List of TOP 18 best Animation movies of 2019

Animation movie is one of the most popular genres for children.

We have prepared TOP 18 best english Animation movies 2019 to watch for you.

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List of TOP 18 best Animation movies of 2019 to watch

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  1. The Angry Birds Movie 2

The screen version of the world-famous game “Angry Birds” – a popular computer game that tells how the brutal confrontation between angry birds and green pigs began.

The action of the plot takes place around a company of rather exotic birds that are very different from each other. The main character is Red – a bird that is not accustomed to retreat before the difficulties. Since childhood, he was alone, because he is an orphan.  When the confrontation against the pigs began, Red did not stay out of the conflict. For a long time, they cannot find a common language with pigs, since both parties simply hate each other. Soon the protagonist, along with his two best friends, will again be in the center of the confrontation because the pigs they hate will take the offensive. From this point on, the main characters will be involved in a series of different adventures, during which they will always strive for only one goal – to defeat the pigs.

  1. Playmobil: The Movie

Playmobil is on the list of good english Animation movies.

Marla’s brother Charlie suddenly disappeared. The girl becomes aware that the boy was transported to the wonderful country of Playmobil toys. She goes in search of her brother. This decision becomes the beginning of long and incredible adventures. During the journey, the hero will find many new friends. However, there are also villains. Moreover, the villain leader is the Emperor, who controls the army of ancient warriors. However, Marla is not afraid to fight against a cruel ruler. She puts up a fight.

  1. UglyDolls

It is cartoon movie with the characters of the original series of Uglydoll toys. Little green Moxy and her monster friends go through funny adventures and make sure that it’s not necessary to be perfect to be happy.

  1. Banking on Mr. Toad

Grahame Kenneth is on the list of best english Animation movies to watch.

An English biopic tells about the life and work of the writer Grahame Kenneth. When he was still a newborn baby, his mother died. The father, who liked to drink too much, abandoned his three children and drove off to France. His grandmother took on the care of Grahame. From early childhood, he showed his love for science. He even wanted to go to Oxford University but the boy’s uncle deprived him of this opportunity, finding that the education was too expensive. However, Grahame still managed to get a prestigious job in the Bank of England. He also liked to write books, thanks to which he became world famous.

  1. White Snake

The Tang dynasty is coming to its end but before it became only a mark in history, the people’s ruler decides to give an order to all the soldiers of his kingdom – to catch all the snakes and kill them. The white king snake inhabiting the coastal forests finds out about this and sets off on a journey to kill the ruler and avenge her brothers and sisters. On the way, she is ambushed and loses her memory but she is saved by a poor guy. In the guise of an ordinary girl, she appeared before him. A boy fell in love with her. He promised to help her and they went on a journey. In the course of their adventures, the snake girl was able to remember her mission…

  1. Wonder Park

In the center of the plot of the film is a young girl named June who since childhood was sweet and very dreamy. Having matured, the girl lives the most ordinary life. Now she no longer believes in higher powers because she has never encountered them. However, destiny has prepared for the main character something interesting that will forever change both her life and the world perception as a whole. The fact is that one day June unexpectedly discovers a whole world in which magical creatures live. The local amusement park turned out to be a real haven for creatures that have no place in the ordinary human world.

  1. Ali’s Dream Castle

Ali’s Dream World is on the list of best modern Animation films.

The protagonist of the adventure fantasy cartoon is a little fox named Ali. He lost his parents early and he has to survive on his own in this world. Ali has nine lives, eight of which he has already spent. There is a reason to be sad but Ali prefers to live in his fictional world. Every night he dreams. In his dreams, he sees his parents alive. Together they play in a meadow, enjoy the warm sunshine and listen to the chirping of birds. In his dreams, Ali is happy. He allows the fantasy world to captivate him.

  1. Troll Hunters

In the center of the plot of the cartoon is a little gnome who lives with his relatives in a small village deep in the forest. It so happened that some time ago, the gnomes realized that they had no place among people, so they decided to go live in the forest. In addition, it is worth noting that they were accustomed to a new life but after some time, the gnomes encountered trolls who stole all their winter supplies. Thanks to the main character, they captured those trolls. However, some time passed and the surrounding people forgot about the feat of the little gnome. The protagonist at one point makes a decision to leave his native village and sets off in search of a new life.

A shot from Troll Hunters

  1. City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes

The protagonist of the detective adventure anime from childhood decided that he would clean out his hometown. Because of the scammers, thieves, murderers and drug dealers, it is difficult to live in the city. When the boy grew up, he decided to eradicate crime. The protagonist saw that the police often are inactive. In addition, many corrupt officials receive large sums of money from mafia structures and simply ignore their criminal activities.

