resentment of the entire Orthodox community of Macedonia.

  1. Downton Abbey

Legendary British series is on the list of TOP 16 best Foreign movies of 2019 to watch.

Fans of the now legendary British series “Downton Abbey” eagerly expect any news about their favorite project. Unfortunately, the television series was finally closed after the sixth season. However, it turned out that on October 31, 2019, the release of a full-screen movie is planned, which will be a continuation of the story about the beloved characters.

The producer of this project will be Julian Fellowes. According to rumors, all the cast will remain the same but the details of the plot are kept secret.

The plot of the original project told about events that occurred in the 20th century when many new things appeared in the technical and social life of English society.

  1. Kala Shah Kala

Everyone knows that the Indian nation is endowed with very dark skin color because citizens have to live under the scorching sun. However, even among dark-skinned Indians, there are personalities with extremely dark skin. They are more like representatives of the Negroid race. For this reason, they face the issue of race relations. The main character of this comedy movie is a young guy named Lovely who had a very dark skin color. The young man was so accustomed to getting into various funny situations that he hadn’t been surprised for a long time.

  1. The Absurd Scam

An elaborate setup is on the list of really good Foreign films.

The action takes place in a restaurant where different people have a rest after work. Nothing foreshadowed trouble, everything was as usual. Soon the phone rang at the restaurant. An unknown man told the chief administrator that the restaurant’s cashier had just stolen a decent amount of money from the cash register. The chief administrator was not even wondering where this information came from. She became so mad that she immediately grabbed the cashier and went to the back office. There the administrator figured out that stranger’s words were true.

At this point, the administrator went to the phone to hear further actions from a stranger. The poor girl working as a cashier had no idea why such horrible things happened to her. She understood that it became profitable for someone to frame her, but the girl did not know about her enemies.

a shot from The Absurd Scam

  1. Outpost (Avanpost)

A meteorite did not fall to the ground and the terrorists did not come up with an idea of a global threat but something happened. The communications with most of the settlements of the Earth was severed. The astronauts have transferred from orbit a message that says that they see a small spot on top in Eastern Europe, resembling a circle. The finding that the military force found outside the boundaries of this circle is shocking. In the shops, in cars, on the roads, in the buildings of hospitals and railway stations, everywhere there are signs of a collision. What destroys all living things? How long will the last outpost of humanity last?

  1. Road Kill (Rodeukil)

The life in Chan’s family is on the list of best modern Foreign movies.

The real estate agent is in a car accident in the mountains and wakes up in the house of Chan’s family that saved him. Heavy rain for a long time cut off their home from the outside world, so the main hero, despite urgent business, has to spend some time in Chan’s house.

  1. The Wandering Earth

In the near future, it becomes known that the Sun will soon go out and the Solar System will be destroyed. Then humanity launches a large-scale project called “The Wandering Earth,” the purpose of which is to move the Earth and fly with the help of sophisticated technical devices to search for a new shelter.

  1. Amundsen

The 3rd place of the TOP sixteen good Foreign movies in theaters.

Roald Amundsen is a Norwegian traveler and explorer, record holder and scholar, born in 1872 in Borg, Norway. His life was full of amazing discoveries. He was the first to reach the South Pole, the first to visit both geographic poles of the planet, the first to make a successful sea passage in the Northwest Passage, one of the pioneers in the use of aviation and airships in Arctic studies. He died while searching for the wrecked expedition Umberto Nobile.

Parents wanted him to become a doctor, and he even studied medicine at the university for a while but soon left university to follow the dream of his life. Amundsen wanted to be a discoverer and explorer.

  1. Anna

The movie centers on the story of a young strong woman who gets into the unusual criminal intrigue.

Filming started in November. At the moment, the exact release date of the thriller has not been disclosed.

In his Instagram, director Luc Besson published a video from the set of the film “Anna,” in which attentive subscribers learned popular Russian actor Alexander Petrov (“Gogol. The Beginning”). The actor himself has not yet commented on the possible participation in the filming.

This time, the management of Luke Besson’s studio EuropaCorp decided to work with more modest budgets than the previous film of a famous director – the budget of the fantastic picture “Valerian and the City of Thousand Planets” (2016) had a budget of more than 177 million dollars.

The budget of “Anna” during the start of the shooting process varied is 25-35 million dollars.

Sasha Luss in Anna

  1. Killers Anonymous

The first place of the TOP 16 best new Foreign movies 2019.

The plot of the action film takes place in an anonymous society that exists in a big city. Members of this community are strangers who are united by only one goal – to kill. As the viewer has already guessed, the members of the association are the most ordinary killers, working for influential people. They united to exchange experience and, of course, the desire to kill. The main rule of participation in the community was non-disclosure to others of information about the existence of the association.

In general, everything was fine and good for killers but one accident changed the life of the participants of the secret organization. The fact is that the association unexpectedly became the center of attention from the aforementioned people who used killers for their own purposes. It all began with the failure to kill the senator and the further brutal murder of one of the hired killers of this organization. Since then, the killers were under the close supervision of not only the police and special services but also the private guards of the surviving senator who decided to liquidate the society once and for all…

Killers Anonymous poster

The compilation ends.

It should be noted that TOP 16 new good Foreign movies 2019 release dates are available on the Web.

Thank you for watching TOP 16 good Foreign films 2019!

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