Check out the trailer and see it is a great movie that you will not forget. So …" />

When does come out The Zookeeper’s Wife movie 2017


Check out the trailer and see it is a great movie that you will not forget. So when does The Zookeeper’s Wife come out? We expect the release of the film next spring.  Find out more information in this comprehensive article.

Starting a project

In early 2016 news leaked that the novel “The Zookeeper’s Wife” will be adapted soon by Angela Workman for a movie. All without simplification in this story: the invaders, fear, determination, humanity and brutality. There are almost 126 minutes of riots and plans, impulsive actions of the heart and impulsive cruelty. Resistance for saving the lives of people and the risk to own family. Women’s sentimentality and sacrifice no less mysterious and dangerous than male coarseness and superficiality.

The Zookeeper's Wife movie 2017


Perhaps you are one of those who have already read the book by Diane Ackerman; it’s a bestseller. This literary work is about real historical events, what take shape and color in this film.

How did this film turn out so awesome and powerful? It is not only in the raw material, but also a talented and experienced team of professionals of the director of photography; the production designer; the film’s costume designer (as below):

  • Andrij Parekh;
  • Bina Daigeler (Only Lovers Left Alive).
  • Niki Caro (Whale Rider, McFarland, USA, North Country) directs the film. Caro is director, producer and screenwriter, and won a number of awards at international film festivals.

Cast and the plot

Actors were chosen very subtly and harmoniously. A film buffs will see familiar famous faces in the cast. Chastain plays Antonina Żabińska. Johan Heldenbergh has convincing role Dr. Jan Żabiński, in control city zoo in Prague. As well as Daniel Brühl signed on to star in the film. What will they do when the Germans arrive into Czech Republic? All are forced to report to the Reich.

Also starring:

  1. Shira Haas;
  2. Efrat Dor;
  3. Val Maloku;
  4. Tim Radford;
  5. Anna Rust;
  6. Goran Kostić;
  7. Michael McElhatton.


The Zookeeper's Wife movie

Poland was invaded and brutally occupied. You thought you saw and knew everything possible about those years, not being able to present yourself. But this beautiful, very beautiful and made-from-the-heart film shows a feminine look. The true story of Antonina was the basis of the plot. You can find archival documents, especially since many military museums and archives are open on the Internet in electronic form.

Whatching new movie The Zookeeper’s Wife trailer, you could be wondering , how many people you can save at home? Courage and bravery are taking place not only on the battlefield. Of course to keep the zoo and animals was impossible. Occupiers decided to turn it into a pig farm. The family, of which there is a speech in the film, kept hundreds of children. They are used various household containers, cages in a zoo, and inside their own private home. The conditions to be testing strength and will be successful during the height of the war?

Interesting from the history. Why Hitler attacked Poland in September 1939?

This attack was not nearly as well thought out as many people think. Hitler decided on it only after Warsaw refused to accept his offer and conclude a pact against Stalin.

Everyone always wants clarity. But the desire to find something easy explanation sometimes lead to impotence. It is clear that Hitler wanted to start a war in Europe. He was going to start it in the fall of 1938 – against Czechoslovakia. Many history books, Internet sites and TV documentaries depict the German path to war against Poland very simple: first, the German dictator wanted to secure the eastern border of the Third Reich. Then, according to the common version, Hitler was going to concentrate all its military power in the west and capture France.

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The Zookeeper's Wife 2017

However, certain aspects do not fit into this pattern. According to the study of extreme military historian Rolf-Dieter Müller, Hitler for several years tried to enlist the support of Poland, then to jointly fight against the Stalin regime. With the German attack on Poland: Adolf Hitler was convinced that he was right. After his tactics against Poland, many felt they seemed much more elaborate than it was in reality.

You watch at the official poster of this the emotional drama: the movie’s leading lady and an albino tiger (which color is very rare in the world). Now you know everything that is possible, just one item remained. No production date had been announced for a long time. But we are ready to announce good and accurate news today. When is The Zookeeper’s Wife coming to theaters this year? Release date has been announced. We could watch this long awaited movie on March 31. 2017. In a series of fantasy and the film adaptation of comic books, let us remember the real story of heroism. In life, sometimes we need bravery and perseverance to remain just human, not to be a superhero.

The film will be distributed in Eastern Europe and Latin America as well. Follow the Zookeeper’s Wife 2017 movie release date in your country. Live tenderness and secrets, rage and forgiveness, along with the story, and cleanse yourself from old emotions that could push its weight. A person can be invincible inside even when he loses. But animals have beautiful distinctive features in their eyes, as the main heroine said.

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