A Star Is Born movie trailer 2018

Without a doubt, the fans of musicals and good-old romantic stories that are equally heart-warming and heart-wrenching will fall in love with the A Star Is Born movie trailer 2018. It’s bright, beautiful, fast-paced and engaging, making us hope for a stunning worldwide release next year. The film will be available in the USA on September 28, 2018, while, say, Germany will get it a week later.

So, what’s it all about? Well, first of all, you gotta know that this is a brand-new remake of the iconic 1937 movie of the same name. True, there already are not one, but two official remakes (they came out in ’54 and in ’76). But it’s a known fact that people love when Hollywood takes a world-known story and turns it into a modern-day tale.

Remaking A Movie For The Third Time? Why Not?!

A fun fact: Mr. Bradley Cooper, one of the greatest actors of our time, is the director and the lead actor for this project. As for the lead female role, they say that at first Cooper wanted Beyonce to be his on-screen partner. Yet, after she refused, he was quick to convince Lady Gaga to join the cast. Judging by the A Star Is Born teaser trailer that came out recently, it’s safe to say that these two look awesome together.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born

The magic is most certainly there, and Gaga did a great job of portraying the up-and-coming artist. So, yeah, everything’s going according to the plan and the movie is set to arrive next year without any delays. However, back in 2011, when Eastwood was the big man behind this project, it seemed like the 3rd remake was going to fail at conception.

Cooper + Gaga = An Awesome Performance

Thankfully, Cooper came in and saved the day. He conquered the hearts and minds of the producers with his splendid performance with Gaga and took everything into his own hands. By the way, this is the actor’s directorial debut! The story is great, the cast is solid, and the chemistry between Cooper and Gaga is undeniable. And for a movie like this one, that’s actually the most important thing.

Maine used to be a big-time country music star, but he’s not a legend anymore. His career is slowly yet steadily declining. However, when he meets an incredibly gifted young woman, Ally, he falls in love and dedicates himself to turning her into a star. In the new A Star Is Born official trailer 2018, they join forces and work towards conquering the pedestal. Yet, while the girl becomes a celebrity, Maine finds it impossible to say goodbye to his own career.

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