List of TOP 18 good Scary films 2019

The horror movie is a challenge to test one’s courage.

We are going to present TOP 18 best english Scary movies 2019 to watch.

Here we go!

List of TOP 18 good Scary films 2019

18. Are You Afraid of the Dark?

The movie is a collection of scary stories that friends from the same company tell each other. Almost every night, the guys gather around the campfire to scare each other with the most incredible “horror stories” you can imagine. Evil witches and sorcerers, vampires and werewolves, magical things and mysterious places – all this finds a place in the nightly stories.

17. BrightBurn

The bad Superman is on the list of good english Scary movies.

Since childhood, Brandon Breyer was different from peers. As an adult, the guy decided to ask his parents why he had no friends and why he differs from others. In return, the main character of the scary film heard the truth. Having entered into marriage, his parents could not conceive a child. One day a meteorite felt down near a family farm. Upon reaching the crash, the husband and wife saw the baby. They took the child and began raising him as their own. Having heard this, the hero was shocked. Brandon realized that he was the source of an ominous force, aggressively trying to get out.

16. Doom: Annihilation

The film is based on the Doom video game series. A huge scientific laboratory, unsuccessful experiments, and as a result – many monsters that kill all living things in their path, turning the science center into a bloodbath.In addition, the elite squad of the soldiers will have turn the situation around.

15. Gosti

The abandoned mansion is on the list of best english Scary movies to watch.

The movie centers on a girl from a provincial Russian town. Katya works as a waiter at a local cafe, where she and her friend are acquainted with the company of Moscow guys. Being fascinated by the guests from Moscow, the girls decide to make friends with them. New friends offer the girls to take part in a small adventure. Young people admit that they love to get into abandoned houses and have parties there. To make an impression, Katya says that an old mansion with a frightening history is located outside the city. Previously, there lived a man whom she loved, but then he left the city, and the hero did not hear anything more about him. The company implements its adventurous plan, but it can hardly be called luck. It soon becomes clear that the heroes of the film are not alone in the mansion. Moreover, Katya will meet with the owner of the house. Is he a man?

14. Child`s Play

Charles Lee Ray was a serial killer. Caught in the trap of experienced detective Mike Norris, the man tried to hide in a toy store, hiding behind the shelves. Overtaking him, the police officer opened fire. Having been seriously wounded, the maniac died, but before that, he managed to cast a spell and thereby transferred his soul into the doll. Having received a new doll as a gift, six-year-old Andy was very happy but soon began to notice frightening events. After becoming witness to Chucky’s massacre of a nanny, the boy told his mother about it, but she did not believe her son. Soon, The spate of killings spread quickly throughout the city. However, the worst is still ahead. By deciding to restore human form, Chucky was looking for a new body.

13. Doctor Sleep

The sequel to the movie “The Shining” (1980). The film tells about the writer’s son, Danny Torrance. He again began to see ghosts of the past. After being subjected to the horrors of the “Overlook Hotel,” he still suffers from an extraordinary gift, reminding him of the tragic events experienced in childhood. However, one-day Danny’s life changes dramatically when a twelve-year-old girl named Abra appears in his life.

12. The Hole in the Ground

Strange alterations in behavior are on the list of best modern Scary films.

Sarah is desperately trying to get away from the dark past to give her son a chance for a happy childhood. The locals are wary of the arrival of a young woman to the rural backwater. They guess that the family is hiding from prying eyes for a special reason. An alarming incident occurs with strangers immediately after the move. An elderly woman tries to convince the mother that the child is not hers. However, the woman’s husband steps in and says that not much weight should be given to his wife’s words.

While walking with a child in the woods, they discover a mysterious huge hole. The local residents are powerless to explain the origin of the hole. After the discovery, the woman begins to notice strange alterations in the boy’s behavior.

11. The Golden Glove

The Golden Glove is a drinking establishment in Reeperbahn in the early 70s, a favorite place for local residents with a low social value system. It was here that Fritz Honka, an alcoholic, did not leave his attempts to meet women, many of whom had an unenviable fate – to become victims of a serial killer.

10. Pet Sematary

The next film adaptation of the same name novel that was written by Stephen King. Louis Creed, his wife Rachel, and their two children move to a country house, where they are very welcomed and told about the eerie “Pet Sematary” located next to their house. After the tragic death of their cat, they decided to bury him in this mysterious cemetery. They were very surprised when they saw the revived pet near their house…

9. Play or Die

Escape Game is on the list of TOP 18 best Scary movies of 2019 to watch.

