Playmobil movie trailer 2019

In 2019, the cartoon based on the eponymous game “Playmobil” will come out. If you want to know the information on the film and also watch Playmobil movie trailer 2019, then you should look through the topic below. If you ready let’s go!


Lino DiSalvo is in director’s chair.

All the US rights to cartoon were bought by the American company Open Road.

The main characters of the “Playmobil” will be characters from the toy line, and the decorations will be made of the elements of this game.

There is no information on plot but according to Playmobil teaser trailer, the film promises to be funny.

The company Playmobil founded in the distant 1929 cabinetmaker Hans Beck. He began to produce toys, which soon conquered the whole world. The three features why Playmobil toys so famous.

  1. Convenience.
  2. Simplicity.
  3. Good design.

Playmobil poster

Designer Playmobil has a small number of details that are easily placed in children’s handles, and the little figures look like they were drawn by babies. Investors had doubts that such toys would become popular, but still they decided to take risks and were right. Currently Playmobil toys are the main competitor of the world-famous company LEGO.

The decision to film the cartoon “Playmobil” was made in 2015 after the company Warner Bros received great success after the release of the cartoon “The Lego Movie.”

After the huge success of the first cartoon “Lego,” the same name producer of children’s designer “Lego” decided to release three more cartoons, with the main characters from the line.

The plot is written by famous scriptwriter Blaise Hemingway.

Here’s how the Open Road CEO comments on this project:

The team of the film has created fun and amazing story that will surely be interesting for not only young generation but also adult. We are very happy to work on this project.

Here’s what another cartoon producer Borman says about the future cartoon:

Playmobil is great toy company that pleases with its toys children from all over the world. We are happy to film this project and we hope that the film will be liked by audience.

Release date

Filmed on the grounds of the characters of the children’s game, the cartoon “Playmobil” will come out on January 18, 2019.

We hope that the animation will be funny and interesting as new Playmobil official trailer 2019.

Thank you for being with us!

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