Avengers 3 Infinity War movie trailer 2018

The following year Marvel that created the “Iron Man” will cross an important threshold and mark the tenth anniversary. The culmination of these years will be the “Avengers 3.” To present the picture, D23 expo in Anaheim gathered a whole group of stars.

Along with studio president Kevin Feige and director Joe Russo, almost all major franchise stars arrived at the presentation of Disney’s game projects – from Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth to Mark Ruffalo and Dave Batista. And they had a big surprise for the fans: the first Avengers 3 Infinity War teaser trailer.

Fragments from Avengers 3 Infinity War movie trailer 2018

  • The movie begins with the ship of the Guard of the Galaxy, maneuvering between the space debris. Groot became bigger and now looks like a teenager. Suddenly, an unconscious body crashes right into the windshield. His face is familiar to all fans of comics, but not yet by the Guardians: it’s Thor. The team decides to take Thor aboard, and Mantis helps him to get back to normal conditions.
  • The action moves to Earth. We see Peter Parker on the bus.

Avengers 3 poster

  • The spider is thoroughly preparing for the battle. Now we see him in a new suit. In the very same one that Tony Stark gave him.
  • Loki again plans something sinister. He holds a tesseract in his hand – one of the stones of infinity.
  • Hulkbuster returns: The iron man again put on a suit that helped him in the battle with the Hulk. The main costume of the hero also received a new model.
  • Black Widow’s new image: now she’s blonde.
  • Captain America also appears in an unusual image – with a beard.
  • A huge ship is approaching the Earth. Guardians, Iron Man, Doctor Strange and other heroes together look pretty afraid. “We have the advantage: he came to us,” says Stark.

Release date

“In our film, there will be almost all the characters that appeared in the Marvel,” said Feige from the stage. The shooting of “Avengers 3” is half completed. The release of the first part of the “Infinity War” is scheduled for May 4, 2018, the second one will come out in 2019.

We hope that the film will be great and fascinating as new Avengers 3 Infinity War official trailer 2018. We look forward to its release.

Thank you for your attention!

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