The movie centers on Lucas and Chloe who like playing various games. Once Luka and Chloe decide to play an exclusive intellectual game in the escape-room genre called “Paranoia”. After they solved all the riddles, the main characters reach the final and end up in an abandoned mental hospital located deep in the forest, where they meet four more game participants. Soon, Lucas and Chloe realize that there is only one winner in this game.

8. Gretel and Hansel

The movie tells about a pretty but poor girl named Gretel who forced to make ends meet in order to feed herself and her little brother Hansel. It so happened that the children became orphans and now have to survive in this cruel world.

One day the brother and sister decided to go to a nearby forest in search of food. In addition, a couple of days ago, Hansel returned from the forest with a full basket of tasty and juicy berries. The main characters of the movie moved to the forest. However, the brother and sister did not even realize that terrible creature awaits them there. When the guys had already gathered full baskets of berries and mushrooms, brother and sister fell into the trap of a witch.

7. Devyat’

A mysterious murderer is on the list of really good Scary films.

At the end of the 19th century, a series of cruel and mysterious murders of eight girls occur in St. Petersburg. Investigator Rostov is looking for a killer along with a young and beautiful “clairvoyant” from the UK, who is destined to be the ninth victim.

6. It: Chapter Two

The terrible events in the town of Derry began with the death of a little boy named Georgie. The 6-year-old boy disappeared without a trace, which was a real shock for his family. Since then, small children have begun to disappear and later found dead. Heartbroken at his brother’s death, Bill is convinced that there was some mystery in his disappearance. The hero of the picture decides to conduct his own investigation. The best friends will help him find out the truth. Soon they will learn the terrible truth about their homelands.

The clown Pennywise is causing all sorts of trouble. Having managed to defeat the villain, the guys made a promise that they would definitely get together if someone needs backup. 27 years have passed since then, only Mike did not leave the city. One-day friends get a scary call from a longtime friend and find out that the childhood monster has returned.

5. The Curse of La Llorona

A ghost from Mexican folklore is on the list of best modern Scary movies.

One after another, small children are killed in a small town. The investigation, which leads the detective, cannot find the perpetrator, and kids continue to die. All the parents in the town are very scared because they do not know how to protect their children.

A woman who recently experienced the death of her child is under suspicion. For a long time, she made all sorts of attempts to stop the ghost of a woman who drowned her children after her husband betrayed her, and then she drowned herself. The ghost did not find peace and now she is wandering around the city, taking local children.

If a child hears the cry of a female ghost, who still grieves for her terrible act, he is doomed to death.

4. Escape Room

The movie brings us face-to-face with a variety of young people that are very different from each other. There is nothing in common between them. However, in the near future, they will meet and try their luck in a difficult game.

The action begins when each of the heroes receives an invitation to play a very strange and mysterious game. The winner will get large sums of money. They agree to participate in the game. However, do they realize what awaits them?

3. The Prodigy 2019

The third place of the TOP eighteen good Scary movies in theaters.

Sarah gave birth to a son when she was quite young. Now he is an eight-year-old boy. He is very good at studying and it seems that everything is good. At the same time, he is different from his peers. Sometimes he shows such abilities that no one could believe that an eight-year-old boy is behind it. Mother begins to notice that her beloved son is changing…

2. Annabelle Comes Home

Having decided to forbid Annabel to harm people, a couple of professional demonologists lock the obsessed doll in the room. This is the place where they hold all the artifacts. Demonologists are waiting for new trials because the embittered doll calls the evil spirits trapped in this room. This time, she is hungry for the innocent soul of Warren’s little daughter named Judy and her same-year friends. It is necessary to move the evil ghost to a place where it will not harm any living thing.

1. The Isle

The leader of the TOP 18 best new Scary movies 2019.

Today, every shipwreck is being investigated, so the exact reasons for the accident are becoming known soon. In the middle of the XIX century, the situation was different: the ships disappeared without a trace or went down without any reason. In such cases, people attributed catastrophe to the mystical forces, recalling all sorts of sea legends. However, not every story is fiction. The events of the film take place on an English ship. After going out into the open sea, the ship is caught in a strong storm. Only three sailors managed to survive. They were soon washed up on an island. The survivors are picked up by friendly inhabitants. Local residents convince survivors that a ship will arrive in a week. However, soon the heroes begin to notice aberrant behavior in their rescuers. Soon the survivors begin to feel that there will be no ship…

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