List of TOP 20 best Military movies of 2019 to watch

Military films were shot and filmed in large numbers and in a variety of genres: here are comedies about friends and love stories in the war period, as well as tragic films.

We are here to show you the TOP 12 best english Military movies 2019 to watch.

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List of TOP 12 good Military films 2019

12. Waiting for Anya

France was one of the victims of the world confrontation with fascism, which covered the European countries, enslaving the population. The movie tells about French northern territories suffering from the arrival of the new government. It stands out as a cruel, cynical, and horrible governance body. The entire population is in panic but special attention is paid to the search for Jews. The occupiers’ primary task is the destruction of the Jews. Women, old people, children, even babies, must be killed. Families previously successful in business are subject to immediate robbery. Those people who are lucky enough to avoid being shot are driven to death camps to become slaves.

Residents of the small village decide to confront the new government, creating an underground resistance headquarters. Each participant is well aware of the danger of such an organization but this only increases the thirst for revenge, protection of human honor. At the meeting, the heroes decide to start with the protection of the disgraced nation – hiding children, adolescents, women, and old people in their homes. Over time, having adjusted the ways for crossing the border, the participant of the underground organization begin the successful transfer of refugees to Spain. Rumors about the kindness of the organization spread throughout the neighborhood, giving a chance to many victims to survive. However, with increasing popularity, the risk of being caught up with the next transfer of Jews increases threefold.

11. Vysota 220

A strategically important area is on the list of good english Military movies.

The plot of the film tells about World War II. The Germans are attacking with incredible force. The next battle is lost, people gradually stop believing in their victory. The situation is worsened by the fact that the enemies are sent to Stalingrad. There locates a strategically important area, which can not be given to the enemy. The military division is far away, it will take several more weeks to get to Stalingrad. The enemies will be here much earlier and they have a large number of soldiers and military equipment.

There are dozens of soldiers in Stalingrad. However, it is not enough to protect civilians and defend their strategically important area. In such a situation, one of the pilots decides to take it all on himself; he comes up with one idea, which may save him. He intends to get up on a long tower and defend the area from there by shooting at enemies. Everyone understands that such a plan will help get rid of a large number of enemies. Can the hero will be able to translate this plan into reality?

10. Koridor bessmertiya

The siege of Leningrad is in the TOP twelve good Military movies in theaters.

The main hero Masha Yablochkina, after a fierce blockade winter of 1941-1942, is being accepted for the railway training hoping to survive and gain strength. From there, the girl is sent to the construction of the Shlisselburg Highway, which connects the city with the Great Land and is in direct sight of German artillery. Therefore, the protagonist gets into the 48th locomotive column, which, at the cost of their lives, will have to deliver 75% of all cargo and military equipment to Leningrad.

9. Midway

A battle of Midway is on the list of best english Military movies to watch.

The action takes place in the summer of 1942 when a big battle of Midway took place in the Pacific Ocean. This battle went down in history as one of the largest and most important in terms of strategy during the Second World War. Huge Japanese forces, ready to deliver a crushing blow, were moving in the direction of the United States. Chester Nimitz, who demonstrated excellent tactics, headed the command of the US Naval forces. As a result, the Japanese army lost several aircraft carriers and more than two hundred aircraft with the best pilots on board. These losses were catastrophic for Japan and considerably influenced a further defeat in the Second World War.

8. Schast’ye moye

The picture will tell about the artists at the front. These people are not only talented actors and musicians. Besides, they are also well-trained soldiers, and more importantly, brave people who are ready to fight for the sake of victory, even risking their lives.

Their musical, acting and dance talents serve as a cure for the soldiers and a weapon against enemies. After having surrendered to the Germans, the artists conceive to arrange a concert with a deadly “surprise.” Among the heroes is a young playwright Kruchinin who is in love with the beautiful star Lara.

7. Midnight Traveler

Life of a refugee is on the list of best modern Military films.

When the Taliban puts a bounty on the head of Afghan director Hassan Fazili, he is forced to flee the country with his family. Becoming a refugee, Fazili films his every day, showing what people have to face within this difficult situation. “Midnight traveler” is a documentary film by Afghan director Hassan Fazili about the difficult life of a refugee.

