Mary Poppins 2 movie trailer 2018


It is a continuation of the famous musical of 1964 about the most fabulous nanny in the world. Mary Poppins returns 20 years later – already in a different era, to children of another generation, who, however, also need magic and good.

Rob Marshall, one of the most famous Hollywood filmmakers, who shot the musical “Chicago” and the fourth part of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, took up the adaptation of the story about Mary Poppins. Scott Wittman, the creator of the soundtrack to the remake of the film “Hairspray,” is responsible for the musical part. The musical “Mary Poppins Returns” is scheduled to be released on December 25, 2018, and will delight the audience with an excellent cast: E. Blunt in the main role, as well as M. Streep, C. Firth and B. Wishaw. In the topic below, you will find all known information about the movie also Mary Poppins 2 movie trailer 2018. Here we go!

Recall that the English writer Pamela Travers wrote “Mary Poppins Returns” in 1935, and events in it occur 20 years after the first part. An exemplary Mary Poppins model in Hollywood is considered to be Julie Andrews, an actress who played this role in the 1964 musical. The picture brought Julie Andrews “Oscar,” and became one of the most successful in the history of Disney. Whether this success will repeat Rob Marshall – we will find out in 2018.

Mary Poppins 2


According to Mary Poppins 2 teaser trailer, the famous nanny is on the doorstep of a house where the grown up children, whom she once brought up, live. They are experiencing a difficult lifetime, and Mary Poppins will help them cope with all the turmoil because she always knows what to do in any difficult situation.


The Banks family is going through hard times. Parents are faced with financial problems in business, which is not very easy to solve. At that time in London, many people had difficult situations. To have time to devote to work, the Banks started looking for a good nanny for their lovely children. What do you think they did? They again asked for help to famous and great babysitter Mary Poppins.

We hope that the movie will be excellent and gorgeous as new Mary Poppins 2 official trailer 2018 and look forward to its release.

Thank you for your attention!

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