How To Train Your Dragon 3 movie trailer 2019

On the net appeared How To Train Your Dragon 3 movie trailer 2019.  If you want to know details about the plot, then look through the information below. Here you will find everything you need. Here we go!


In December 2010, Katzenberg, General Producer of DreamWorks, stated that he plans to release 3 parts of the franchise “How to Train Your Dragon.” Immediately afterwards, the responsible for the cartoon Dean DeBlois made an official statement that he is in the development of the 2nd part of the film: “There are some new faces that will appear in the continuation. They will gain new significance in the 3rd part of the upcoming film,” said DeBlois. In addition, he added that the 3rd part will come out in 2016.

And more recently, the studio “DreamWorks Animation” stated that the animation will come out in June 2016, but later they changed the date of the premiere on June 2017. Almost recently, it became known that the movie will come out only in 2019.

little dragon

“The creation of the 3rd part of the movie will take about 3 years. I thought we would meet the deadlines when I said that the premiere will take about 3 years. I thought it would take less time to create when I said that the animation will come out in 2016. But, as always, when we got to work, we realized that we want to do much more than we planned at first. We had new ideas that needed to be implemented in our script. We realized that the announced time will not be enough for us. Writing and approving the script, building models and computer animation, storyboarding and scoring – all this takes about three years” – said Dean.


According to How To Train Your Dragon 3 teaser trailer, the main character of the 3rd part – Hiccup – is again awaited by incredible adventures. He finally becomes an adult man. However, no matter how adult Hiccup seemed, one “maturity test” he still had to pass: the villain Drago threatened his native village and relatives. Hiccup has to overcome all difficulties to become a real hero!

Release date

The movie is expected for March 1, 2019, in the United States.

We hope that the movie will be great as new How To Train Your Dragon 3 official trailer 2019.

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