TOP 20 new good Сhristian movies 2019 – List

Christian movies carry within them goodness and biblical wisdom. They teach us to live, not to be afraid of difficulties and trials, and to believe in God. These films are perfect for both personal and family watching. They bring only positive emotions into your life.

We are here to present you TOP 12 best english Сhristian movies 2019 to watch.

Christian movies can be made based on scenes described in the Bible or stories taken from real life. They can tell us about ancient times and the modern world. Regardless of the plot, the main things that always present in any Christian movies are the love of the neighbor and the love of God.

List of TOP 12 good Сhristian films

12. Unplanned

Abby Johnson is the head of the Planned Parenthood clinic, which, like all such institutions, has a controversial reputation. Among the services of the institution, there are types of abortions for women who due to specific pathologies are better not to have children. The young director persuaded thousands of clients to have an abortion, advising patients on reproductive health issues. Often the patients abandoned their children because they had an unplanned pregnancy.

The director received specialized awards from the American Planned Parenthood community. A specialist regularly sees all kinds of activists holding posters demanding not to have abortions and shouting slogans and threats. The woman convinces pregnant women that abortion is a normal process. However, she gradually begins to understand that she convinces women to kill babies who have no formed body but already have a soul. A doctor will change attitudes and goals drastically.

11. Breakthrough

The power of belief is on the list of good english Сhristian movies

There are such situations in life that are beyond the control of the human mind and explanation. Sometimes there are situations when a person wakes up from the dead and gets a second chance to live. When the main hero was only 14 years old, he was held hostage to a ridiculous situation that could cost him his life. One day, John went to a local lake, where he often spent his free time. John drowned and was dead about a few minutes. The young guy was lucky because he was rescued in time and sent to intensive care at the best hospital, where he received emergency help.

The parents immediately arrived at the hospital in the hope that their child would come to life. The boy was dead but on the life support machine. The doctors forced the parents to accept the loss. Resuscitation lasted only 27 minutes and this did not lead to a positive result. However, when the mother entered the intensive care unit, the boy suddenly got a pulse.

10. The Pilgrim’s Progress

It is an animated film based on the book “The Pilgrim’s Journey” written by John Bunyan when he was in prison for preaching the Gospel. In April, the film was shown in cinemas around the world. A part of the profits will be donated to support international missions.

Revelation Media launched the Kickstarter campaign at the beginning of the development of the movie. It helped raise over $60,000 to complete the project and translate the picture into 20 languages.

The film was shown on television in Iran on Easter weekend and will be distributed in countries where Christians are being severely persecuted. Revelation Media translates the film into more than 100 different languages.

9. Five Feet Apart

The insurmountable obstacles are on the list of best english Сhristian movies to watch.

How important are physical touches? The importance of touches can be found out only if the lovers are deprived of the opportunity to touch each other. The main heroes of the movie are Will and Stella who found themselves in an atypical and extremely difficult situation. They suffer from cystic fibrosis. The main characters of the film cannot approach other people closer than five feet. Otherwise, it can result in the exchange of pathogenic bacteria. If this happens, Will and Stella will die. When they met in the hospital, the guy and the girl immediately fall in love with each other. With the help of bright feelings, they forget about all the problems for a while. However, the heroes return to the cruel reality, where there is no opportunity to touch each other. Despite the insurmountable obstacles, Stella is in no hurry to push Will away. How long can the heroes comply with the main condition?

8. A Dog’s Way Home

A dog named Bella is on the list of best modern Сhristian movies.

The movie centers on a dog named Bella. She lived with one guy who took her at the moment when she was still a puppy. They became real best friends. They spent all the time together. Lucas tried to care for a dog and give her love and care. Bella was happy because the most important thing for a dog is when its owner treats her well. Bella could never have imagined that one day everything would be wrong. One day, Lucas loses his dog. At that moment, the dog was chasing a squirrel and did not notice how far she had gone.

The dog is an intelligent creature and understands very well that it needs to return home. However, a man noticed the dog and took it along with him. Now she is further away from home and in another state. She just needs to go back despite a great distance. Lucas misses the dog and attempts to find it. Returning home turns into a real adventure.

7. The Aftermath

Post-war Germany is on the list of best modern Сhristian films.

