Men in Black 4 movie trailer 2018

If you love action-charged, adrenaline-packed and funny spy movies and science fiction, then the MIB series is one of your favorites. It’s been around since 1997, while the latest chapter hit the theaters back in 2012. The Men in Black 4 movie trailer 2018 doesn’t reveal much of the plot, and we still don’t know what kind of a turn the story will take. It is officially confirmed, though, that both Smith and Jones will be returning to their respective roles, and that’s awesome news.

A quick fact: back in 2014, after the infamous system hack in Sony, the whole world learned that the company was working on a mighty crossover between MIB and…Jump Street! That’s right – two goofy movies instead of one :). Later, the heads at Sony announced that the project was indeed in works. We’re still waiting on some new info on the crazy crossover.

Fourth Time Is The Charm For The Men In Black?

As for the fourth chapter in the franchise, the original cast said more than once that they’d be happy to do it because it’s all kinds of fun. In 2012, right after the third installment came out, Belgrad, a Columbia representative, was very pleased with its performance and said MIB 4 was already in production.

Men in Black 4 movie

The Men in Black 4 teaser trailer is pretty much what any fan of the series would expect from it: twisted, fresh, fast-paced, engaging and hilarious. There are a lot of movies these days that try to combine all that spy routine with comedy and action, but none of them are as dope as this one.

Going Through Production Hell Before Delivering A Masterpiece

The script went through multiple alterations and reworks, and rumors claim that Smith wasn’t pleased with it until the final draft arrived. That can only mean one thing: Will is a very, well, strong-willed man and he’ll make sure we get an awesome movie, one of the best releases of 2018. They say the fourth chapter won’t just be a follow-up to the previous films in the series but a reboot (this is actually a very popular move these days).

And, it will introduce a lot of new characters, while still staying true to the original cast that made the franchise popular in the first place. The new Men in Black 4 official trailer 2018 introduces a couple of new faces; yet, the intrigue is there. Who will be the new head of the MIB project, what’s going to happen to the heroes of the original trilogy and when will the movie hit the theaters? Those are the questions that bother us the most. Let’s hope the answers will arrive soon.

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