List of TOP 16 good Inspirational films

If it seems to you that nothing in life is going smoothly, then you have to change the way you live. Where to begin? World cinema is rich in ready-made scripts. You just need to play one of the proposed movies and absorb new ideas.

We are here to present you TOP 16 best english Inspirational movies 2019 to watch.

Let’s begin!

List of TOP 16 good Inspirational films

16. Aladdin

Among the golden dunes of the Endless Desert stands the majestic city of Agrabah ruled by the fair and good sultan. However, not everyone likes the nobility of the current ruler. The treacherous Vizier is eager to take over leadership in the city and become the sole owner of countless treasures, as well as enslave the local people.

Jafar, an envious and malicious vizier, knows how to achieve the cherished goal and not to suffer during the mission. The man needs a magic lamp with a genie trapped inside. However, it is very difficult to get a rare artifact because not every mortal can penetrate the mysterious place and steal the lamp. The villain entrusts the task to the poor thief hoping to frame him if he succeeds in returning alive from the mission.

Aladdin turned out to be not as easy as the rich man thought. He will not allow a villain to seize the throne and plunge native lands into chaos. The boy does not suspect that his act can not only save the city but also conquer the heart of the beautiful princess called Jasmine.

15. The White Crow

Rudolf Nureyev is on the list of good english Inspirational movies.

The film tells about the biography of the legendary ballet and contemporary dancer Rudolf Nureyev from his childhood in Ufa to the time of the Kirov Theater tour in France when Nureyev decided to seek asylum in the West.

14. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

The protagonist of the movie is a professional killer. John Wick has long wanted to retire and he even succeeded. However, he was forced to get back in the game. Unfortunately, this was not the best choice. The whole reason is that he violated the most important rule of the Continental Hotel and killed a man on its territory. Now, he faces a terrible punishment and he will have to do everything possible to get out of this mess.

13. Fighting with My Family

The life of Saraya Knight is on the list of best english Inspirational movies to watch

Saraya Knight is the main character in the movie “Fighting with My Family.” She was raised by her father. And once she was interested in wrestling and began to learn to fight. In the end, after a few years, Saraya becomes a wrestling champion. However, in order to achieve such great aims, she will have to go through a very difficult life path and risk all that she has. She will have to act not only against her principles but also against her family. What happens next?

12. The Beach Bum

The main hero of the film is a young man called Moondog. He is a good-looking, charm, and wordsmith. The man was not used to living like everyone else, going to a boring office and staying at work all day. Our hero is instead engaged in fraud, which helps him to continue to exist. He also tries to finish the book, which contains all of his brilliant poems. However, this is not easy to do when you are a little crazy man and constantly get into some kind of funny situations and troubles. It will be extremely difficult for him to finish the book…

11. Amundsen

A famous polar explorer is on the list of best modern Inspirational films.

 “Amundsen” is a biopic about a famous polar explorer from Norway who made a huge contribution to the exploration of the Earth. The main character of the film, Roald Amundsen, has dreamed all his life about traveling and wandering around the world. He was born in a poor family. Relatives dreamed that he would become a doctor and did everything so that after school he enrolled in a higher educational institution. The young man tried to study in college but the thirst for adventure made him quit from it. He was ready to endure all the hardships, troubles, bad conditions, just to achieve his goal, to contribute to the development of science. Diseases and trials stood in the way, but thanks to his perseverance, he traveled to all the extremes of the planet. His dream was to visit the South Pole. He dreamed to see what is hidden in the vastness of its lands. He also wanted to win worldwide fame. At that time, he was a pioneer, because he began to use airships in his activities.

10. Polar

Duncan became famous in the criminal world as the most professional and ruthless killer. His nickname was Black Kaiser. At the time, he moved to different parts of the world and took contract killings. However, in recent years, he decided to quit and now lives a quiet life. However, the past soon caught up with Duncan. The people who had bad relations with the main hero did not think to forgive the killer. The peaceful life of the protagonist ends when cruel mercenaries begin to hunt him. He will have to remember all his skills and experience gained over many years as a killer…

9. The Last Summer

The hard life of teenagers is on the list of TOP 16 best Inspirational movies of 2019 to watch.

