Murder on the Orient Expres movie trailer 2017

Studio 20th Century Fox published the Murder on the Orient Expres movie trailer 2017. It is a screen adaptation of the famous novel by A. Christie.

The novel “Murder on the Orient Express,” one of her most famous works, was first published in 1934. According to the plot of the novel, the detective Poirot, who was at that time in Istanbul, had an urgent need to get to the UK. With some difficulty, the detective got a place in the train, and then subjected to a series of thorns: a part of the audience was suspicious and unpleasant, and also the train was soon stuck in the snow somewhere in the middle of Yugoslavia. And then there’s the corpse: you know, a corpse: a certain Mr. Ratchett lies dead in his compartment.

“The Murder” was filmed several times, including in the format of television series. While the most famous version came out by S. Lumet – 1974.

If you want to see what will be the movie itself, then watch Murder on the Orient Expres teaser trailer.

Murder on the Orient Expres movie

Depp plays, in fact, the victim of the title murder – Ratchett (the American). Plus: Daisy  Ridley as British governess Debenham, J. Dench – Russian aristocrat Princess Dragomiroff, L. Boynton – Countess Andrenyi, T. Bateman – Monsieur Bouc, D. Jacobi – Edward Masterman and finally the production director K. Branagh – Poirot.

Interesting Facts

  1. Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron were considered to the role which eventually received Michelle Pfeiffer.
  2. This is the third collaboration between J. Depp and P. Cruz. Before that, they together starred in “Cocaine” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.”
  3. It is the first collaboration between M. Pfeiffer and J. Depp since the release of the movie “Dark Shadows.”
  4. In 2004, Michelle Pfeiffer planned to star in another film based on the story of A. Christie’s “The Witness for the Prosecution,” whose screenwriter was to be her husband David I. Kelly.
  5. K. Branagh previously filmed such films as “Henry V”, “Die Again,” and “Hamlet.”

We hope that the movie will be as intriguing as new Murder on the Orient Expres official trailer 2017.

The new “Murder on the Orient Express” is promised to be released on November 9 this year.

Thank you for your attention!

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