The action of the film “Aftermath” begins in post-war Germany in 1946, when the country is in a ruined state. Despite the fact that in some places the authorities are trying to restore the infrastructure, the general state of the country leaves much to be desired. Confusion and hunger are everywhere. A British military man named Lewis Morgan comes to the city. He is appointed as interim mayor of the city of Hamburg. He needs to try to restore everything that was destroyed during the war. Lewis understands that he faces a difficult task because the city is almost destroyed and the local residents have little confidence in him.

The wife of the main hero comes in town together with him. Rachel is pleased that they will live in a huge mansion, which belonged to a wealthy family. However, she is shocked to learn that Lewis made an unexpected decision: they will share this house with its former owners, including a German widower and his daughter.

6. The Long Home

Nathan Winer’s life is in the TOP twelve good Сhristian movies in theaters.

The plot of the drama movie unfolding in the US state around a young man named Nathan Winer. In the 1940s, the population began to recover a little from the Great Depression, which brings only hunger and pain. The people became very impoverished. They tried to survive and feed their families. Therefore, Nathan, who is carpenter, was ready to go to any work that brings money. A guy found work. However, our hero is completely unaware of the dark past of his employer, who killed his father.

The main hero thinks that his life will improve now. However, he is very mistaken. Nathan falls in love with a charming girl completely unaware of the intention of his employer to turn the young woman into a prostitute for his enrichment. The carpenter will have to fight for his own happiness challenging a very dangerous enemy. A battle against an employer could end in a similar tragedy that happened to his father many years ago.

5. Yaponskiy Bog

A complicated case is on the list of TOP 12 best Prison movies of 2019 to watch.

In early spring, a foreigner was found dying from his wounds. He managed to testify to the investigator but died in the hospital. An hour later, a woman in ripped clothes was found there. She told that she had been raped. A migrant from Central Asia detained on charges of murder and rape.

Operatives arrive at the scene of a crime committed in the province. They will have to understand the chain of events that took place several months ago and hear different versions from the criminal, the victim, and the witnesses.

4. National Theatre Live: All My Sons

Post-war America, 1947, the wealthy Keller family, who were able to achieve success, despite the blows of fate and hard times. They built a house, raised two sons, and founded a thriving business. However, nothing lasts forever, and their peaceful life is about to collapse because of the loss of an older son in the war. The situation makes the family wonder what a terrible price they paid for fulfilling their American dream.

3. A Dog’s Journey

The third place is on the list of really good Сhristian films.

Dogs are the most amazing and most faithful creatures on earth. However, no one knows that dogs have several lives, and they constantly experience the process of returning to this world in the form of another dog. Buddy is a very old dog who lived many lives before he found his first owner again. However, Buddy himself clearly could not have imagined that he was waiting for another important mission. After leaving this world once again, Buddy returns. However, this time, in the form of a puppy called Molly.

A problem teenager named CJ is entrusted with the role of Molly’s owner. Due to the transitional age and lack of friends, CJ is unhappy. The girl spends all the time alone. From now on, Molly’s main and only mission is to make CJ the happiest girl on earth. Buddy aka Molly has never failed his owners and this one will not be an exception.

2. Pain and Glory

The plot of the picture “Pain and Glory” is full of tragedy and emotions. The viewer will bring face-to-face with the sad fate of the once famous film director. He is very old now. Suddenly, a man understands that he needs to stop and look into his past to remember what he had to go through to achieve fame. He believes that it is still too early for him to say goodbye to his career but there are events that suggest that he must forget about it. The man will meet the women he once loved, his mother, and colleagues.

1. God Exists, Her Name Is Petrunija

The first place of the TOP 12 best new Сhristian movies 2019.

A young woman named Petrunija had the opportunity to take part in one interesting competition. Petrunia was just walking across the bridge when she saw an interesting competition in which only men participate. When the priest threw a wooden cross into the water, Petrunija jumped from the bridge and grabbed the cross first.

Despite the fury of men, Petrunija did not let the cross out of her hands and did not allow anyone to take it. She brought it home believing that she did everything right. However, she did not have time to get some rest because police officers forced her to go with them to the police station.

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Thank you for watching TOP 12 good Сhristian films 2019!

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