list of TOP 17 good Thriller films

Thriller is one of the most popular and demanded genres in the film industry. The main feature of a genre is an exciting and ambiguous story, capable of holding constant tension. For this purpose, various cinematographic techniques are widely used.

We are here to share with you TOP 17 best english Thriller movies 2019 to watch.

Let’s begin our TOP!

List of TOP 17 best Thriller movies of 2019 to watch

Anne Hathaway and Jason Clarke in Serenity

  1. Triple Threat

The Asian billionaire thwarted the plans of an influential criminal gang controlling the city. Because of the deal, the members of the drug cartel decide to take revenge by hiring master assassins to kill the billionaire’s daughter. As it turned out, the girl owns the information that can put the members of a large crime syndicate in prison. Now she is doomed to death. Three ruthless killers are going after a defenseless girl. Contrary to this, the three masters of martial arts began to protect the potential victim of professional mercenaries.

  1. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile

The true story about Ted Bundy is on the list of good english Thriller movies.

The plot of the film tells the story of an American serial killer, rapist, kidnapper, and necrophile – Ted Bundy – through the eyes of his lover Elizabeth.

After the arrest, Bundy confessed to 30 murders of women and girls but the real number of victims of the maniac is still unknown.

Filming took place in Covington, Kentucky. The diner scene was filmed at The Pepper Pod restaurant in Newport, which has been operating since 1956 and still belongs to the same family.

An American rock musician, singer, and guitarist of the heavy metal band Metallica, James Hetfield, played one of the roles in the film.

  1. The Aftermath

The life after the war is on the list of best english Thriller movies to watch.

After the end of the Second World War, the British Colonel Lewis went to destroyed Hamburg to restore order. To the surprise of his wife, who has not yet recovered from the death of her son, Morgan does not evict the former owners, German and his daughter, from their new home. Here the action begins…

  1. I Am Mother

The movie tells about the world, which is controlled by computer intelligence. Robots have become irreplaceable helpers. They took control of all the management of the metropolis from roads to electricity networks. Modern technology has allowed people to create mechanisms that could perform tasks perfectly. The credibility of artificial machines increased every day. With the help of these immortal creatures, people can prevent any cataclysms and disasters on the planet. Scientists succeeded in programming robots to protect humanity from extinction.

However, everything ended with an unknown epidemic. To save the last child, mother-robot hides in the bunker. She intends to save the child from death. There are all necessary supplies for survival, it is only important to avoid going outside. The growing up girl becomes very attached to the new mother that protects her. However, carefree existence ends when a stranger enters the bunker and tells a terrible secret.

  1. The Long Home

The hidden truth is on the list of best modern Thriller films.

The film takes place in the rural area of Tennessee in the 1940s. The main character is a young and stubborn carpenter Nathan Wiener who goes to work at the construction site of a charismatic rich man not knowing that this man killed his father ten years ago. It becomes difficult when a guy falls in love with a young woman who the rich man is preparing to become a prostitute.

James Franco and Scott Haze in The Long Home

  1. The Three-Body Problem: I

The beginning of the events of the film takes place at the time of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The main character is a young woman named Ye – Wenjie. She is an astrophysicist. She saw the murder of her father who was trying to resist Maoist ideas and protect physics against any interference.

However, the government soon launched an important research project. Its ultimate goal is to find extraterrestrial civilizations. This is done using strong radio signals that are sent to space.

The main hero is engaged to work and she manages to reach out to aliens using the Sun as a transponder. In addition, they send a reply to her with the caution that it is not worth trying again because it may end badly for the Earth. However, the hero invites extraterrestrial humanoids to visit the Earth.

a shot from The Three-Body Problem: I

  1. The Professor and the Madman

The creation of the first Oxford English dictionary is on the list of TOP 17 good Thriller films.

The plot of the thriller is the story of the writing of the first Oxford dictionary. The outstanding linguist James Murray took this work. The former military surgeon Chester Minor, who is held in an asylum for criminals with serious mental illness because of the murder of a passer-by, provided invaluable assistance to him. This is an unusual story about genius, madness, and incredible ideas of two talented people of the mid-XIX century.

  1. Liberty

A girl with incredible abilities is on the list of really good Thriller films.

The main character of the film has incredible abilities. For this reason, she was invited to participate in a secret program that was created and implemented by the government. She wants to use her gift for the common good and therefore agrees to participate in secret government research. Later, the main character becomes aware of the true goals of the creepy experiment — to establish a total dictatorship and turn people into submissive slaves. She manages to escape from the lab. However, the government intends to catch the girl.

