The Conjuring 3 movie trailer 2018

The Conjuring 3 is an anticipated American horror film by J. Wan – one of the most interesting directors working in the horror-movie genre. It suffices to recall his film “Saw.” In the topic below, you will find new information on the movie and also The Conjuring 3 movie trailer 2018. Here we go!


Producer of “The Conjuring” P. Safran said that the horror “The Conjuring 3” will change the concept. Writer and director J. Wan decided that they no longer want to show spectators a haunted house, so Warren’s will face another problem.

According to Safran, the history is replete with otherworldly forces which are not so popular but at the same time contained a lot of interesting, mysterious and terrible. One of them will form the basis for the third part

There was a rumor that the next mystical adventures will be based on the Warren’s book (fifth, by the way) “Werewolf: A True Story of Demonic Possession”. It describes the real case that occurred in a quiet English town with a certain William Ramsey. It is said that the man was possessed by demonic forces, turned into a monster and terrorized the local inhabitants.

According to The Conjuring 3 teaser trailer, the picture promises to be great!

The Conjuring 3 movie


As in the previous parts, the main roles in the film will be performed by V. Farmiga (she is known to the audience for the popular TV series “Bates Motel”) and P. Wilson (the star of the film “The Phantom of the Opera”).


  1. The horror movie “Conjuring” was based on real events, this is why it attracts lovers of mysticism.
  2. Basically, all people, viewing the next film, understand that all actions are a fiction of the director and scriptwriter. But this film is based on real events and this completely alters the attitude towards it.
  3. In all his films, Wan also acts as a screenwriter. In 2013, Wan released the movie “Conjuring,” which, with 20 million dollars budget, grossed at the box office 318 million.
  4. In June 2016 the sequel came out, the franchise once again confirmed Wan’s professionalism with positive feedback from the audience.

Release date

The movie will be released in 2018.

Let’s hope that the movie will be scary and fascinating as new The Conjuring 3 official trailer 2018.

Thank you for your attention!

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