When does come out Logan movie 2017


Wolverine returns in new movie – “Logan”. What the fate has in store for him this time?  

“Logan” is long-awaited fantasy thriller by James Mangold. The date of out of which is expected everywhere throughout the world. It is a part of series of movies “X-Men” and last spin-off of “Wolverine”. Many of fans wonder: “When does Logan come out?” We will attempt to answer this question and numerous different questions on this point beneath. We should start with the creation of the motion picture.

Logan movie 2017


In the end of 2013, couple months after “Wolverine: The Immortal” release the twentieth Century Fox studio has started the discussions with James Mangold about making a single film about Wolverine. He agreed and said that the motion picture starts filming after out to screens of “X-Men: Apocalypse”. Michael Green was designated as a screenwriter. It was additionally affirmed that in the motion picture we will see Professor X, played by Patrick Stewart. Liev Schreiber said that he wished to play the Sabretooth again and in chats with the studio about his interest.

Film notice was displayed in a presentation by the studio on the ToyFair festival. The studio plans to make a motion picture R-rated.

On March 2015, H. Jackman posted an image of Wolverine with hashtag #OneLastTime on his social page. He additionally indicated that the motion picture is grounded on the comic book series of “Old Man Logan”. Mark Millar, who is the creator of comics, affirms Jackman’s words.

  1. Holbrook got the part in the movie but the actor’s character was not mentioned. Richard Grant also got the part of the fundamental villain.

Later, S. Kinberg affirms that the story of the movie will happen in distant future. Besides, he reported that the movie was officially R-rated.



In March 2015, one of the fans asked the question to director Mangold about the date of filming. He said that recording starts in April next year. In February 2016, he said that the filming plans on April 25. May 9, Kinberg affirmed that the taping is already started. On August 2016, Jackman declared the end of recording the movie.

The locations which were included while making the film: Mississippi, New Mexico and Louisiana. The process of filming was launched in Louisiana and was finished in New Mexico. The last photography set confirmed to have finished on August 19, 2016.

Musical part

On July 1, 2016, C. Martinez was announced as a composer to “Logan” motion picture.


Official movie Logan trailer already was available on October 20, 2016.

Main plot

In the distant future where Wolverine and professor-telepath remained all alone without their group, no one but they can withstand against the powerful enterprise which plans to demolish the world. Battle is coming. While the ability of Logan’s recovery fades with his age and Xavier loses his memory in case of Alzheimer’s illness progression, in the battle against the evil they can rely on the help only of a female prototype of Wolverine – youthful Laura Kinney. Will the Wolverine protect the girl and world from the powerful corporation? Does he can find peace? Answers on these questions we will know on March, 2017.

Main characters of the film


  1. Jackman got the main role in this film.
  2. Stewart as the telepath.
  3. Keen as Laura Kinney – mutant, “very particular” like Logan
  4. Merchant as Caliban – mutant who can detect other mutants
  5. Holbrook as Donald Pierce – head of Reavers – a team of criminal cyborgs.

The release date

Logan 2017 movie release date is announced on March 3, 2017, in the USA. The premiere in the world will be the similar date.

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