Liberty promo

  1. The Intruder

Annie and Scott Russell are young spouses who are tired of living in a large city. Therefore, they decided to move to the remote Napa Valley where they can fully enjoy life. They bought a nice house from a man named George. The new house is good and it seems that now the main heroes are finally happy. However, the former owner of the house constantly pursues spouses and invades their personal space. Obviously, he is not going to part with his house so easily.

  1. Polar

The plot of the film revolves around the professional hitman Duncan Vizla who became famous in the criminal world under the nickname Black Kaiser. Many years ago, Duncan retired and now he lives like an ordinary law-abiding citizen. One day his calm life ends. This happens after one of the offended clients of the Black Kaiser decides to settle accounts. The ghosts of the past unexpectedly return to the life of Duncan. Well-trained mercenaries are after him. The main character has to do everything possible to protect himself against an army of killers and kill a man who wants to deal with him…

  1. Close

The hard life of security expert is on the list of best modern Thriller movies

The main hero of the action thriller with elements of the action movie is Sam who is a security expert. She often performs difficult and responsible tasks during which she risks her life.

After the dangerous mission where she was engaged in escorting a pair of journalists through the hostile territories of Afghanistan, the hero is accepted for the next assignment. She is hired to protect the young Zoe, a spoiled teenage girl whose father had recently died. He left her a family business. Now dangerous criminals and competitors who want to take over girl’s business are after her.

There are those who are going to kidnap Zoe in order to demand a ransom for her. The challenge for Sam is becoming difficult not only because of the high level of danger, but also, because Zoe is a difficult child.

  1. IO

The fascinating movie begins with the fact that the Earth is in complete chaos. The planet is in terrible condition. However, soon there is a unique opportunity – to start a new life on Jupiter. However, there are brave souls who are ready to stay on Earth.

Young female scientist Sam is one of the last people on the post-apocalyptic Earth. Sam tries to survive and wait for the last shuttle to fly to a distant space colony. However, after meeting with another surviving, teacher Micah, she faces a choice: to fly to a safe place or fight for the Earth.

  1. Motherless Brooklyn

A pupil of the Brooklyn orphanage Lionel Essrog, suffering from Tourette syndrome, is taken under the wing of the criminal Frank Minna. Together with three other orphans, he performs the work of an underground private detective. After a mysterious incident, Lionel has to investigate the murder of his patron getting to know the dark side of New York in the 1950s.

  1. Glass

The protagonist of the picture is a mentally ill person suffering from a dissociative identity disorder. The guy is not able to properly recognize who is hiding inside him. By coincidence of circumstances, the mentally ill person manages to escape from the prosecution of law enforcement and start a separate way of existence. At some point, the young man makes acquaintance with a ruthless criminal. The worst thing is that the main hero continues to think about the girl who, in the recent past, managed to escape from his constructed captivity. Now mentally ill person plans to enlist the support of a new friend and implement a long-standing plan. Will the partners succeed in their mission?

  1. Escape Room

The third place of the TOP seventeen good Thriller movies in theaters.

Six people unfamiliar with each other decide to try their luck after they receive an invitation from a mysterious organization to play in a certain quest, the winner of which in the final will receive large sums of money. As the game progresses, the participants gradually realize that the organizers of an unusual and dangerous contest did not choose them by chance.

It turns out that people are in real danger because their lives are at stake.

The budget of the movie, taking into account the special effects used and the graphics, is rather modest – only 10 million dollars.

Film director Adam Robitel played one of the main roles in the movie.

  1. Velvet Buzzsaw

Morf considers himself a real connoisseur of art who is able to understand the meaning of modern works. He does not miss a single exhibition. He thoroughly examines all the expositions and writes reviews. Passing through the halls of the next exhibition, he drew attention to the robot who told about himself. One of the representatives of the exhibition approached him and expressed his admiration for this “miracle” of technology. However, Morf did not share his feelings and indicated that such work had already been displayed. It was in the form of a girl. The connoisseur of art hoped to find at least something original and soon saw a huge metal sphere stuffed with all sorts of sensors and devices…

  1. Serenity

The leader of the TOP 17 best new Thriller movies 2019.

The movie centers on the story of the mysterious captain of the fishing ship Baker Dill who turns out to be on a small island in the Caribbean Sea and trying to say farewell to the dark past. His ex-wife Karen recently married a billionaire and now lives with him and her child from her first marriage in a villa in Miami. Suddenly, the woman reappears in Dill’s life and begs the captain to deal with her newly made husband who turned out to be a cruel tyrant.

It should be noted that TOP 17 new good Thriller movies 2019 release date are already available on the Net and thank you for watching TOP 17 good Thriller films 2019!

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