Indiana Jones 5 movie trailer 2019

As far as the greatest action/adventure franchises in the movie industry go, dear-old Indiana is most definitely one of the finest series in history. Funny, action-packed and charismatic, these films always deliver that awesome mix of suspense and fast-paced narrative, while introducing a mighty line-up of hilarious characters.

The Indiana Jones 5 movie trailer 2019 proves that the production team is exactly on point and that the big bosses at Walt Disney know exactly what the audience needs right now. The very first installment in this epic franchise hit the theaters back in 1981, while the latest addition came out almost 10 years ago – in 2008. So, do we have a release date for the 5th chapter or just rumors without facts?

Twelve Years In The Making

Fortunately, the company has officially announced that IJ 5 will arrive on July 10, 2020, in the United States and the UK. The Russians and the Brazilians will get to check it out earlier, while, say, the Germans will have to wait for another week. Yep, that means the gap between the 4th and the 5th movies will be 12 years, but that’s still less than the 1989-2008 gap between chapters three and four.

Indiana Jones

Great news: Mr. Spielberg and Mr. Ford will return to their respective roles: Steven will direct the brand-new blockbuster, while Harrison will, once again, portray the lead character. When folks of their magnitude join forces at such a place in their careers, it means something grandiose is coming. The Indiana Jones 5 teaser trailer is equally bright, colorful, epic and exciting. It might not show much, but there’s enough to get us all hyped up.

Just The Perfect Team For The Fifth Chapter

By the way, Lucas will also play a vital role in this project – he’ll be producing it. Initially, he wanted nothing to do with it, but Spielberg announced at a recent conference that there can be no Indiana Jones without its “father”. As for the story, we know that it will be a direct follow-up to the 2008 release and the screenwriters even hinted that the Nazis might come back to return Indiana the favor. As you can see, the project is alive and well, and we’ve got the dream team working on it.

Modern-day technology will give the creators almost endless possibilities and instruments to amaze the audience. They certainly do have the talent and the experience to pull this highly anticipated film out. As mentioned above, along with the Pirate of the Caribbean, this is the finest adventure series of our time. And with the new Indiana Jones 5 official trailer 2019, you can already expect a mind-blowing experience at the theaters. Oh, and one more thing: this won’t be the last Indiana movie.

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