Paddington 3 movie trailer 2018

In fact, the process of creating the third installment of the popular animated movie had been released before the second one came out in American theaters. Moreover, at the beginning of June 2016, it was officially released that the distribution company started developing third part about kind-hearted bear Paddington. The movie, as well as Paddington 3 movie trailer 2018, was created by both British and French filmmakers as the film follows beautiful street of London where the bear arrives.

According to the rumors, the movie will be probably shown in theaters in 2019 as the filmmakers already started creating the new story. But for now, all we know about the potential script is that it will continue the story of the bear that will come out at the end of 2017. Paddington lives with his new family that he loves – moreover, he becomes extremely popular among other people who get the chance to meet him in person.

The bear lives in Windsor Gardens and spends all his time with the family he met in the very first installment. The success of that one made the producers think about turning it into the franchise which has been done by representing Paddington 3 teaser trailer.

Paddington 3 movie

Whilst visiting the local antique shop he accidentally discovers very unusual and magical book. To be able to get that for Paddington’s aunt who is about to celebrate her 100th birthday, the bear should go through unusual things and finish odd quests in order to purchase the book.

Suddenly, someone steals the book that means a lot of the bear and now it is all up to him and his family to find the real thief of antique thing. Apparently, the upcoming third part of the popular franchise will represent brand new interesting adventures of our nice friend Paddington.

Interesting facts

  • According to the StudioCanal that will also release new Paddington 3 official trailer 2018, this franchise has the biggest box office in the whole history of the company.
  • Paddington bear is actually a fictional character that appears in the books for children.
  • The bronze statue of the bear is located in the station with the same name – Paddington – which is a huge part of London Underground complex of rail stations.
  • The man who created the character is called Michael Bond – he worked as a cameraman for the BBC station.
  • The first appearance of the lovely bear was at the end of 1958.
  • There are more than seven artists creating the bear character.
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