6. The Aftermath

During the Second World War, Germany flourished and increased its power. After the war, the situation has changed dramatically. Chaos reigned in the country – everything collapsed, thousands of citizens died because of hunger, and no one even thought that it was possible to recover a healthy social life and emotional well-being. The movie centers on Lewis Morgan. He is a native of Britain, an experienced soldier.

The protagonist of the military movie is temporarily appointed as mayor of Hamburg to see what he can do. At first, the man doubted his own capabilities. Despite doubts, Morgan and his wife move to a mansion owned by a German architect. The owner of the estate lives here with his daughter. There is an extremely tense atmosphere between the hosts and guests. Thirst for revenge still owns the minds of people. For this reason, there are many excesses. However, Lewis follows the order and tries to do his job without thinking about the sad events of the past. The man will have to deal with many tasks and raise Hamburg from the ruins.

5. Sevastopol’ 1942

The crucial moment of the Second World War is on the list of TOP 12 best Military movies of 2019 to watch

The whole world knows what a huge contribution to the defeat of the German army during the Second World War was made by the inhabitants of the Soviet Union who fearlessly fought against the enemy. At the beginning of World War II, a real battle of Sevastopol began. It was the most important strategic area.

Russian troops defended this city, which the Germans were determined to conquer at any cost. They were ready to throw the best forces at the implementation of the task. The bombing of the besieged city was regular, it seemed that no one could survive. Almost all the buildings were destroyed but the Soviet soldiers managed to survive in such inhuman conditions, realizing that every life is a chance for the success of the entire war. A film about the battle for a real stronghold of faith and hope named Sevastopol is dedicated to these incredible events. In distant 1943, the crucial moment of the Second World War happened.

4. A Hidden Life 2019

Franz Jägerstätter is on the list of best modern Military movies.

The movie is a biographical war drama with an interesting title, which was shot by American director Terrence Malick. The plot is connected with one of the most global problems of our time – this is the problem of Nazism. Everyone who faced this problem heard the name of Franz Jägerstätter.

This man did not depart from the principles and remained a brave warrior to the end. Many people and circumstances forced him to admit the fact of Nazism but he did not give up, and because of this, he became a real national hero.

However, all this broke the life of the hero.

3. Saving Leningrad

The third place of the list of really good Military films.

The action of the military film “Saving Leningrad” begins at a time when the Soviet Union is threatened with attack. There is danger and many people realize that life may soon change once and for all. When September comes, the blockade begins. This war will have to destroy not only the appearance of many countries but also the lives of millions of people.

When hostilities begin, lovers Konstantin and Anastasia become hostages to circumstances. They are not able to change anything but they try to live and fight for their happiness. Under the pressure, the protagonists find themselves on one of the barges heading to a safe place. Kostya and Nastya should soon be far away from besieged Leningrad but fate turns against them. The ship gets into a strong storm that leads to disaster. The main characters manage to survive. However, on the site of the tragedy are not the Soviet rescuers but the occupation forces. Now they will have to fight for survival.

2. Turkish Ice-Cream

It is the story of two immigrants from Turkey living in Australia during the Battle of Gallipoli, as well as their struggle to return home.

The film’s director Can Ulkay said that the film was shot in Istanbul. In addition, he noted that the shooting took two months and hey had to suspend work from time to time due to weather conditions.

1. SGT. Will Gardner

The leader of the TOP 12 best new Military movies 2019.

Will Gardner is a former marine, who, after serving in Iraq, received a traumatic brain injury because of the bombing. After returning to his homeland, he could not adapt to civilian life, as he constantly had flashbacks of bloody battles and the death of his comrades. He could not get a good job, lost contact with his family, and became homeless.

The last employer fired him due to regular breaks for physical exercises and reading books. His physician advised the man to perform these procedures but the chief did not care about his problems. For this reason, the main hero stole a motorcycle from him, setting off on a long journey across America.

The compilation ends now.

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