TOP 14 new good Disaster movies 2019 – List

To date, there is just an incredibly large number of assumptions about why moviegoers like the screen productions of man-made and natural disasters.

We are going to present you TOP 14 best english Disaster movies 2019 to watch.

Let’s begin!

List of TOP 14 good Disaster films

14. Assimilate

Three friends suddenly find out that the entire population of their city began to behave strangely as if they were replaced. Soon, the guys will find out that people were replaced by the evil beings who are set to take over the world.

13. Godzilla: King of the Monsters

King of the Monsters is on the list of good english Disaster movies

During the development of the events in the previous film, humanity still managed to take control of the monster named Godzilla. They learned from the mistakes of the past and created a secret scientific organization called “Monarch.” The direct responsibility of an unusual organization is to study Godzilla and similar creatures. Now scientists are convinced of the knowledge that was obtained in the process of research – they are confident that at any time they will be able to repel a new attack. Suddenly, several monsters appear on the Earth at once. They are hostile to people. A terrible incident forces scientists to call an emergency meeting. During the discussion, it is decided that Godzilla must protect them from new monsters. Will it be possible to achieve the desired result by implementing a very ambiguous and risky plan?

12. Avengers: Endgame

After the insidious and domineering Thanos took possession of the mighty The Infinity Gauntlet, the future of mankind was in great danger. The villain planned to conquer the universe destroying most of the people.

Against the background of what is happening, the successful outcome of the dangerous story could only be guaranteed by a successful joint operation carried out by the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. To do this, they had to forget about the long-standing difficulties and attempts to dominate their colleagues. Only successful teamwork was able to bring good results.

Angry Thanos planned every detail of his impending operation depriving people of the opportunity to avoid death. As the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy prepared for the new battle, the villain came up with a new idea, adding new problems to the unfortunate inhabitants of the tormented planet.

11. The Balkan Line

Slatina Air Base is on the list of best english Disaster movies to watch.

In 1999, NATO troops bombed Yugoslavia. After terrorists captured part of Kosovo, they begin to plunder the city. Russia played a small role in the settlement of the military conflict. Slatina Air Base falls under the control of Albanian militants headed by ruthless commander Smuk. He is trying to seize power in the region. The Russian intelligence group has been ordered to conduct a special operation to seize the airport. This is a strategic point, which is very important in reviewing the location. The main characters of “The Balkan Line” are sent to the assignment – commander Bek, his assistant Andrey, and other members of the squad. Not all those who were involved in the war understood who captured the important strategic point. Soon, Andrey learns that among the hostages held by terrorists at the airport is his beloved girl Yasna.

10. Arctic Justice

Swifty is on the list of really good Disaster films.

An animated film titled “Arctic Justice” will send young viewers to the cold Arctic. Until recently, the Arctic was uninhabited. In fact, everything turned out differently. On this continent, there are a lot of animals. All inhabitants are located in a small town. Residents now and then feel the need for some products. Unfortunately, it is simply impossible to find the necessary things in the snowy arctic desert. A special Husky unit delivers all goods to them. As it turned out, it is a real honor to be part of such a unit. However, it is not so simple to become a member of such an organization. For example, the arctic fox called Swifty really wants to become part of the team. However, unfortunately, it is too small. He makes attempts to defend his right to be a postman. One day, an unusual parcel falls into his hands. It must be delivered to the ice fortress. On the way, Swifty learns about the evil plans of Dr. Walrus. The walrus has been hatching the idea of creating the Arctic ice. Will the little fox be able to prevent such massive destruction and enlist the support of friends?

9. Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers is on the list of best modern Disaster films.

Major Carol Danvers is a young US Air Force employee who has dreamed about flying since childhood and managed to fulfill her dream. Thanks to her diligence, mind, and combat skills, she quickly promoted her career and then collaborated with Nick Fury. However, once an event occurred: because of the explosion, its DNA structure merged with the warrior’s DNA of the alien race of Kree.

Then she realized that she had gained superpowers – superhuman strength, endurance, speed, the ability to fly, and the ability to absorb energy. At the same time, she primarily remained a person who believed in good and justice and tried to make this world a better place.