Griffin is a talented sound engineer. He has learned everything himself, but his parents do not consider this career secure, so the hero will go to the law school, despite the fact that he does not like it. Alec recently broke up with a girlfriend he still loves, but they have chosen different paths, so it’s best to remain friends. Phoebe – Griffin’s old girlfriend, but he hesitates to tell about his feelings to her. First, it is already late and in three months, they will live in different cities. Secondly, he is afraid that he will destroy their friendship… And Erin broke up with Alec but met promising player Ricky Santos and now does not know what to do. They have three months to sort through their feelings…

8. After

Tessa is a young and attractive girl. She was pleased with her position in life and did not seek to change anything. Everything changes when she meets Hardin. This guy was a real rebel. He was used to getting what he wanted because his parents were wealthy people, so he is a spoiled child.

However, how long could such a relationship last, because it seemed that Tessa and Hardin from different worlds. They had completely opposite views on life. This did not stop the main characters from enjoying life and walking around the city together, as well as visiting various public premises. Do they know what awaits them?

7. IO

Sam’s mission is on the list of really good Inspirational films.

A fascinating movie begins with the fact that the Earth is in complete chaos. The planet is in terrible condition. However, soon there is a unique opportunity to start a new life on the satellite of Jupiter. However, there are brave souls who are ready to stay on Earth. Sam is a brave girl who is ready to do anything to save her own planet. In addition to the fact that the girl tries to survive on Earth, she is also in search of salvation of native lands. Soon the hero meets Micah, who is also do not want to fly away from Earth. Maybe together the heroes will be able to find a way to return humanity to their home planet.

6. Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood

The film takes place in 1969 in Hollywood. This time was bad many actors because they began to find themselves in a sensitive situation. Rick Dalton is a famous actor who is adored by fans. He played many great roles and gained worldwide fame but all this time, a loyal assistant, Cliff Booth, was next to him. This person has repeatedly risked his life so that the scene with the main character was memorable and good. For many years, they worked side by side and became very good friends. Now they are together trying to find their place in the rapidly changing world of the film industry…

5. Gully Boy

Murad’s love for rap is on the list of best modern Inspirational movies.

Murad Ahmed is a college student who loves rap. He is trying to get out of the slums of Mumbai, but it turns out to be extremely difficult. The guy writes poetry about the problems of his life. His main topics are inequality and injustice. He is trying to convey his thoughts to other people and is not going to stop. A chance encounter completely changes his life and gives a great chance to fulfill his dream. Murad is not going to miss this opportunity and will do everything possible to take advantage of it. Will he be able to fulfill his plans and achieve his goal?

4. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

The plot of the film is based on a true story that happened in a small African village of Malawi. William is a young boy who was born in a poor family. His parents never attended school, but he has the opportunity to get an education, which can already be called great luck. Their village suffers from drought since it does not has a wet season. Everyone is starting to prepare for the hard times of hunger and water shortages. However, William, realizing that there is no one to expect help from, begins the construction of a windmill. He is convinced that it will help survive not only his family but also the whole village…

3. The Wolf’s Call

The third place of the TOP sixteen good Inspirational movies in theaters.

A young submariner has a rare gift to recognize every sound he hears. The fate of the people depends on his “Golden Ear,” and the mistake endangers the life of the entire crew of the submarine. Wanting to regain the trust of his comrades, he is conducting his own investigation of a military provocation because of which the whole world is on the verge of a nuclear apocalypse. To prevent a world war, the elite combat team of the submarine must do the impossible – to prevent catastrophe.

2. Booksmart

The film tells about two high school students who realized that the only thing they did not achieve in their life was that they had no friends. Each one of them decides to find a friend in order to go to the prom.

1. The Mustang

The first place of the TOP 16 best new Inspirational movies 2019.

Roman Coleman is a criminal who committed terrible atrocities. He ran for a long time from the police, but the law enforcement officers were able to find him and put him in jail for a long time. In prison, a man is forced to take part in all the programmes that the authorities impose on him in order not to become an easy target for ruthless guards. A young guy along with other prisoners are forced to train wild mustangs. Rebellious horses refuse to obey people. Prisoners try to tame them but they did not succeed. Then Coleman decides to use another technique. Therefore, he acts kindly and respectfully and soon deserves the confidence of the proudest and recalcitrant mustang in the whole herd. Taming freedom-loving mustang, the prisoner begins to change his views on the world. An amazing horse makes the hero feel a sense of love. Will the prisoner be able to protect his mustang from cruel horse breeders?

The compilation ends now.

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