  1. Call of the Wild

Jack London’s story is on the list of TOP 18 good Animation films.

The adventure cartoon is created based on the story of the same name by Jack London. The plot unfolds during the gold rush. Many gold seekers rushed into the adventure that sometimes cost them their lives. In order to carry out the search for gold, people used large dogs. Large and strong dogs were at a great price. Dog Buck was large, which is why his fate was sealed. He lived on a shepherd’s ranch in California and did not know about gold rush but suddenly he ended up in Canada. From now on, Buck became a sled dog. He had to go through many difficulties before he could somehow adapt to the unusual conditions of life.

  1. Spies in Disguise

Superspy Lance Sterling on his missions uses gadgets that are invented by the awkward and indecisive genius scientist Walter. When a new invention endangers all of humanity, the two opposing heroes have to become one team.

  1. The Queen’s Corgi

The life of Corgi is on the list of really good Animation films.

Family cartoon tells about the adventures of the queen’s corgi named Rex. Rex lives in the royal palace, eats exclusively goodies and sleeps on pillows. Queen loves Rex very much and always takes him for a walk. Rex is a very spoiled and naughty dog. He never lived on the street and he did not have to take care of himself. It is terrible to imagine what would have happened to corgi if he gets lost. However, one day Rex lost sight of his mistress and after a moment, he was left completely alone on a street. Until that moment, Rex had never had to go home alone, so he was confused and lost.

  1. The Lion King

The action of the film takes place in the African savannah, where the lion pride lives. The Mufasa rules it. He gives birth to his son. The son is called Simba. The son becomes the heir to the throne, which causes discontent of his uncle, brother of the king, Scar. Arranging intrigues and assassination attempts, Scar tries to get rid of Simba. In addition, when he fails, he kills Mufasa. Accusations of the death of his father fall on the young prince so he is forced to flee into the jungle. There he meets the carefree friends Pumbaa and Timon. In their company, Simba spends time trying not to remember a past life. However, the spirit of the father that came to the son calls on him to go to the pride and restore justice.

  1. Spycies

The Detective Cat is on the list of best modern Animation movies.

The main character is a cat working as a private detective. Ex-police officer can chalk up a huge number of dangerous cases. However, the job does not bring him pleasure anymore, so he decides to become a detective. One of his latest assignments is an undercover mission. He and his teammates had to guard the warehouse but one night they were attacked. The forces were not equal, so the cat does not cope with the task. No goods, gangsters far away, and the threat of dismissal hung over the detective.

A shot from Spycies

  1. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

The long-awaited sequel about the adventures of Emmett and his cute girl. The simple guy unexpectedly became the Chosen One and discovered amazing abilities in himself. Many years have passed since the victory over Lord Business. Then they managed to avenge the great magician Vitruvius killed by an evil Lord.

Now they have to confront the new enemy – Lego Duplo invaders.

  1. My Tirano

The third place of the TOP eighteen good Animation movies in theaters.

The plot of the fantasy cartoon takes viewers to prehistoric times when powerful dinosaurs lived on earth. The main character of the movie is a small pink dinosaur. He wanders among the jungles, meets amazing creatures, and finds new friends. The beauty of this nature and the diversity of living beings impress dinosaur. It treats everyone very well. He has not yet met the bloodthirsty predators, so he does not know that his brothers can be very cruel. However, one day he met a very dangerous dinosaur. However, a strong tyrannosaur comes to the aid of a dinosaur.

  1. Princess Emmy

Princess Amy lives in a big castle with her parents. However, the girl does not like to wear beautiful dresses. She has a hobby that is not standard for a princess: skateboarding, cycling, and horse riding. Amy is a very kind and friendly girl. She loves adventure and travel. In order to teach their daughter to be a princess, parents invite another princess. However, Amy does not manage to learn these boring rules. However, a girl must learn them because there will be a ball in the kingdom.

  1. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

The first place of the TOP 18 best new Animation movies 2019.

The main character managed to become the first rider and tame the mighty dragon. Following his example, other residents of the village have established relationships with monsters and become dragon riders. Since then, peace reigned. The guys played peacefully and had fun. They were sure that the dark times were long gone. After all, now they have powerful and loyal allies. Therefore, no one will dare to attack the settlement. However, they were mistaken. Evil never sleeps.

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Thank you for watching TOP 18 good Animation films 2019.

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