John Wick 3 movie trailer 2019

In the network appeared John Wick 3 movie trailer 2019. It is the third part of the popular action movie “John Wick” directed by Chad Stahelski, created by the film company “87Eleven” in 2014. Here, you will find all known information on the movie. Here we go!


Chad Stahelski, the director of the outstanding dilogy, reported on the development of the third part of “John Wick.”

Information portal Collider published an interview with Chad Stahelski, in which the director shared the details of the new project. Despite the fact that only a few months have passed since the premiere of the second part, the author’s team is already working on a new film.

“Now about half of the script is ready. It all depends on how quickly we can deal with it, but I would suggest that we’ll begin to shoot the third part at the end of 2017 or early 2018” – the director said.

However, Stahelski himself is not sure that he will be able to again take the director’s chair.

“I hope this works because I certainly would like to shoot this film. If you really watched the first and second part, you should understand where this is going.”

John Wick 3 movie

Earlier, the actor, who played a major role in both films, Keanu Reeves informed the public about his desire to shoot in the continuation of the saga.

According to John Wick 3 teaser trailer, the movie promises to be interesting. Watch it now!

The first film appeared in 2014. Initially, “John Wick” blew the audience away with fighting scenes, which contributed to the success at the box office. This led to the creation of the second part of the film which grossed more money than original in just two weeks.

During one of the meetings, Keanu and Chad sat down to discuss the movie, where Reeves offered his ideas about the future story of his hero:

“I think that at the beginning of the movie, the protagonist should try to escape from NY. Maybe he will ask help from the character of L. Fishburne. Maybe John Leguizamo will come and help my hero.”

At the end of Chapter 2, John comes face-to-face with literally a hundred trained killers.

Release date

The release of the film is scheduled for February 2019, in the USA.

We hope that the film will be fascinating and cool as new John Wick 3 official trailer 2019.

Thank you for being with us!

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