When Earth was in danger due to the invasion of another hostile alien race, Carol joined the Starforce elite squad to fight against an alien enemy. She was to become a real hero – the defender of the Earth named Captain Marvel.

8. The Wandering Earth

Having learned about the imminent death of the Sun, humankind was forced to urgently look for alternative sources of energy for the Earth. People had very little time to solve global problems, risking putting an end to the planet history.

The best minds worked on the creation and launch of the project called “Wandering Earth.” With the help of huge engines of enormous power, people tried to shift the Earth from the axis in order to be able to move in space.

Two decades after the start of an unprecedented experiment, the planet approached Jupiter as closely as possible. Only instead of the long-awaited rescue, this has become a source of new and unpredictable problems…

7. IO

Disastrous consequences are on the list of TOP 14 best Disaster movies of 2019 to watch.

In the near future, humankind will face the disastrous consequences of their vital activity, which have made the Earth uninhabitable. The atmosphere became infected with a poisonous toxin that destroyed all living things. Shortly before the events, several thousand people were able to leave the planet and settle on the satellite of Jupiter called “Io,” where they built the residential complex, but their stay there can hardly be called happy.

The main hero, Sam, was able to survive, and find long-term refuge on a hill, where the air was still clear.

6. San ti

A female astronomer during the Cultural Revolution in the Republic of China sends a message to aliens and receives an answer asking her never to get in touch with them again. At the beginning of the XXI century, the woman is observing a series of strange events in world science. She believes that someone is trying to slow down scientific progress on Earth.

5. Spider-Man: Far From Home

Peter Parker is on the list of best modern Disaster movies.

After Peter Parker helped Tony Stark and the company defeat the insane titan Thanos, life goes on, and new dangerous adventures await him. Indeed, despite the fact that such a formidable enemy, like Thanos, is defeated, there are still a lot of villains left who are thinking of capturing this world.

Peter Parker is going to spend his summer holidays with his school friends. The guy hopes to take a break from all this superhero activity because the recent battles with Thanos have taken a lot of strength. Nevertheless, one-day Nick Fury interrupted his holidays. He informs Peter that the world is again in danger and Spider-Man must help him.

4. The Prototype

A government agent stumbles upon an alien conspiracy to conquer Earth. Using the fluid that aliens have created to enhance their soldiers, he turns into a prototype – the only hope of humankind.

3. Zvezdnyy razum

It is the third place of theTOP fourteen good Disaster movies in theaters.

In the near future, the Earth faces death due to a global environmental crisis. A chance for salvation is an international project to create a new home for humanity… in space. A space mission with a unique terraforming device is sent to a suitable exoplanet. This device should create suitable conditions for human life on another planet. However, an accident occurs on a spacecraft, which leads to the fact that connection with Earth is lost. It deprives the crew of the opportunity to return home. On an alien planet, astronauts are waiting for a collision with an alien mind. Now the fate of the Earth depends on these astronauts.

2. Zui hou de ri chu

In the near future, humankind has exhausted all fossil resources from the bowels of the earth, which forced it to switch to renewable energy. The Chinese corporation Helios, which equips the entire Asian region with cheap solar batteries, has succeeded in this area. Farmers stopped spending money on expensive gasoline, which significantly reduced the cost of crop production. The world prospered. The head of the company reported that they have big plans for the future.

A young astronomer phoned to the studio deciding to tell the audience about his calculations. According to his observations, the star No846 disappeared off the radar for unknown reasons. Moreover, he found deviations of the light and gravitational waves of the Sun by 96% coinciding with the data of the missing star.

1. The Last Boy

It is the first place of the TOP 14 best new Disaster movies 2019.

After humanity was on the verge of extinction due to a global catastrophe, the only hope of survivors was to escape from the cities. People settled closer to nature, living in terrible conditions for the sake of their salvation.

A woman sought refuge for herself and her little son, hoping to do everything to save him. They were forced to live in a small trailer.

On her deathbed, the woman decided to do everything possible to save the child. She gave him special instructions convincing him to act strictly according to the instructions. The main idea of it is to find a place where wishes come true.

The compilation ends now.

By the way, TOP 14 new good Disaster movies 2019 release dates are available on the Web.

Thank you for watching TOP 14 good Disaster films 2019.

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