Sgt Stubby movie trailer 2018

In the network appeared Sgt Stubby movie trailer 2018. In the article below, we will show you all known information about the movie including the trailer itself. If you ready let’s go!

Next year, a historical family cartoon based on real events will be released. The movie will tell us a story of an American dog, who was awarded a huge number of awards and talks about his adventures abroad during the First World War. Well-known actors as Helena Bonham Carter, Gerard Depardieu, and Logan Lerman will give their voices to the main characters.


Sergeant Stubby is the first cartoon movie based on real events. The main studio that produces the movie is called Fun Academy Motion Picture. The studio is located in the US. However, in the creation of the film involved studios from many other countries: France, Canada, and Ireland. The budget at the moment is $ 25 million. Pre- and post-production are processed in Mikros Image, the cartoon is developed at the Micros Studios in Montreal. The voice of the characters is recorded in Santa Monica, London, Columbia, and Georgia. Artistic and sound effects are recorded in Cornwall, UK. The film is sponsored by private investments and US production taxes. The cartoon will be released in the US on April 13, 2018.

Robert Conroy and his dog Stubby


According to Sgt Stubby teaser trailer, Stubby is a dog who finds his true calling when a soldier of the US Army Robert Conroy arrives in New Haven. While training at one of the universities, Conroy meets a new little dog. The man gives a dog an opportunity to become a real hero. The dog and the owner end up in one of the cities of France, where the local Gaston becomes their friend and helps them in desperate situations.

“The dog is an understandable story about an outsider who reaches incredible heights. He is a real friend,” says R. Lanni, director, and screenwriter of the cartoon. “This unneeded wandering dog finds his real friend, and they are experiencing the greatest moments in the US history. It’s a fascinating story of a dog.”

According to the story, Stubby has a flair for danger and a great loving heart.

We hope that the film will be great as new Sgt Stubby official trailer 2018.

Thank you for your attention!

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