Ferdinand movie trailer 2017

The network has a Ferdinand movie trailer 2017 from which we learn a little bit more about the history of a young bull. The cartoon was produced by the Blue Sky Studios.

“Ferdinand” – the forthcoming full-length animated film directed by C. Saldanha, based on Munroe Leaf’s children’s book. The cartoon, the premiere of which is expected on December 15, 2017, will tell about a bull which will have to defend his peace-loving beliefs and remind us that even in the face of difficulties, the main thing is to remain yourself. It is noteworthy that the first film adaptation of the children’s book was the short film 1938 “Bull Ferdinand,” filmed by the studio “Disney” and received the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film.

Ferdinand teaser trailer showed only a scene from the cartoon but it promises to be interesting.


The bull Ferdinand can be called the most peaceful bull in the whole world. He never quarrels with relatives, does not participate in battles and clashes with other bulls. And his favorite occupation is sitting under a shady tree, where Ferdinand sniffs flowers and gives philosophical reflections on life.

Ferdinand movie

But one day his calm and measured existence comes to an end.By an absurd mistake, Ferdinand goes through a rigorous selection and enters the famous bullfight in Madrid. The first thought is to run away from it, but soon Ferdinand is convinced that this is impossible. Maybe, it will be better to change his former convictions and take part in the tournament? But Ferdinand does not even know how to fight and never did it. Refuse? Then he will be accused of cowardice. His rivals are too aggressive: they crave battle and blood and will not back off. Ferdinand needs to try to prove to the other bulls that he does not want to fight. Maybe he will even be able to explain to them that fights are not an appropriate occupation for young and strong animals. Will they listen to his fellow tribesmen? The answer to this question, you will know after watching the movie.


One of the most popular American wrestlers decided to go beyond the ring and took part in a new animation project. John Cena will voice the protagonist. In addition to J. Cena, K. McKinnon, G. Rodriguez, D. Diggs will take part in the movie.

We hope that new movie will be as interesting and funny as new Ferdinand official trailer 2017.

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